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Get in the Hilux
  • You're the one who can only think in relation to what the middle class is living now and not what the vast majority of the population in the world is living. Look at developing countries, we can see exactly what the transition looks like when people with little means finally have some wealth going their way and if you think there aren't people living in bad socioeconomic conditions in your own country then I invite you to get your head out of your ass for a sec and look around you, unless you live in Monte Carlo your peers are struggling, close to 80% of US citizens live paycheck to paycheck!

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • "That saving will shrink every year"

    Guess you're a finance genius that doesn't get an annual raise :)

    Your parents have their house as their savings after 25 years, if they had rented and invested the difference instead, they would have money on the market, the difference being that the market returns 7%/annum long term while houses appreciate under 5%/annum long term and that's the increase in value vs initial cost, it doesn't take what was spent in taxes and maintenance over that period.

    Actual return on investment from buying a house isn't that great long term, you spend the majority of your profit, you just don't realize it because when you sell it's a huge check you get an at once.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • First, the 500$ number is used for comparison sake, the point is that my friend getting 1m to dump in the market all at once in 25 years doesn't beat him investing the difference between a mortgage on the average duplex vs the price of the average apartment where he's at.

    Second, if you're two people renting an apartment together and are unable to save 500$ a month then I'm sorry to tell you that you wouldn't be able to afford owning a house either.

    Third, if you plan to retire someday then you should start making your plan while you're young and start investing. Even if you don't do it yourself because you've got a pension fund at work, that money is in the markets so you're not escaping it. If you plan to work until you die then have fun with that. If you don't invest, whatever you're saving under your pillow is just losing value over time.

  • And yet I still find myself choosing the Switch version anyway
  • These things are just ultra compact computers, it would be Windows running in the background with a simplified UI when launching it, just like the Deck is plain old Linux in the background with a simplified launcher up front.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • He's taking everything into account and comparing to what he would expect to have if he sold it once the mortgage was paid.

    You're not taking into account that if he keeps it it appreciates at a slower rate than the average market return and that in the other scenario he's got close to two millions he's making interest on instead of having only an asset worth about 1 million at that point and no savings.

    Ever heard of compound interest? 500$ in savings per month at 24 y.o. gets you 1.5m at 65, the same savings at 30 gets you 900k at 65 and 400k if you start at 40...

  • Get in the Hilux
  • So people who have a piece of crap car wouldn't replace it? People who don't have a car wouldn't get one? People who rent wouldn't want to buy a house? People who never went on vacation wouldn't want to travel? People who have a phone that barely works wouldn't get a newer model? People wouldn't start eating actual food instead of eating the cheapest stuff they can find? People wouldn't get new clothes, a new TV, new appliances that actually work properly, go to the restaurant...

    Wealth redistribution means people can now afford to live a comfortable life, that means them getting what they need to be comfortable.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • Sure, as long as you've got enough of it paid already. Maybe it's different where you live but over here you can't get a loan of more than 80% of your property's value including what's left to pay on your mortgage, but downpayments are 5% minimum so you can be years where coming up with cash to pay for maintenance is all up to you.

    Also, you're still getting indebted, which means your spend years paying more than you had budgeted for for work that doesn't necessarily increase your priorities value so it's money that's basically lost.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • His math takes everything but a maintenance budget on the duplex into consideration so he's underestimating his losses.

    I'm talking taking the surplus he needs to pay for the duplex vs his rent and continuously investing it over the next 25 years even when taking the average rent increase into consideration, not just the downpayment.

  • Get in the Hilux
  • How many hours of work are necessary to build car? Does it suddenly take less just because the employees are paid more? No.

    If a client wants an employee's help for 15 minutes, will they suddenly want their help for 10 minutes just because the employee is paid more? No.

    There are bullshit jobs around, but most of them aren't, the work needed to accomplish the tasks will still be the same.

  • Qu'est-ce que vous avez pensé de Simple comme Sylvain?

    On vient de le regarder et je suis plutôt déçu je crois... Le film était prévisible du début à la fin, les personnages n'étaient pas particulièrement intéressants parce qu'ils étaient stéréotypés gros comme le bras... J'ai l'impression que je ne m'en souviendrai plus dans deux jours...

    2 Russian opposition leader Navalny has died, prison service says

    Jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has died, Russian media report, citing the prison service

    Russian opposition leader Navalny has died, prison service says

    More details added (no cause of death at this time):

    The prison service in the Yamalo-Nenets district said he had "felt unwell" after a walk on Friday.

