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Stay Mad, Tankies
  • If your chance of winning hinges on your opponent suddenly not being there anymore, that conclusion is kind of anti-democratic in nature. If (for example) someone says "Things will eventually start getting better once all the boomers are gone", they've already decided who their enemy is and that there's no use trying to have discussions with them about how to fix things. The world around them slowly becomes less about different people with different ideas and it metastasizes into a country where half of their neighbors want them dead and because of that, they'd see half their neighbors dead as well. This doesn't go away if trump is defeated in November. Civil war will be right around the corner until people start talking to each other again. The militarism of both parties and the fascism of republicans will, over time, be seen as a less necessary weapon against "the enemy" and divisive politics will ease up. That being said, don't waste your breath on literal armed Nazis/white supremacist groups. They're an artifact of the fears and stresses of this current system and have decided the best course of action is the most harmful. They will be less of an issue once society at large isn't gasping for air and don't have to blame their woes on one particular group.

    My point is, we don't solve the issue of rising fascism within our borders by waiting it out and hoping it all blows away with time, only coming out from your shelter one day out of the whole year to do political action. Embrace democracy if you believe in it and talk to people who disagree with you(preferably in-person) about why you think the things you think and why it should be changed. Show up to town halls, get to know your local government, join local activism groups. If you want things to change for the better, you can't just keep doing the same thing that got us into this mess.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • And the situation we're in will continue to get worse as long as long as we're playing the hand that's been dealt to us instead of taking an active roll in improving things around us.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • Yes, yes. we all know republicans are worse. But democrats could've entirely prevented this, which they didn't. They enabled it. Being better than republicans doesn't mean the situation is better with democrats. In fact, it's getting so much worse every single year.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • My state is ruby red and even the fairly large city I live in is red. Begging people to vote specifically for biden in situations like ours only makes people more apathetic since they know Biden has no shot. But if you tell people how to be more politically involved outside of voting, they'll be more empowered to want to vote just so they can get people more aligned with them in their local and state elections. It's the state government in red states like ours that will enact awful policies that we will actually feel. Pushing an unpopular president as the main reason to show up to the booth will only make them stay home instead.

    Tangential: Covid is still killing a ton of people every month (though it gets better in warmer weather). This past January had over 10k covid deaths that were largely ignored by Biden and pretty much everyone else who are desperate to show how "good" things are now. But also, I'd caution against being hopeful for another pandemic that would wipe out conservatives since it's tiptoeing on fascism, which you're trying to be distinctly different to, eh? If a huge portion of Americans are fascist, America will be a fascist nation. I've heard conservatives wish that CA would sink into the ocean and that NYC would get swept away from a hurricane and I hope to god we haven't ratcheted so far that now democrats are wishing and hoping for the deaths of their political enemy.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • I feel like this reply is for someone else? We're both coming from a leftist position. Democrats only think they're being overrun with bots and propaganda because they aren't actually politically informed enough to know the valid reasons why people don't like them.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • So you know what state that person resides? You've confirmed they live in a swing state where their vote for president actually matters? (This is not me advocating against voting since local/state positions are important, but if you're focused on president, only a handful of states really make a difference at all).

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • Queer person here: we've had to violently fight for our rights and were successful in the past and we will do it again if we need to, so expecting a vote for anything will fix the issues of the marginalized is very out of touch. Doing nothing but voting is 99% political apathy, and it very much feels like all this browbeating is coming from someone who only votes and mayyyyybe donates to the ACLU or planned parenthood once every couple years. Do some real work and stop spending so much of your mental energy on inconsequential (assuming you don't live in a handful of swing states) things. Build coalitions. Form or join unions. Stand up for what is right and protest what is wrong.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • Or maybe if the average American stood with the marginalized instead of yelling at them to fall in line, we wouldn't constantly have issues where the marginalized are systemically murdered and imprisoned. The blood isn't on their hands for having morals and boundaries. It's on the masses who refuse to give up even an ounce of comfort to lend a hand to the downtrodden. The path the democrats are on is the same path the current republicans have walked before.

    Who are you willing to sacrifice for your own comfort? Why is that a valid position? Because the other guy points that same weapon at you instead and it's scary? How many different groups are you willing to put on that sacrifice list until you just turn into a fascist republican? "Just following orders" is just as cowardly a response as "It was my only choice".