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We finally know what caused the global tech outage - and how much it cost
  • "CrowdStrike said it also plans to move to a staggered approach to releasing content updates so that not everyone receives the same update at once, and to give customers more fine-grained control over when the updates are installed."

    Hol up. So they like still get to exist? Microsoft and affected industries just gonna kinda move past this?

  • Google Is the Only Search Engine That Works on Reddit Now Thanks to AI Deal
  • I like where I stand in that model. I've tried the alternatives and have found genuine value in what I'm paying for. Lemmy loves turning its nose up at Kagi because "money" but they've gone out of their way to index the fediverse where most have ignored us. I'm an anonymous Kagi user I pay through a third party using a crypto account and I couldn't be happier - they now have a lower tiered payment plan that is affordable for me.

  • Unreal Engine supervisor at ModelFarm blasts 50% failure rate with Intel chips — company switching to AMD's Ryzen 9 9950X, praises single-threaded performance
  • As yet unreleased chips received under a contracted NDA do better than chips that you pay money for? Tell me more about it while I sip on my new energy drink provided by Jitters inc. Which is better than my old energy drink or the energy drink you are drinking. Jitters will be releasing this energy drink in a store near you soon btw!

  • YesPlz beans
  • Sure, but my experience was that there are next to no bags that will blow your mind with these. They tend to be tours through a sort of pleasant mediocrity. Have tried Atlas, misto, and bean box. Let us know in a few months if you are loving this one though. Has not been on my radar. I'm just skeptical of the whole business model lacking incentive to give you really good beans without pretty severely overcharging. I mostly buy from local roasters but also like to find other people's local roasters that have free shipping options to branch out. I'd love to make a website that keeps a list of these hidden gem roasters that have free or very discounted shipping costs but don't have the time to maintain that myself.

  • YesPlz beans
  • Sounds like an interesting subscription service tbh. I used to like these, and love the idea of someone surprising me with really good beans I might not have ever found or decided to buy myself. I feel like a lot of my purchases are pretty wild guesses anyway. However, for these bigger services (which frankly do have the greatest variety) its been my experience that quality is or becomes somewhat suspect. When they have your dollar committed on a subscription, how hard are they going to work to find you the very best beans? If you are paying $20 a month for 12ozs are they going to sometimes send you one that's worth $24 and sometimes one that's worth $18? It's my impression that what you get for that $20 is usually a $15 or a $17 bag. Not to poop on anyone's parade, but I have gotten many more mehs than wows out of these. Subscriptions from individual roasters are different, those just amount to a tour through their inventory which can be fun but relatively short lived and you end up getting a few bags that you probably would have known we're not your taste if you just manually went through and ordered things as needed. I will say these services do make great gifts though. Buy someone that likes coffee but isn't really "into" coffee an affordable conical burr and a subscription like this and before you know it they might be here chatting with us snobby bastards.

  • Alexa Is in Millions of Households—and Amazon Is Losing Billions
  • It could be useful for reordering familiar items but only if prices were more stable or the system reliably gave feedback on how the price compared to previous orders. Now it seems like it's built to try to get you to reorder while masking the fact that the price doubled since you last ordered the item.

  • Alexa Is in Millions of Households—and Amazon Is Losing Billions
  • Alexa skill store is a "prime" example of Amazon's we don't give a shit attitude. For years they've turned their back on third party developers by limiting skill integration. A well designed skill on that store gets a two star rating. When everything in your app store is total shit - maybe the problem is you Amazon?! It's been like that for years ; I completely avoid using skills as they only lead to frustration.

    LLM integration into an Alexa device could be a big improvement, but current speed performance at that scale seems concerning that we'd get a laggy or very dumbed down system. Frankly Id be happy if Alexa could just grasp the concept of synonyms and also have the ability to attempt second guess interpretations of speech comprehension rather than assume user has just asked the exact same question in rapid succession but with a more frustrated tone.

  • what is this material?



    Doggo outgrew lite up collar but it's just led attached to this clear nylon or pvc piping. Feel like if I knew what the tubing material was I could probably find some. This is 8mm OD.


    My week with the PipaMoka Portable Vacuum Extractor

    Tried this for a week on the road and it's become my go-to travel brewer.

