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GSL Quarterfinals Group B starts in 10 hours! herO, Creator, DRG, and Dark!
  • Warning: the vods have an 11 second audio desync. I recommend downloading them and then playing with mpv where you can fix it with ctrl-+ and -.

    Also holy shit the baneling nest meta! I thought for sure DRG made a mistake and the casters were being overly charitable by not calling it a mistake, but then we saw Dark do it too!

  • We need this level of energy. All the time...
  • I filled out a form wrong so now I just don't have health insurance until I can re-enroll in the fall. Hope I don't get sick until then! Also my car's airbag just malfunctioned, I'm driving very carefully lol.

  • Getting Lost Chapter working under Linux
  • Running it in Proton is so quick and easy, you might as well try it once. You've got nothing to lose. All you do is add non-steam game, then force it to use proton if you don't force proton on all games by default like I do.

  • Headset recommendation
  • I've had mine for at least 5 years, probably more. You don't need any software on Linux, it's picked up as a normal USB audio device: SteelSeries ApS SteelSeries Arctis 7 I'm no audiophile, but audio quality is great. I had the Logitech G930 before and I like this better. The one USB device actually presents 2 audio devices to the computer because it has this neat dial that lets you mix your game sound and chat sounds right on the headset.

  • Headset recommendation
  • I use the steelseries arctis 7 (I think, it's the non-pro version). It works great in Endeavor and is very simple. I don't think I can tell how much charge the battery has but I charge it every night so that's not an issue. Highly recommend buying a magnetic USB cord for it.

  • Where did the "Window Action" feature go?

    KDE 5 had a feature in the keyboard shortcuts in settings where you could set a Window Action as a trigger instead of a keyboard shortcut (Documentation in the link). This means that KDE would do something every time a certain window appeared. This was very useful, my use case was changing the TeamViewer authorization prompt to NT logon as I don't use the normal TeamViewer password. I think there should be a workaround if it's truly gone, but for the life of me I can't remember or search for the name of this software that does something every time a certain window is created.

    StarCraft JTskulk

    Reynor is an absolute treasure

    StarCraft JTskulk

    Hungry for a tournament? Harstem is casting one

    I was going to link to his Youtube page, but it seems these videos are unlisted! Here are the 2 I have so far:

    Harstem - Reynor, Byun, Oliveira, Clem in $42000 StarCraft II Tournament

    Harstem - Serral, maru, Dark, Cure and more in $42000 StarCraft II Tournament


    The BIOS is part of your operating system and pee is stored in the balls.

    This was a Lenovo. Now I'm wondering if Windows or Linux has a better BIOS.

    StarCraft JTskulk

    Cool game from ESL: Special vs Cham game 1

    I don't understand how these 2 always have such bangers of games. Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't Special a lot better than Cham? Special competes in the GSL, I hadn't even heard of Cham until this or last year.

    StarCraft JTskulk

    [Meme] The Microsoft Starcraft update is live

    Just a dumb meme, here is more context:

    StarCraft JTskulk

    The craziest Brood War game I've seen in 20 years

    And the matchup is ZvZ! Whaaaaaaaaat? We are so lucky to have this game played for us.


    Polish meme

    He made a joke about this recently, this is related I swear.

    StarCraft JTskulk

    Banger of a match: Spirit vs Elazer at gamers8.

    Game 1 is great and then game 2 is even better! Game 3 is pretty good.

    StarCraft JTskulk

    What is the nerf that ghosts need?

    Snipe is still insane in TvZ. Ghosts counter spellcasters that don't really have a counter to ghosts, and then they also counter every other unit, especially the lategame ones. Once you get to the lategame, there's never a reason to not mass ghosts. The game says that roaches are the counter to ghosts, but has anyone ever made a roach after the 9 minute mark?