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Crocs (The shoe, not the animal) 🐊
  • Mines are used for; backyard shoes when I'm not going anywhere, they live in the balcony, rough basement area, another pair lives there. I take them with me when camping, to lounge around and to kayak. They're basically outside slippers.

  • Oklahoma, Alabama Now Have AI-Powered Vending Machines That Sell Bullets
  • How does it need to be AI? It's a vending machine. Are you suppose to describe what you plan to shoot and it suggest a specific ammo? Oh it's looks like you plan to highjack a plane, I recommend Hollow point .22 short to insure it will stay in the body and not breaching the pressurized hull.

  • $FriodomRiders, or Straight Razors Done Right: The Challenge to reach Serenity in Austerity Through Liberty from Oxidisability
  • Strope and edge maintenance suggestion. I built my own with a flat piece of wood, about an in inch wide glued a strip of leather on both side and added polishing compound to one side.the leather I do 2 or 3 passes on the polishing side than 2 3 pass on the leather side. Being flat make it easy to strope at the right angle. I had it sharpened once, about 3 years ago and it still perfectly sharp. The advise of using a stick instead of just a strap came from the sharpening guy

  • Sieste dans le tas.

    A few Camping drawings I feel like sharing. Each have their stories.


    L'hymne de la tempête du printemps

    Tous en choeur ! Ostie de crisse de tabarnak...


    Seul sur l'eau

    Lac Bellevue, réserve faunique de Portneuf.

    Balade sur l'eau tôt le matin, seul dans la brume avec les oiseaux. Je ne connais rien de plus paisible.


    La sieste

    Had a glorious nap today. It's a cheesy drawing, but that's how good it felt.



    Quick drawing of a parrot inspired from LEGO model . Ink. Fountain pen and water brush pen.


    Golden from Inktober

    I know the drawing is bad, but it still make me chuckle.


    Spicy from Inktober

    Discovered ArtShare a few days ago and loved the community. So I tought i'd share my best Inktober drawing.