    I'm a pour-over nerd and am happy to drink some mediocre cups here and there in the name of constant experimentation. Little mishaps that can occur during my delicate pour-over process get canceled out by the home runs. However, the combination of not having all my toys and tools when traveling and not always having good backup methods available if things go south has led me to the conclusion that pour-over is not the best fit for me outside my home environment. For several years I've been using an Aeropress Go when traveling. I hesitate to say anything negative about the beloved Aeropress on a coffee forum, but I was most often disappointed. People like the Aeropress for approximately the same reasons I like pour-over. It allows for the kind of fussiness to tweak and perfect brew recipes. I found differences with grind size, ratios, the amount of water used on my bypass, differences with the number or even the location of the stirs etc. etc. I've decided that I want to keep my tweaking confined to my home pour-over setup, and that I'd like all my other brewing methods to be more forgiving but with a reliably good outcome. When I heard about the pipamoka, it sounded like and attractive travel alternative. I played with it for a couple of weeks at home and then took to the road for a week with it. If you haven't heard of this thing - it's an insulated travel mug with a submersible puck with metallic filters on both sides of it. You fill the puck with medium size grounds (12-14g) and then with up to 245 mL of heated water. By slowly twisting an orange ring at the top of the cup you elevate the grounds puck up through the entirety of the water. You then remove the puck and elevator mechanism and can pour the coffee or pop the included lid on it and keep it insulated for hours. It produces a rich cup that has some real depth, and while slightly closer to the French Press side of things, I found it allows for the notes of a medium to medium light roast to shine through much brighter than FP does. It’s consistent as hell.

    Here's why I love it for travel:

    • It brews a bigger cup than my Aeropress Go. No bypass is needed here and the brewer doubles as an insulated cup which I think is awesome. It also pours very neatly though too.
    • I typically brew for two but often an hour or two apart. The Aeropress meant that I either had to find an insulated vessel when traveling for the second cup or be available to brew on demand. Now I can brew and decant the first cup for myself, rinse things out, and then immediately brew another cup knowing it will stay warm in the insulated brew chamber for hours.
    • Cleanup involves rinsing or washing the cup, quick rinse of elevator mechanism, dumping out grinds from puck (not too bad), and rinsing out the filter puck. It’s minimally more involved than the aeropress go, but not really if you consider needing a cup and in my case often some sort of insulated vessel for the aeropress. Overall, it’s easy.
    • Forgiving with grind. Medium / Medium coarse works well. I didn’t tweak much, but somewhere around a 5 on Ode Gen II stock bur was perfectly good and here’s another thing – I have not been travelling with a grinder. I used the pre ground medium grind grocery store stuff on the road and IMO that stuff is far too coarse for the Aeropress, but works very well with the Pipamoka. Serious points for travel flexibility on this one. I am going to buy a portable grinder for my next trip I think though. I have arthritis and don’t love portable grinders because of that, but I’m still planning to give it a try to see if I can step the Pipamoka flavor up just a tad more.
    • Forgiving with the brew time. I started out timing my rotations to match the two minute recommended extraction time, but quickly resorted to just sitting on the couch and twisting this thing at a very steady relaxed pace (probably taking closer to 2.5min on average I would estimate). It really didn’t seem like a super-crucial variable in the brew outcome.

    Things I don’t love about the Pipamoka:

    • I already mentioned my concerns about a portable grinder due to arthritis. Well, the pipamoka requires a pretty decent amount of force to rotate and you have to turn it quite a bit. It’s not terrible though, you get into a slow rhythm and if you don’t have arthritis, I doubt you’d mind at all. However, the ring that you rotate does get quite warm. I used 205F water at home, and water 30s off boil on the road. If you have sensitive skin at all, this ring does get uncomfortably warm. I didn’t like this and it seemed obvious for both better grip and heat insulation that this knob should probably have a bit better grip design and be rubberized.

