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Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
  • Epic does sales where they release free games periodically. It's great for people who like cloud gaming like Geforce Now.

  • Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
  • The cost of freedom is still far more valuable than that to some, and that's its niche.

  • Please Help Reverse This
  • Well the senate and most governors are on a six year cycle

  • Ted Cruz gets bad news in Texas Senate race
  • Yet somehow he could run for president. I didn't really get that one, or how he could be so critical of Obama's citizenship status when he himself wasn't born in the US.

  • The President Can Now Assassinate You, Officially
  • Lame like an overbeaten dead horse, I mean. I was just trying to put out there that there's worse ways to try and ruin our country like Madoff did but worse. And plenty of others I didn't even mention.

  • The President Can Now Assassinate You, Officially
  • All this murder crap is lame; why has nobody been parroting how the president can do other crimes, like tax fraud or lie under oath or buying drugs or literally anything but murder?

  • 'There Are No Kings in America': Biden Blasts Supreme Court, Issues Dire Warning After Immunity Ruling
  • Does this mean a president can make their tax filing an official act?

  • President 360 No Scope...
  • We could just go with the cowboy classic Pinkerton as well

  • President 360 No Scope...
  • You mean the slap-chopper?

  • US wants Boeing to plead guilty to fraud over fatal crashes, lawyers say
  • Right. We'll see the same cronies from Boeing looking for a Gov position so they can get away with legal theft next

  • Catcatcat
  • Hands! I said hands goddammit!

  • Can someone suggest a very stable, low-maintenance Linux distro that also won’t hold me back?
  • As a minimalist user I prefer to use MX for tiny/older machines, like the plethora of chromebooks now currently outside of official support that can be (mostly) softmodded to use a CFW and another OS. I have good luck with Endeavour, but as I learned debian first my first OS on a Chromebook that actually installed was MX, and it actually gave it back the originally advertised battery life, amongst regular updates and such I'd say it's worthy of a spin for an older, lower powered machine versus something that's kinda bloated in perspective like Ubuntu.

  • Free and open-source YouTube clients w/ no ads
  • That's what I remember doing when I set it up, is this due to differences in CDNs across continents?

  • Best Audio Format for Storage?
  • Best part is mp3 even works with older media players like the usb port of 201X cars

  • Neuralink Can Implant Second Person With a Brain Chip, FDA Says
  • Move fast and break things should never apply towards human trials.

  • McDonald’s Lied
  • Wrong on both counts honestly. Why assume religion or misrepresent money as a tool? A hammer can build or destroy, but money was always just a convenient way to control population, the level of nefariousness only varies based upon morals of those who have the most pieces of paper and of course the printers of said paper. I don't really understand why this became religious either, I hardly believe in myself on most occasions. Is there a real point in worrying about having enough money when the game is so rigged you could have it all or lose it all just depending upon the actions of less than 1% of the world population? Money will not help us get these people to help solve the worlds problems, in fact I would say that imbalance has probably caused the stretching of an already flawed system. Be safe and responsible, I need rest.

  • chronicpain Johnmannesca

    chronic pancreatitis w/ptsd

    I'm a newcomer here, but I would like to raise awareness for people who suffer from severe trauma. The nights of little to no sleep. The tears that are wept for something that happened 15 years ago like it just happened to you. Just here to let you know that you're not alone, and no matter what pain you feel, someone somewhere can help