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No rush here, I like this job.
  • Most brain-dead comment you've seen in your whole life? Chill man, it was a joke about the person having a skull for e face, not some serious statement about oral sex. Ofc I totally agree with the rest of your comment...

  • well duh.
  • Corruption is indeed one of the biggest problems in modern democracies, specially in the US. But corruption aside, the two party system is still a huge burden for the US democracy. The variety of opinions in society is huge and two parties could never represent that. You're either for something, or against. In every political matter! In a multiple party system however, a party can side with party A on an economical matters and side with party B on infrastructural matter. A process like that eventually leads to better democratic compromises.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • "Atheism - Absence of belief in the existence of deities/god; the opposite of theism"

    You literally do the opposite. Maybe that's your personal way of believing and that's totally fine, but the term "atheism" has a official and specific definition. I'm a agnostic myself and I think a lot of people call themselves atheists but actually only oppose organized religion. If the concept of a god or the deities outside of religion is a theoretically possible concept for you, then you're an agnostic!