    • Filling the puck with grounds is much more of a pain than it should be. There’s an extra part which is a little cuff that helps keeps your grounds from overflowing out of the puck while you scoop them in. First, I didn’t love that there was one more thing to rinse/wash/potentially lose. Most importantly though, there is yet another included part that is even easier to lose, but is quite important. There is a little brush that you need to brush grounds off the lip of the puck and push them toward the center so you can properly seal the fenestrated puck cover. If you used the recommended amount of grounds it’s really overflowing and I’m guessing this is because it’s designed so you end up with some compression packing on the grounds. It seems like perhaps a deeper puck and a little tamp would be a better solution. There has to be a less fussy way to do this. I really hope Wacaco releases a second version of this at some point that addresses this. Mehs

    • I remember not bringing enough paper filters for my Aeropress on a trip once and having to use paper towels. It wasn’t terrible actually, but I’m a fan of how paper filters crisp up coffee flavor and really like the idea of them holding back cafestol and adding one less thing to my diet that is trying to corrode my cholesterol numbers. For travel though, a good metal filter that keeps fines out really does make more sense than having to worry about your consumable stock.

    TLDR: If you are a coffee control freak and really want to tweak and perfect your brew when traveling, consider the Aeropress option (Frankly, would just go with regular Aeropress – the “Go” isn’t all that much more portable and it’s too small IMO). If you want a reliable simple brew that you might not be able to achieve coffee nirvana with, but that will make a consistently good cup that stays warm, I currently think the Pipamoka takes the cake.


    Educate me on French Pressing (2 specific questions)

    Pour over guy here but I enjoy just a touch of oils in my extractions so I've settled on coffee sock use. Never liked the French Press side of things, but I've just learned about FP with paper filters, the Espro paper filter and more interestingly the Caffi bag filter. I'd like to experiment with this. The Caffi filter especially is appealing as the cleanup looks super easy (big change compared to my coffee sock ritual) and I like the idea of cleaning up the murky FP taste with some decent filtering. I'm considering trying an Espro device so I would have the option to try their paper filter too, but that's less interesting since you still have to clean grounds out of your FP bucket. The Espro devices are pricey though. I'm curious if anyone thinks the finer mesh buckets on the Espro would contribute any cleanup benefit at all if using a paper filter like the Caffi bag? I would assume the much finer filter mechanism of the paper would just trump any plunger filter mechanism. Ok, my next question is what's going on with insulated FP brewers? Stanley, Yeti, even Espro (they even make a travel mug FP that you just leave the grounds in!!) and many others make these. I don't mean to be rude, but are FP drinkers just barbarians that think there is no such thing as over-extraction? How in the world can you just leave coffee grounds sitting in contact with your brew for hours as these insulated FP brewers claim? Don't you need to decant as soon as the brew is complete?

    Cars Imgonnatrythis

    US military Shelby Daytona apparition?


    Picture here is just eye candy, but I swear I saw a killer looking Shelby Daytona last week while driving through the Midwest US. It was a two-tone grey and the most bad-ass looking Shelby mod I had ever seen. It was on a flatbed being pulled by a nice looking pickup. Can't trust my memory on the wording but thought it said US military over the window or perhaps US Navy or airforce? Thought it would be a cinch to find more about it online, but I'm striking out. This description ring a bell for anyone?


    better grinder for pour over?

    I know high end grinders are probably worth it for espresso, but for pour-over coffee does it make that much difference? I use a Capresso Infinity at either fine coarse or medium coarse and that's about it. Visibly the grind size does look a bit variable to me. Since I'm already in conical bur territory here, are higher end grinders really going to make a noticeable difference in my pour-over brews? If you feel strongly the answer is yes, I'm also curious what you would recommend (but please don't bother naming anything over $500usd unless you provide a link to a used version that is in that range).


    help with clogged Mk4 hotend?

    Total clog with prusament pla in line. Can't feed anything through even at high heat. Cold pull not possible / filament not making it into hot end to do this.

    You can see little bit of filament sticking out in photo, but with pliers this just tears.

    Should I try heating up the whole hot end tube with a soldering iron to see if I can liquify the clog out? Any other ideas? I can't find many good resources about what to do in this situation online. Also, obviously needs to get cleaned up a bit, but does picture of my hot end tip look pretty ok? Do I need to bite bullet and get a new hot end? If so, are Amazon off brand replacements ok, or do I need to wait for one to get shipped from prusa?

