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You have 15$. How would you spend it so that you'll be the happiest you can be for 15$ ?
  • On the topic of games, Stick Fight The Game is $5 on steam and I got it while drinking with a few friends. It was the most fun I've had in years. I also hop on randomly when I get a chance and it's just as fun with random people.

  • What hobbies or volunteer work require creative problem solving from lots of different areas?
  • Remodeling contractor/designer. Discussing ideas and plans with homeowners is a psychological trip and you'll have to use math to show them visually why they're wrong. You also mentioned non professional, but this could also be a hobby where you only take on a few projects a year and get more personal with your clients.

  • Have you ever been to a movie so terrible that you saw people leaving the theater? Which one was it?
  • Tree of Life (2011)

    I was into weird movies at the time, and still am, so I went alone to some small theater that was showing it. A few people walked out in the middle of the movie because after a full hour, nothing noteworthy actually happened. At the end of the movie when the lights went on (and still nothing actually happened the whole movie) everyone who was still there looked around in confusion and just started leaving. I had no answers either.