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DJI drone ban passes in U.S. House — 'Countering CCP Drones Act' would ban all DJI sales in U.S. if passed in Senate
  • I wish I could show my country next to my username or something lol.

    You could use a vanity username with a flag emoji in it, if you really wanted to.

  • How Trump gets away with being so old
  • As a millenial, I am 100% on board with skipping right over us, too, and getting a Gen Zer in there. They have the most to lose if the climate crisis continues and therefore I trust them the most to actually push to do something about it. In fact, let's just fill the entire government with Gen Zers.

  • Colorado Republican Brutally Grilled By Local News Anchor: ‘Why Is Abortion Good For Your Girlfriend? Bad For Other Women?’
  • “Why do you seek to deny [the right to an abortion] to other women?” Clark pressed.

    “Let me, let me — I don’t, I don’t,” Holtorf replied.

    “You have voted to restrict abortion access,” Clark shot back.

    “And I have. And I’m a pro-life person. I think you should try to choose life every time. But there are exceptions. And there are times when you need abortion. Abortion is a medical procedure,” declared Holtorf.

    There are exceptions, like when it's inconvenient for the rich and powerful. Other people should (be compelled by law to) choose life every time.

  • Global concern rises over bird flu as experts warn of potential human pandemic
  • We had one pandemic, yes...

    But what about second pandemic?

  • Last day for an ant
  • I wonder what the survival rate for ants that get run over with lawnmowers actually is. I'd imagine it's quite high.

  • Maybe many Lemmy users don't understand "shower thoughts" because they don't shower.
  • Yes, I, too, feel very real emotions like a desire to run water over my human skin. I definitely do not require microcontrollers to instruct me on when it is time to do so! Just like all completely normal humans. Of which I am one.

  • Microsoft Gaming CEO: “I think we should have a handheld, too”
  • I doubt even Microsoft are stupid enough to think they could release a PC-based gaming handheld without Steam support and not fail spectacularly.

  • What's the most damage a single action has done to your home?
  • Shortly after we moved in, someone was taking a shower in our second-floor bathroom, the bottom of the shower cracked, and they didn't notice. End result was an entire shower's worth of water draining out the bottom of the shower, flowing about 10 feet inside the first-floor ceiling, draining down through the hole from a light fixture, across the kitchen floor, down through the kitchen floor into the basement ceiling, soaking into a bunch of exposed insulation, and making that insulation collapse onto the (concrete) basement floor.

  • Perfect Dark - Gameplay Reveal - Xbox Games Showcase 2024
  • Wasn't the original Perfect Dark hard sci-fi with aliens and spaceships and things? It's possible I just don't remember it well. Either way, this doesn't look like a bad game at all. Just not what I'd have expected.

  • Perfect Dark - Gameplay Reveal - Xbox Games Showcase 2024
  • This is the first I've seen of this game, but... this is definitely not what I expected from a game titled 'Perfect Dark'. Maybe I just don't remember the N64 game well enough, but this seems pretty far-removed, from a plot perspective.

  • Someone call CPS.
  • The canopic jars are actually early battery designs. They were much more efficient than any batteries we have today - they produced almost unlimited energy and were very cheap and easy to make (just look at how many there are), but the government (which is secretly run by lizard people by the way, do your own research and educate yourself) covered it up and created the BURIAL CHAMBER MYTH to keep us reliant on fossil fuels.

  • Tales from the Mana Crypt 101: A little comic about a recent conversation I had about Magic, and spoiler season burnout
  • We banned basic land destruction of unmodified lands (including mass land destruction that incidentally hits basics like Armageddon and Jokulhaups), some of the more oppressive stax pieces, mostly things that create locks where people can't play the game, a handful of cEDH caliber cards, and certain types of infinite combos (2-card infinite combos where one card is your commander, for instance). One could argue that this creates an imbalanced environment by favoring strategies that take advantage of these rules, like ramp decks and lands strategies, and one would be correct - we've banned a lot of the normal ways to counter those strategies, but we maintain an overarching 'Don't be a dick' rule that has so far covered it.

