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I'm a better Christian than most Christians
  • I've never met a Christian without some doubts. But I have met plenty of atheist who don't have those doubts about their beliefs. It's like once people see the man behind the curtain (or in this case, no gods behind the universe) it's hard to unsee.

  • Probably can't be any worse.
  • What about a gauntlet that requires gems of state reps. And it has a 50% of working and a 50% of killing whoever is wearing it. But when it works, it has a 50% chance of making things worse.

  • I'm a better Christian than most Christians
  • Christians forgive themselves

    This is the shittiest part. People will literally pray it away by thinking about it until they don't feel terrible about themselves anymore and even ask a priest, a third party, for penitence to justify themselves. Like, your threats of eternal damnation sound ridiculous when you have an escape hatch for anything if you follow these steps to clean your conscience.

  • Gaymers Lemminary

    It’s Embrace Your Geekness Day & the gays are geeking out


    History revealed

    Ancient wonders you only hear about on the History Channel after midnight


    Someone killed a cat outside my door and I'm so sad

    We had an adult male cat coming into our house who looked rather injured, so we started feeding him and mending his wounds when he got into a fight. It became such a regular thing that he soon brought another cat for feeding. It turns out that this new cat was female and pregnant but we treated her the same. Fast forward to a couple of weeks when we notice she's not pregnant anymore but we could tell she was breastfeeding.

    She decided to bring her little kitten along two days ago and we've been trying to get the baby acquainted with us and our cats and everything looked fine and dandy. We even set out a box with a cozy blanket outside for them. We can't take them in so that's the best we could do. They quickly started using it as a shelter.

    Well, they came in this morning looking for food as usual. But just a few moments ago in the afternoon, my family member got home and found the little kitten maimed and unresponsive in the box. It had signs of injuries but worse of all his little leg had been amputated by something sharp. We think the neighbor's dog got to him and killed him.

    It's so heartbreaking. Why would anyone do this to a baby kitten? I can't even imagine how the momma cat feels because I'm sure she saw it. I don't even think she'll stop by anymore. I'm so angry and upset and I'm crying. Life is so fucking unfair.

    Gaymers Lemminary

    Flame Con, the world’s largest queer comic con is back returns for 10th anniversary in NYC Flame Con returns for 10th anniversary - Gayming Magazine

    Flame Con, the world's largest queer comic con is back, August 17-18, 2024, returning to the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel.

    Flame Con returns for 10th anniversary - Gayming Magazine
    Gaymers Lemminary What's The Viral 'Mighty Jill Off' Game? The Lesbian BDSM PC Game And Its Memes Explained

    Although the indie game was released more than a decade ago, it became the center of a viral debate on X attracting new fan art and memes.

    What's The Viral 'Mighty Jill Off' Game? The Lesbian BDSM PC Game And Its Memes Explained
    Gaymers Lemminary

    [silencio gay]


    Screenshot from Faster than Light. The crew names are randomized.

    Buga: Gay Spanish slang for a straight person.

    It's said that the term originated in a restaurant from the Porfirio Díaz era located in Zona Rosa called 'Bugambilia' in Mexico City, where homosexuals were not allowed to enter, only people who appeared to be 'decent' for that time.


    Daniel Radcliffe


    Javier Leal, a charro from Mexico


    Carrying the weight of salvation never looked so good!


    Luke Evans


    Amazing Spiderman costume, indeed 👀




    I'll take you up on a cerveza

    Don't drink & drive, folks.


    A beard, a wink, and a side smile to melt your heart


    Onesies? Nah, twicies at the very least!


    A young Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez: The Mexican epidemiologist, author, and public health official whose youthful photos caused a commotion during the pandemic


    Día de los Muertos


    With piercing eyes


    Someone's grandfather circa 1938ish


    te como tó