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So basically how students write papers
  • Some people think their partners are emotional dumpsters, it's a toxic trait for sure

  • Reader's Block
  • People like to gatekeep it because it's unique in its formatting and style.

    Basically it's a story with a ton of nested framing devices. You have:

    • A guy named Navidson whose house keeps changing its geometry, until one day an infinite, sprawling series of corridors opens up, which he then explores with a team of professionals. Navidson is a jealous asshole who constantly gets into ego battles with every man around him.
    • A guy named Zampano, who is writing a pseudo-academic analysis of Navidson's journey, stating that it all happened in a movie. Zampano is a paper-thin character who is only really incidentally connected to the story and doesn't get a ton of development until you're far into the novel.
    • A guy named Johnny, who finds Zampano's writings after he dies and reads them/adds footnotes. Johnny is our main perspective character and is, imo, an irredeemable womanizer who probably has schizophrenia. I swear half his scenes are him boning some random woman he just met, and the other half are word salad or incoherent stories that draw vague parallels to Zampano's writings.
    • "The editors", who are compiling all of these notes and footnotes into a book with appendices, which is canonically what you're reading as the end user.

    The story unfolds in a way that invites you to read through footnotes, appendices, and sprawling side-narratives to a point where you can just get lost in random threads. Some people really like that, I find it annoying. It would be more involving if the characters were better. Even the side characters are mostly just assholes or set dressing, and every woman in the story is a loose slut to a point where it's weird.

  • Epic won’t update Fortnite to run on the Steam Deck. Tim Sweeney says Linux is ‘a terrifically hard audience to serve’ (2022)
  • I know this is an older article, but EAC has had compatibility with Linux for years at this point. Linux is also really easy to compile and develop for compared to MacOS. They just don't want to because there aren't enough players to justify the cost, most likely. Also might have some incentive to keep their game off the hardware of their biggest competitor.

  • Nightly build downloads officially only available in discord - New Vegas Reloaded
  • Can we also stop calling mods "reloaded" and the like when they're really just visual updates? Nothing about that screams "reloaded" to me!

  • United Airlines passengers to see targeted ads on seat-back screens
  • Calling into United:

    Hey I see you charged me $400 for a replacement screen? Tell me, where did you buy the targeted ad data you used to display ads on that screen? Oh, an agency that I signed terms and conditions for at some point? Shit, alright then.

    I mean, fuck United tho and they will not be getting and damn money from me.

  • Many White Americans Fail to Assimilate
  • It was also only the battle flag, and only for some of the Civil war. If they really wanted it to be accurate, it would be square. Unfortunately then it looks stupid and not like a country's flag, which it isn't.

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • It says "several" but I think it means "many", important distinction to make there Microsoft.

  • Are you o-quay with this rule?
  • I see loss personally

  • Milo Rule
  • The joke is that Weird Al voices the MC.

  • Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall
  • Hyper-authoritarian leftist, usually hard-line CCP supporter.

  • Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall
  • Poe's law tells me this is a real comment from a real tankie

  • Just little guys
  • Imagine being born into this world with only one life and you are literally called Slow Loris

  • Just little guys
  • ?, ?, Shrew, Platypus

    Someone help me out here, those first two can't be real animals

  • Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall
  • inb4 tankies say that China is super based for doing this somehow

  • What a CASHLESS society REALLY means
  • Probably, but at least you can just copy-paste your home folder across most distros as long as they're similar enough. Also your distro isn't quite as important as your personal finances lol. Even in the case of potential security issues, most people would rather have their PC hacked into than their bank acct.

  • What a CASHLESS society REALLY means
  • No government would ever allow coins like Monero to become main forms of currency. The potential for abuse and tax evasion is just too high. They would sooner ban them outright. No legitimate business would accept them then.

    Accepting random alt coins would also come with the expense of having to track them and their wallets separately, exchange costs, volatility, etc, so over time just a few will become generally accepted by businesses.

    And yes, the most likely consequence of long-term crypto usage is that users will centralize into a few trusted platforms who will get the Lion's share of tokens and power.

  • What a CASHLESS society REALLY means
  • For people who think that Crypto will solve these issues, it won't. In a mass-adoption scenario, a few coins will be accepted as currency while the rest remain mostly useless for commerce. Those orgs behind those coins and their exchange platforms will then become just like the banks of old. Any attempt at democratizing Crypto is illusory, it's a fantasy.

  • The Problem
  • The non-political communities on .ml are poisoned by mods who ban users based on their political opinions they voice in other communities. If you're critical of China, you will likely be banned from all communities on .ml, regardless of if they're political.

  • The Problem
  • They do not have a clearly defined moderation policy, they are flagrantly banning any dissenters to their political views from communities unrelated to the posts in question. Allowing them to grow more power in the space by keeping them federated with other large instances is a bad thing imo.

  • The Problem
  • I also got banned from all communities on .ml that I had participated in after making a joke about how Tienanmen Square was like a glue trap for tankies. Really bad image for Lemmy. Considering we're growing as a community, I don't see why we should allow authoritarians to participate. Allowing that will just ingratiate their standards into the culture of the platform.

  • Best places to chill around East Grand Rapids?

    Obviously there's the stuff around Gaslight village, but is there anything especially interesting to do besides the stuff around that area? Even around the EGR area, maybe not properly inside it?


    Cave Waterfall (gf for scale)

    Found this in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky on a road trip.

    Computer Mice and Mousepads Ibaudia

    Any vertical mice with good sensors?

    I've been having pre-carpal tunnel symptoms lately and I really want to switch to a vertical mouse, but I've heard from a lot of people that they just don't have the same sensory quality that you get with a traditional mid-high end gaming mouse. This would be an issue for me since constantly do quick flicks and don't think I can just tollerate an inferior sensor. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing, and if so do you have any good recommendations?