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Lemmy is the best social media
  • No.

    Edit: as phobic means you want to get away from something or don't want it to exist. Fetishising is the exact opposite.

    If someone is arachnophobic that doesn't mean he wants to fuck a spider or undermine the identity of the spider. That someone wants the spider be gone because it is a spider.

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  • Okay so why have guns then for the average person when they don't get used to defend themselves against the governing forces at hand? Shooting at random adults and children is okay but shooting cops is over the line?

    Shoot governing forces or ban guns is my point. And everybody replaying just ignores the ban guns part.

  • Lemmy is the best social media
  • I don't get it.

    How is it undermining that and not affirming? I mean to fetishise a group is wrong, I get that and that is also my opinion but if they want to fuck a transwoman they want that because she is a woman which affirms the womanhood?

    And the point is how is it transhate if you like the trans aspect specifically. Doesn't make sense to me.

    It is not a wordplay it is what those words mean. Phobic means something like hate or fear and phile means something like love or attraction.

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