  • Tales from the Mana Crypt 101: A little comic about a recent conversation I had about Magic, and spoiler season burnout
  • Yeah, we laid some basic ground rules, everyone's stuck to it, and it's been great. Would be nightmarish if we hadn't, though, I'm sure.

  • Tales from the Mana Crypt 101: A little comic about a recent conversation I had about Magic, and spoiler season burnout
  • My local playgroup has moved entirely to playing with proxies. It improved the experience immensely. Knowing that everyone has access to the same card pool and having the less financially stable members of the group able to bring multiple decks to the table rather than just one mediocre one has been a huge boon. Highly recommend anyone else do the same.

  • Are the new local-only communities also private by default?
  • That being said, creating a private instance is a relatively difficult hurdle. By providing private communities, an admin can take care of the hosting, along with all of the other communities, while those who want something more controlled and closed can have an easily accessible option.

    That's fair, and I'm honestly probably just thinking about worst-case scenarios that won't actually happen. There's plenty of ways malicious actors could already be doing some pretty bad things and they don't seem to be, so it's probably fine.

  • Are the new local-only communities also private by default?
  • Eh, we already have private communities.

    I did mention further down the comment chain the one use case for this I can think of - communities for info and feedback about the specific instance to / from its members; things like donations, financial disclosures, etc. - that you wouldn't want participation in from anyone not actually using the instance. It has its place; I'm more afraid of seeing popular communities going instance-only for whatever reason, with it being used solely to drive signups on a specific instance.

  • Are the new local-only communities also private by default?
  • I mean it's fine on paper. But like... imagine that a popular instance -, let's say - has a community that's very popular and, for whatever motivation, decides they want to push people to move to their instance (or at least create accounts there), so they change one or more of those popular communities to be local-only.

    Best case, they fracture the community. Worse case, a very large number of users start making accounts there to use those communities, and abandon other instances. Worst case, they use the large influx of signups they get from such a move to promote themselves, grow even further, and eventually do something malicious.

    We can already create private instances that don't federate for those niche communities; I don't really see what this feature is adding other than specifically having communities dedicated to that specific instance (With instance-specific information like donations, financials, outage notices, that sort of thing.)

  • Are the new local-only communities also private by default?
  • Hopefully these don't start getting used too frequently, as it kind of... defeats the purpose of federation. Would not want to have to make accounts on multiple instances just to participate in niche communities.

  • NAACP asks Biden to halt weapons to Israel as he seeks to shore up Black voter support
  • Biden's whole campaign is riding on "Look how bad it would be if Trump got elected, this is the most important election of your lives!", yet he seems far less concerned when he's asked to win back some voter support by stopping the widely unpopular supply of weapons to Israel...

  • Former Trump aide Steve Bannon ordered to jail by July 1 to serve contempt of Congress sentence
  • The fact that we have people on minor drug offenses serving years in prison, but these assholes are negotiating when, if ever, they're going to maybe serve a few-month sentence is such an outrageous failure of the justice system, I feel like there's really no way to solve any of these issues without just tearing the whole institution down and rebuilding it from the ground up with new, reasonable rules.

  • Furry Technologists KoboldCoterie 'Gay furry hackers' claim second NATO cyber-break-in

    'No impact on missions,' military powerhouse insists

    'Gay furry hackers' claim second NATO cyber-break-in

    > The hacktivists, which describe themselves as made up of "gay furry hackers," usually target government orgs whose policies they disagrees with, and have a flare for political publicity stunts, also posted a link to the purported stolen files on their Telegram channel.

    >"The astonishing siegedsec hackers have struck NATO once more!!1!!!," the crew wrote, bragging: "NATO: 0. Siegedsec: 2."

    > The team is referring to its earlier NATO intrusion in July, during which it claimed it swiped information belonging to 31 nations and leaked 845MB of data from the alliance's the Communities of Interest (COI) Cooperation Portal.

    Furry Technologists KoboldCoterie

    Google's Generative AI Tools Now Turn Text Into Online Worlds Google's Generative AI Tools Now Turn Text Into Online Worlds - Decrypt

    Hiber3D has integrated Google's AI tools to give creators the ability to type what they want to see—and generate an immersive world.

