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Registered Republican, how about that...
  • Also a chance that he knew an attempt on Trump would make him a martyr

    Quick Edit: Not saying he thought things through or was sane. After all, he used live rounds when blanks would still make noise and ensure Trump was not in danger. Just that it could have been his intent

  • The FUCK is going on with blahaj and celebration of the assassination attempt?
  • Fascism is specifically a right wing type of Authoritarianism

    Authoritarianism is Authoritarianism: Left, right, or center. Please, use the right words for this. Yes, I'm choosing to be a stickler because a lot of right wing nuts claim Nazis are left wing and use that to prevent self reflection. Words have power and meaning - That's even the very point you are making, that words can do more than violence

  • Hate group leader celebrates video showing abuse of nonbinary child
  • Essentially, you're so worn out seeing this that instead of horrifying you, it just gets a, "And the sky is blue, what else is new?" response, correct?

    If so, you might need a break from the internet. Becoming numb to this stuff is not healthy

  • What would you do if you were on an underground train, when suddenly the train shook, you passed through a portal, and the next thing you knew your carriage was lying in an unknown new world?
  • First assumption is an isekai into a world where all life is scaled up in size. Would gather up supplies and explore away from the train, heading for the base of a tree for shelter. If my theory is right, the train is a danger zone that will attract attention. If my theory is wrong, I can raid it for metal parts later

    Of course, I would carry some of the steel from the train - Can use it to make sparks, crude weapons, etc.

    Also would bring fabrics - Can't be sure on water quality, and I know how to make a filter using bark, sand, gravel, and charcoal. Some fabric as a further filter would help out by preventing the components from slipping out of the hole in the bottom

  • Gretchen Whitmer says she won’t run as nominee even if Biden stands down
  • Can the dem party get this through their thick skulls?

    Trump. Will have them all. EXECUTED. If he wins

    There will not BE a second try

    Win or LITERALLY DIE because he is a HUGE MANCHILD who will use his newfound powers to EXECUTE you for hurting his feelings by daring to RUN AGAINST HIM

  • Pope Francis is gearing up for the first millennial saint, a web developer known as 'God's influencer'

    Carlo Acutis, a teenage website developer, was attributed a second miracle by Pope Francis, advancing his path to becoming the first millennial saint.

    Pope Francis is gearing up for the first millennial saint, a web developer known as 'God's influencer'