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Our tax dollars so this mf can try to arrest librarians
  • Yeah ok, my bad, It was a reading fail on my part. You did indeed specify what they wanted to control and I entirely missed that and read it as control in general, so not only was I being pedantic, I was also wrong xD. Sorry about that!

  • Our tax dollars so this mf can try to arrest librarians
  • So like I get what you're getting at, but even in the most altruistic choice to honeschool a child, where you are doing it so you can best meet their educational needs, wouldnt it still be a control level decision? You'd be choosing homeschool over public so you could have more control over meeting your childs needs

  • Trump refuses to accept he's not running against Biden anymore
  • And those of you focussing on whether or not covid was an excuse/lie are on the extreme other end of the isle when the details of whether or not he lied about Covid make absolutely ZERO difference on the current situation. People in power lie, holy shit, life shattering revelation there!

  • Trump refuses to accept he's not running against Biden anymore
  • I think the better question is: Why does it MATTER if it was a lie or not? Who exactly got harmed if Biden needed an excuse to back out to save his own ego? Whether Biden actually had Covid or not changes almost nothing

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • Oooooh, this thread'll let my blocklist feast for days as the Tankies come out to whatabbout

    Edit: Man yall are too kind! Thank you for helping me make Lemmy a more intelligent place! <3

  • Look you've just to got read the prologue that was a limited edition IHOP giveaway in 2015 and the story is awesome
  • I mean, you can just watch said series in release order as well if optimal order is too much work

    (but I do get the sentiment. I'm just thinking of Steins Gate. Watching it and then Steins Gate 0 is a perfectly valid watch order, but since Steins Gate 0 expands on a certain event that just happens in 1 episode in the original into an entire season [and adds a whole bunch of narrative weight by doing so] theres an optimal watch order that has you jump to Steins Gate 0 slightly before ending Steins Gate original and then finishing Steins Gate original after you've finished Steins Gate 0)

  • Jack Black announces new movie ‘School of Spineless PR Management’
  • The dude made an edgy joke about a child rapist fascist who has a high likelihood of controlling the worlds most powerful nation a second time where his backers have a open plan to immediately invoke martial law and completely replace the government on all levels with their own lackies should they win. Lets not pretend Gass has any real ability to put out an assassination attempt on a potential presidential candidate, so we're not hiding anything when we say its just an edgy joke where the person who's the butt of it is a certifiably nasty person. You dont actually have to support political violence to get that