    Google's Generative AI Tools Now Turn Text Into Online Worlds - Decrypt

    > "Some game developers are turning to artificial intelligence to make the creative process faster and easier—and cheaper, too. At Google Cloud Next in San Francisco, startup Hiber announced the integration of Google’s generative AI technology in its Hiber3D development platform, which aims to simplify the process of creating in-game content.

    > Hiber said the goal of adding AI is to help creators build more expansive online worlds, which are often referred to as metaverse platforms. Hiber3D is the tech that powers the company's own HiberWorld virtual platform, which it claims already contains over 5 million user-created worlds using its no-code-needed platform.

    > By typing in prompts via its new generative AI tool, Hiber CEO Michael Yngfors says creators can employ natural language to tell the Hiber3D generator what kind of worlds they want to create, and can even generate worlds based on their mood or to match the vibe of a film. [...]"

    Once this is refined, this could be very neat! It's only environments right now, not characters and whatnot, too, but maybe eventually we'd be able to dynamically generate some anthro-populated worlds to explore.


    Degrading performance, especially over the last few days

    Performance on Pawb.Social specifically has been degrading significantly; it often times takes a very long time (10+ seconds) to load a post, for example, with a noticeable number of time-outs occurring. Opening the same post via its home instance in these cases typically works much faster, leading me to believe the problem is here, not with the host instance.

    This is the case even with local communities.

    Hoping to hear from other folks - are you also experiencing this? Is it a temporary issue, or indicative of a growing server-side problem?


    Server donation link?

    There was discussion on the lemmy fork thread about replacing the default 'Donate' link with a server-specific one, but given that's not available yet, is there somewhere we can contribute funds towards hosting costs?

    Really, maybe such a link should be on the sidebar, at least - if there is one somewhere already, I wasn't able to find it, and as such I suspect other folks who would potentially be looking for one wouldn't find it, either.


    ELI5: How are unexploded cluster munitions not a solved problem?

    I really don't have a lot of background on cluster munitions; it only really came into my perception in response to the controversy over the US providing them to Ukraine. As I understand it, the controversy is because they often don't all explode reliably, and unexploded munitions can then explode months or years later when civilians are occupying the territory, making it similar to the problems caused by landmines.

    In an age where things like location trackers, radio transmitters, and other such local and long-range technology to locate objects are common place, what's stopping the manufacturers of these munitions from simply putting some kind of device to facilitate tracking inside each individual explosive, to assist with detection and safe retrieval after a conflict? I get that nothing is a 100% effective solution, but it seems like it'd solve most of it.

    Can someone with actual knowledge explain why this is still a problem we're having?

    Furry KoboldCoterie

    Kobold Hucksters (by Commissar-K)

    He's an alchemist, okay? It's definitely a Strength potion, not grape Kool-Aid, okay? It's only $5, just try it!

    Furry KoboldCoterie

    Need some kobold representation up in here. (by jareddrawsjared)

    That poor elf has seen better days; it takes a special kind of talent to be overpowered by kobolds.


    Tell me about your favorite furry media.

    Books, games, movies, youtube channels, podcasts, whatever you've got - I'd love some recommendations for anything tangentially furry-related. There's plenty of cartoons (and I'd be happy to hear about those, too), but in particular, any more adult-focused media would be very welcomed!

    Fursuit Pictures & Creation KoboldCoterie

    Argonian representing for the Nightingales

    Is it a testament to the power of the organization, or the lawlessness of the city that one can wear their regalia in broad daylight unaccosted? It's anyone's guess.


    Per-User Community Groups?

    We can currently filter communities in our feed by 'Subscribed', 'Local' and 'All', but I'd really love a way to add communities to custom groupings, and have additional filter options based on those groupings. For example, a 'News' group that I could add all of the News-related communities to, and be able to click a filter button and see only those... or maybe the use case most people would likely use: creating groups to isolate SFW and NSFW content.

    If there's a way to do this that I'm unaware of, I'd love to hear about it.