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Singer sues hospital, says staff thought he was mentally ill and wasn't member of Four Tops
  • Imagine a bit into the future and your child has become a nurse. Then you hear that at the hospital the other day your child sedated Neil Diamond and threw a urinary catheter in him.

    Edit: I was scrolling through my posts looking for life validation and realised I should add that sedation and catheterization are my invention and I knew nothing further of the story at the time of writing than what this headline said.

  • Thomas acknowledges more travel paid for by Harlan Crow. Colleagues report six-figure book payments
  • I’m just gonna summarize for anyone who overslept after Stephen’s party.

    It’s currently when the transactional and treasonous Supreme Court loaded by the transactional and treasonous ex-President were totally allowed to slide because so many people slobbered up the bullshit and the conditioning to treat it all like team loyalty at all costs. You know, before the shit.