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she/her just trying to live the ancom dream in the mountains

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Stop. Calling. Everything. AI
  • Wait, are you trying to tell me the moon landing was real? It was clearly filmed in Siberia why else would the ground look so white, it's the Siberian snow obviously.

  • TF is wrong with people.
  • It kinda is

  • History repeats itself.
  • An angle grinder and a week of free time

  • Help me out here
  • Become a trapdoor spider, and leave a basket of Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards outside your door as bait?

    Step two say ????? No idea what really. Maybe cross your fingers you have a shared interest and the whole kidnapping thing isn't a big deal.

    Step three be in a relationship, and probably learn to leave room more often.

  • Lauren Boebert complains media attention is turning public against her
  • So find some identification for yourself, there will be a field for birth date. In that field there should be a four digit number. Subtract that number from 2024, and viola that number is how old you have become.

  • TIL that the New Testament in the BIBLE was written nearly 100 years after Jesus Christ ~ 70 CE
  • There are citations, and you can go deep dive if you really care about when some randos made made one of the longest running fandoms

  • Justice Alito’s wife vows revenge for flag controversy in secret recording
  • Actually the supreme Court is an appointed for life position so unless it gets stuffed again, it can only be changed when justices die or leave voluntarily. Ergo it's literally unfixable by the common citizen unless revolution is on the table.

  • Maybe many Lemmy users don't understand "shower thoughts" because they don't shower.
  • Not always, I'll often forget to shower until I look in the mirror and realize my hair needs to be washed. Peak pandemic I'd sometimes go a few weeks without showering until I could smell myself. Just not something that's on my mind most of the time.

  • Why is Riding a Bicycle in the City Turning Into a Culture War
  • So, why do we need a supermarket? Is there any reason a supermarket couldn't be replaced with it's contingent parts? A butcher, a veggie shop, a convenience food shop, a pharmacy, a bakery, and a condiments shop?

    I don't see why they have to be stapled together when separate works just fine. All of which could fairly practically be stocked individually by small light duty trucks, or even a bike with a decently sized trailer.

    I also don't see why even if you staple everything together, a cargo tram wouldn't work. Have two, a passenger tram that works one route, and a cargo line that runs by the loading bays of local stores. They can be switched on and off the overarching infrastructure without interfering with each other.

    It would be a paradigm shift for the US, but I fail to see how it would be an unworkable one.

  • I don't bother reading comments anymore
  • Actually it's probably rabbits, they take very little in terms of feed and water to get meat from especially if you go for a meat rabbit breed. Bonus points if you go for one who's fur is worth more, like the American Chinchilla vs the pure white ones that get a little bigger.

    Though for maximum efficiency you really have to go for insects melee worms and crickets are up there in terms of protein conversion.

    Whales are impractical like most carnivores since you have to raise their food, wasting plant matter to then feed the carnivore it's meals making it roughly twice as inefficient to eat a carnivore over an herbivore.

    There is also the land use issue to get land use as minimal as possible you need to maximize calories/protein per acre and how possible that is will vary with the location. Some locations goats are ideal since traditional agriculture is impossible and they can forage effectively on it.

    Also water constraints will limit what your best option is for maximizing the end goal, anyway I'm so far of track....

  • More than 4 million chickens to be killed in Iowa after officials detect bird flu on farm
  • Meat chickens are called broilers, and egg chickens are called layers. Since they have been selectively bred for each specific purpose

  • Side of bed debate - Which side is left?
  • I agree, only sensible way to do it

  • Google ad on a magazine from 1999
  • If only they had stuck with that

  • 'Life is harder than it used to be' for young people, and this economist says that needs to change
  • Avocado toast is the only thing worth more than a house, a spark of joy in a torrent of hellfire we call life in the modern age

  • He Fell Ill on a Cruise. Before He Boarded the Rescue Boat, They Handed Him the Bill.
  • Why go on a planet wrecking cruise? If your going to enjoy the ocean, enjoy it, take a sailboat

  • 101 Voice training
  • Yeah, her channel fell off after she stopped posting for a while, but I found a lot of her content invaluable back when it was fresh.

  • 30$ Minimum Wage?
  • It's not really physical danger that's the issue, it's what happens when youre roommate can't make rent?

  • Trans Voice Help Ithral

    101 Voice training

    this video helped me a lot, and was my primary reference when starting out with voice training, strongly recommend