    Thank you




    LLM queries for personal pdf libraries?

    So perplexity can kind of weakly analyze the first few pages of small file size pdfs one at a time, but I'd love to have something that would allow me to upload several hundred research papers and textbooks that could then be analyzed for consensus and contradictions and give me more meaningful search results and summaries than keyword searching alone. Does anything like this exist in a fairly user friendly accessible format?


    Are filament vacuum bags worthwhile?

    I finally got a filament drying box and I'm using it prior to and during prints. It seems to be helping. I'm a bit of a color queen, so I keep a pretty big backlog of different filaments. I've been storing them in vacuum bags but the vacuum bags often seem to lose some of their vacuum after a few months; the whole process is a bit of a pain. Is this really worthwhile or as long as I'm using the drying box can I forgoe the vacuum storage? If vacuum storage is still a good idea, are there better bags I should be looking for that don't lose some of the vacuum after a few months or is that pretty standard?


    Recommendations for single spool dryer box?

    I think it's finally time for a dryer box. Want something I can run filament out of directly to the printer. Right now considering space pi vs. Esun vs. Eibos. Ideally something I could run for just a little while before a print and during the print. Low noise also important. A decible chart for dryers would be nice if that exists. Any favorites or good ones I am not considering?


    stainless vs glass lined carafe?

    I decidedly do not like to drink coffee from stainless. Something about it seems to boost acidity. Borsillicate glass is my preference for mugs, but to keep my chemex brew warm in between the Chemex and my mug is there any reason to get a glass lined carafe (bit more fragile) vs a pure stainless carafe?

    Edit. Oh, and would either one fare better for also being washed out well and being used for ice water in the summer without any coffee flavors bleeding through?


    Options for minimal fee investing?

    I had invested through sofi but they just dropped crypto. I use an exodus wallet for practical crypto purchases and typically import via cash-app BTC purchases. For larger investing amounts bringing funds into exodus directly involves moonpay which has high fees. Recommendations for a reliable low fee way to invest in a few different coins?


    remove CA glue from PETG

    Heard I can use acetone for PLA, but not for PETG. Glued a joint and there is residue extruded and unfortunately it's a very shiny / translucent PETG. Any suggestions for cleaning up thin white residue stain from the cyanoacrylate?


    moving piano on caster cups?

    Is it reasonably possible for one person to remove caster cups, roll a wheeled baby grand a few feet out of the way on a hardwood floor, and then roll back and replace caster cups?


    support for other torrent clients?

    Any support outside of qbitorrent yet? I know it's not FOSS, but I much prefer working in Tixati. Do I need to refamiliarize myself with qbitorrent if I want to try i2p?

    Lemmy Support Imgonnatrythis

    how to receive alert when comments removed?

    Censorship is absolutely rampant on Lemmy. I don't post particularly controversial stuff, but I am an active commenter and I've noticed that mods will just wipe my comments or those of others on a whim. I think this is a huge issue and one of the biggest downsides about switching from reddit. I very rarely had comments removed on reddit and when I did I received a notice at least. This seemingly secretive wipe of comments sometimes a full day later feels very oppressive. Anyway, I know they show up in the mod log, but that's certainly not a place I want to scour on a regular basis. Is there any easy way to setup a monitor to at least alert me if one of my posts or comments are removed? I think mods should be required to contact users and provide an explanation - right now its way too much power for mods to be curating content so heavily.


    Mid print x_axis shift

    ! !

    Right in the middle of an absolutely massive print this x axis shift occurred. MK4 printer. Printer ran a calibration just prior to print. Once my tears dry up, and I buy some more filament, how do I prevent this from happening again when I retry this?

    Male Fashion Advice Imgonnatrythis

    Thoughts on Mtailor? Is it worth it?

    Love the idea of skipping the store and still getting a great fit. I bought one of their shirts and it's fine but nothing earth shattering. Once you have your shirt measurements I feel like online ordering from anywhere is pretty safe. Pants are a whole 'nother thing though. How do mtailor pants work out? Also what about their suits? I've found very little reviews / info about their suits. I kind of feel like I'm paying more for novelty than quality with this brand. Curious to hear from anyone with more experience with this service.