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Trump will meet with Netanyahu at Mar-A-Lago this week
  • Yeah, fuck this guy. Isreal, can you do something about him?

  • Just a dad helping out
  • It's fine. It's just 25 pages, but they want 20 unique designs since those are all primary/landing pages. All on a normal sized screen.

  • Hands On with Spacetop the AR Laptop
  • Man, this looks neat, but that shot of this guy with Apple's Vision Pro goggles on... Jesus Christ, they are insanely dorky. They make Google Glass look cool AF. I guess I just never saw people using them until now. Not a surprise... Who would buy that nonsense? Apple hasn't innovated in decades.

  • Why are people using "coconut" in references to Kamala Harris?
  • Ah, so it's obvious propaganda like "dark Brandon"? Can we stop with this? I'm already voting for you dorks, can we not do this stuff?

  • Pack it up boys. We have come full circle.
  • Sadly, only up to 69 of them.

  • Rethinking Apartment Buildings
  • This is so weird. I've lived in high density housing nearly my entire adult life. I knew all my neighbors names... Even Alex, you fucking dick.

    Seriously, though, this is silly. Plenty of us know our neighbors. 99% of mine are great. Not you, Alex.

  • Lauren Boebert Pushes MAGA’s Most Deranged Conspiracy on Biden
  • From the looks of it, she gives them out for free. You just have to buy her tickets to a public performance with children present, and not have a problem with that last part.

  • Lauren Boebert Pushes MAGA’s Most Deranged Conspiracy on Biden
  • Lauren Boebert? Wait, the same one that was caught ON CAMERA jacking a guy off at a public play with children present just feet away? That same Lauren Boebert?

  • Just why
  • Kind of, yeah.

  • Trump Demands Changes for Next Debate, Prompting Claims He’s “Afraid” to Debate Kamala Harris
  • Way too smug, she needs to dial it back and get serious.

    Love the last line, though. That was perfect.

  • Everett is a friend o' animals (October 20, 1906)
  • Where did the safe go? I like Everett's style... He robbed that guy AND stole his mule.

  • Biden’s exit from the race is just what Trump feared
  • He won't debate her. He's too chicken shit to do it.

  • Biden pushes party unity as he resists calls to step aside, says he'll return to campaign next week
  • Biden himself literally said at least 50 democrats would win against Trump.

  • dumbass
  • Lol, holy shit, that's in the recent season!

  • Anon notices
  • Anon is an odiot.

  • Dryer Settings
  • That guy on the right is cracking me up. That shirt...

  • Get a rope.
  • I don't think the flight attendant accepted his offer.

  • Apparently, Google's new AI-based search is quite honest.

    For those not aware, Google is rolling out their new AI-based "Generative AI" search, which seems to mesh Bard with the standard experience.

    I asked it today why Google no longer follows their "don't be evil" motto... The results are pretty hilarious.


    Why am I not seeing the correct comments and vote tallies for certain communities from other instances?

    I hope it's alright to ask a question here, because I'm very curious about an important facet of this instance:

    I noticed this morning that when I visit some of the communities hosted on other instances, I'm seeing an incorrect vote count, and few to no comments. Is this due to the recent breach, and does it relate to defederating from other instances temporarily?

    Example: 85 total comments[email protected] 12 total comments