    He had "almost immediately lost consciousness", it said in a statement, adding that an emergency medical team had immediately been called and tried to resuscitate him but without success.


    Firefox's profiles implementation sucks

    (On Windows anyway, don't know if different on Linux)

    Just wanted to share that as a user of both Firefox and Chrome, it's one thing that makes me hate switching to Firefox. I often need to use two different profiles and the way Firefox does it sucks.

    With Chrome I've got two shortcuts (that Chrome creates by activating an option) pinned to my taskbar that look distinct from one another and the instances that I open are combined under their respective profile shortcuts.

    With Firefox I need to manually create two shortcuts, assign two distinct icons to differentiate them, change some properties so they open the right profile, pin them and because they're "regular shortcuts" instead of the default Firefox launcher shortcut, when I open the program I end up with a third Firefox icon in my taskbar (it does not open under the shortcut I used, it acts as if I clicked a shortcut on my desktop) where all instances get merged together no matter which profile they're associated with.

    42 Un gros projet d’éoliennes pour Rio Tinto, sans Hydro-Québec

    L'incapacité de la société d'État à fournir de l'électricité à tous les projets industriels crée un engouement pour l'autoproduction privée.

    Un gros projet d’éoliennes pour Rio Tinto, sans Hydro-Québec


    J'espère qu'on va finir par ravoir un gouvernement avec un peu de vision avant qu'il soit trop tard...


    I think the Limited edition wasn't as limited as we thought

    Still seems to be available now (not going to order a second one to confirm 😂)

    The scalpers trying to resell them for 100% profit must be mad right now!


    Les motards avec leur patch

    Est-ce que c'est juste parce que je suis déménagé en Estrie? Me semble que j'ai pas vu autant de Hell's Angels s'afficher depuis une vingtaine d'années... C'était pas interdit au Québec de toute façon? Je trouve des articles sur des essais de faire interdire ça au niveau fédéral, mais rien comme quoi la loi aurait changé au Québec...


    Yes, that's a door back there


    31 Le taux de criminalité en hausse au Québec

    Le taux global de la criminalité au Québec, calculé à partir des statistiques d’infractions fournies par les corps de police de la province, est en hausse pour une deuxième année consécutive, a appris Radio-Canada.

    Le taux de criminalité en hausse au Québec

    Qui aurait pu prévoir qu'une succession de gouvernements qui ne s'occupent pas de prévenir la hausse des inégalités sociales finirait par avoir des conséquences?


    Bug report: When checking our own comments and tapping "Show context" the comments don't follow each other like they should

    FiskFisk23 and my comment are both replies to Botree's comment, it gets even more confusing when tapping Show context a second or third time.


    Le monde à Sherbrooke sait pas conduire.

    J'en ai plein mon casque de passer proche me faire passer dessus aux arrêts parce que ça l'air que c'est totalement optionnel à Sherbrooke de s'arrêter et même souvent de ralentir. J'ai vécu dans pas mal de villes au Québec, c'est la pire jusqu'à date.

    Merci d'être venus à mon Tedtalk.

    8 Azure Power Global | Un placement de la CDPQ en Inde continue de s’enfoncer

    Le désordre est répandu chez un producteur indien d’énergie solaire contrôlé par la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ). En une journée, Azure Power Global a vu son auditeur – chargé de passer ses finances au peigne fin – jeter l’éponge en plus de se faire montrer la porte à la Bourse de N...

    Azure Power Global | Un placement de la CDPQ en Inde continue de s’enfoncer

    Je me demande si le monde va en faire quatre fois le scandale que Celsius a été vu que c'est quatre fois l'investissement qui a été fait là dedans ou si vu que c'est dans une industrie verte les gens vont juste faire comme si de rien n'était...

    0 Michael Sabia touchera 639 000 $ chez Hydro-Québec

    Le nouveau PDG, dont le mandat de cinq ans débutera le 1er août, touchera un salaire de base de 639 000 $, ce qui est plus que sa prédécesseure.

    C'est drôle parce que quand la vérificatrice générale avait critiqué les bonis pour les gestionnaires dans les sociétés d'État, Legault avait dit qu'il pouvait pas y mettre fin à cause que les contrats étaient déjà signés, mais qu'il allait arrêter ça... Et là c'est un nouveau contrat et Sabia a droit à des bonis...


    Québec veut changer la loi sur la protection du territoire agricole Québec veut réformer la protection du territoire agricole

    Le gouvernement Legault est pressé par les municipalités d'offrir plus de souplesse au développement au sein du territoire agricole.