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evergreen meme
  • For most of the world, especially in Europe, liberalism means/meant socially liberal, i.e. left wing

    Wuh? In most of continental Europe, liberalism typically means classical liberalism, a right-wing ideology about laissez faire economy. The US has always been the odd one out in using it to mean socially liberal (see also the last paragraph here).

  • Parahumans MBM

    New web serial announced: Claw

    Synopsis: Joshua Munce, Sheila Hardy, Dan Whitely, Max Highland, Tonya Keifer, Marvin Su… this pair has many names, but those names aren’t their own; they’re names to sell. In a rigged and crumbling system, the only way to get ahead is to circumvent the rules, but that comes with its own risks. Police, investigations, prison. Too risky.

    There are other ways, more insulated, which are to play assist and help those people. Helping them to disappear, cleaning up messes, escrow services for the handling of good, payment, or guests. Always keeping it professional, keeping things insulated, with layers of distance. When others panic, with too many variables to consider in the heat of the moment, they can do the thinking. The fact they're a mom and dad with two kids isn't the cover, it's the reason.


    Author comments: Claw will run for a short time to bridge things in the interim, and is a bit of a pattern break for myself, in more than one way.

    I'd describe the intended story as a crime procedural, running for a handful of arcs. A bit of a break from superpowers and magic, but with some other things going on to keep it interesting.

    Starts March 9th.

    General life update: Moved out, waiting for my stuff to arrive before I can move in. All is (reasonably) well. Did get stuck in the airport for pretty much a full day in total and arrived to find the water isn't hooked up in my new apartment, plus had time with family, so that's why things are launching next week and not tonight. I know the sci-fi story was much-hyped, but given circumstances (including the artist I hired for the site art ghosting me), I'm giving the proposed sci-fi work a bit more time in the oven. It should follow Claw.