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Denuvo DRM removed from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy
  • It's incredibly fishy, but crackable.

  • New Crazy Taxi title will be an open-world, massively multiplayer AAA game, according to Sega
  • Let's be honest here. The original series was on arcades and you had to get from point A to point B. For the current generation of gamers this is the equivalent of a mini-game you play on the loading screen of the main game. I'm not defending the GaaS shit, but what did you guys expect?

  • The Sales Will Continue
  • Ark with all its DLCs somehow manages to be bigger than this.

  • [Digital Foundry] Doom: The Dark Ages Trailer Tech Breakdown: The Next-Gen id Tech Revealed
  • Oh I wish, because it's a stupendous engine. However, I'm sure they'll keep on using their shitty Creation Engine.

  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VII - Official Teaser Trailer
  • Sure, they could improve on many things, but does that justify the making of a new game? They could just patch Civ VI.

  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VII - Official Teaser Trailer
  • Do we really need a new Civ every few years? I feel like we haven't had a real need for a completely new one since Civ V. What can they improve upon? Graphics? That's laughable for a game like this.

  • Best Audio Format for Storage?
  • Quite possible, yeah haha

  • After 8 months and 1000+ hours of work, Dark Souls Re-Remastered is complete
  • "Prepare to Die Edition". The non-remastered "complete" version of Dark Souls.

  • Best Audio Format for Storage?
  • Tons of legacy devices. Old car infotainment systems, old "smart" TVs, old players that don't have Rockbox ports, etc.

  • Actually, Winamp is not going Open Source
  • Why would you want to switch? Legitimate question. 32-bit version seems to be working just fine, I doubt a music player needs the extra juice a 64-bit version provides.

  • Best Audio Format for Storage?
  • Opus is an insanely efficient codec, but unfortunately not very compatible.

  • Best Audio Format for Storage?
  • If I had infinite storage, for archival I’d preferably use FLAC at its default level 5 compression. But like you and others, I thought the file sizes were quite big for a sizeable collection. So my personal compromise was AAC at 256kbps encoded with Apple’s QAAC. It’s small in size, vastly superior to MP3, and almost as universally compatible as MP3. There’s a reason why iTunes has stuck with it for so long, it’s an incredible encoder. I would never be able to hear a difference compared to lossless, at least on my equipment. So I went with it.