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WYR: If your toilet was sentient would you rather it crave your poop or hate you for it.
  • Well, if it has a tongue that means it probably developed alongside us evolutionarily - right?

    Like this is no longer "your toilet is possessed by someone with a scat fetish". Not if it has a tongue, that means this is a biological creature that lives off of our shit. Considering the value feces has in regards to replenishing nutrients in soil, we should probably consider these toilets some kind of parisitic - or more accurately symbiotic being. Sort of like a mimic, only it eats your shit.

    Why did I think of this? Why would I take the time to use my precious fucking neurons conjuring up the beginnings of "shit eating mimic" taxonomy? Well, you asked "What if it has a tongue...". The answer is that you would probably be used to it, and it would probably lick your asshole.

    You did this. I want you to know this is your fault.

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn - Early Aloy Concept Art
  • I was like you once, and still find myself getting baited into rage-commenting.

    You perpetuate the things you hate by being unable to let go. This post wasn't about incels but you just had to bring them up, souring the mood. Worst part is that it wasn't even a good joke. We're talking low hanging fruit to the point of picking up rotten fruit off the jungle floor.

    Hatred is a lot like swallowing poison and expecting someone else to die. Treat yourself better.

  • New player, grabbed flight sticks because I'm impulsive

    Hey everyone, title pretty much says it all.

    I've managed to snag a set of keybinds that works for me, played around in Arena Commander offline. I'm hooked, had a ton of fun but I feel like my arms are sore from cranking the sticks so much.

    Really looking for advice pertaining to ergonomic setups, like what kind of mounts should I grab. I have two Gladiator NXT EVOs, both the left and right hand versions. I didn't buy anything else though, as I wasn't that impulsive, so currently it's unmounted and I'm just rolling with it.

    On top of those recommendations, specific guides on how to get better at combat would be good. I'm open to buying other space flight sims as well, if it would be easier to practice there (ideally I'd like to stick to Star Citizen).

    My main fear is trying to hop into the main game and getting my shit rocked, losing what little resources I have trying to learn how to not crash. I tried it a little bit, managed to get my first ship impounded lol. If anyone has tips on ensuring I can ping the hangars correctly I would greatly appreciate that as well.

    Sorry for the word vomit, still very new to space sims/flying sims in general. Not really sure how to word what I'm asking. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read and answer!