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Again !
  • No, his problem is that he was supposed to have access at some point wherein you agree to secure documents in certain ways. If you're given it or find it you do not have that duty. Defense secrets are much more protected but still not that much of you aren't supposed to have access.

  • Donald Trump Is Unfit to Lead
  • That's not even what happened, you sound bigoted and ignorant. Dislike him because he's problematic for many personal and political issues that have nothing to do with a misunderstanding of a medical issue.

    "Brain worms" dont eat brain, read a book.

  • Donald Trump Is Unfit to Lead
  • You understand that's offensive correct? I imagine you get why but as an example.

    Would you rather a hair lip leader or a leader without a hair lip, aiming all other things are equal.

    Aside an aside if all other things were equal then cognitive function would be as well. That form of cist displaces grey matter, it doesn't eat it and the brain fog is a result of inter cranial pressure increasing because of the reduced space. Once the cist is gone the pressure reduces the fog fades, you're buying into medical bigotry and pretending it's fine.

    That says something about you not him though I don't particularly like the guy either way but it's certainly not because of a medical issue you wouldn't even know about if it weren't for him disclosing it.

  • Anger mounts in southeast Texas as crippling power outages and heat turn deadly
  • Their point was that Texas because it's unregulated is generally unprepared and have been for most "freak" incidents that were predicted in advance. Sure the hurricane changed paths, they do that so you prepare anyway.

  • Live bullet found in prop holster of actor Jensen Ackles on ‘Rust’ set, crime scene technician testifies
  • Yes and no. There are both but real guns are typically used for hero shots because they have the right weight and make the right noises.

    There's also blank firing adapters for some weapons which are fairly big and obvious but essentially split the round in two as it exits the barrel and mushes them up so they lose all their energy.

  • Anger mounts in southeast Texas as crippling power outages and heat turn deadly
  • The grid is only fine right now because of decreased load due to outages. When everyone has power again and the load increases they'll have a different set of problems they'll end up blaming on FEMA, green energy and hurricanes.

  • Hazmat transportation be like
  • You again agreed 750 miles are owned by the federal government, where in my last comment did you read anything other than 750 miles.

    No you're implying it my saying Amtrak's existence, federal ownership and greed are somehow totally unrelated to each other.

    Go ahead, you're not making particular sense anyway though you do seem to actually get the point.