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Outcry from big AI firms over California AI “kill switch” bill
  • big chunks of population are regulated ...

    This is appeal to authority, the ligitimicy, correctness and, "goodness" of the items you've listed are in constant flux and under heavy dibate.

    firearms are regulated ... Even internet access is super controlled

    These two in particular are a powder keg. US politics likes the former (a lot) and, lemmy is attracted to the latter.

  • This simulation sucks
  • I dont know your situation, is explorer.exe running on your account? Check if you can Alt+Tab or Alt+(Fn+)F4. The pills may be making you loose your pnemonic access to your keyboard. Try to run, hide and wait for the effects to wear off, and try the above.

    Once you are sober, and if you can remember Scroll Lock, Hold Ctrl and press it twice. I dont know what you are. Best case senario, you walk away with the drug somethat in your system, worst case senario is memory corruption, memory loss and being put in a coma until somone finds you.

  • Android 15 will run Bluetooth with your phone still turned off.
  • I hate that they don't support them after a while, those with a locked bootloader wont even get a chance. It makes these phones junk from all the CVEs that are being found.

    • What old model would you recommend?
    • Is something like postmarketOS viable yet?
    • What phones are/will be effected?
    • Do existing phones planned for the program have the payload sitting there dormant or will the system updater (on googled android) need to download the payload?
  • Android 15 will run Bluetooth with your phone still turned off.
  • are you referring to the new “Privacy Sandbox” or the old “Privacy Sandbox”. because if there calling this new thing a “Privacy Sandbox” after the old one lost public attention after they kept promising it for years, I am going to laugh or maybe cry.

    what they originally called “Privacy Sandbox”

    it was a browser feature to remove the HTTP cookie and replace it with a cohort system. your browser would receve signals about your habbits. that you were buying domino's pizza and announce to upcoming sites that you like pizza, but ya know... in a "safe" way.

    I still see, "chrome is going to replace the cookie" and "RIP the humble cookie" every once in a while.

  • Android 15 will run Bluetooth with your phone still turned off.
  • it looks like its going to be a hardware feature. if the main CPU is off, it implies the radio circuitry and its CPU (the BBM) are still powered. give google this at least, the special new Bluetooth API will be accessible to whatever OS is alive and awake to send commands (even if I don't trust that "off" means "off"). the fact that its using encryption (that's too complicated to be made out of Integrated Circut logic) means its likely another software feature added to the BBM co-processor (it handles all radio tasks on the phone). this all but confirms the BBM (at least going forward) will still get power, be awake and have access to the (transmit (TX) and reseave (RX) functions of the) radios even when everything else is properly off.

    EDIT: or it could be an abuse of a generic BLE beacon mechanism that's "just there for whatever the consumer would need it for". but if they are doing proprietary encryption like they claim, that's not really possible without updating the BBM's software to add another feature.

  • Redditors Vent and Complain When People Mock Their "AI Art"
  • I wrote a small bulk file management tool that I needed for my work. I wrote it in an easy language (javascript+nodejs). It got the job done and took maybe an hour. But I noticed its flaws and imperfections. So i made a new tool in a very hard to learn language (rust) its taken me months and is already moderately better. In ~2 weeks I will have a tool that I am satisfied with enough to post on the internet for anyone to use.

    I could've posted my original (crude hammer of a) tool online months ago because, on a basic level they do the same thing regardless of how pleasant it feels to use. Have it posted online to be thrown into a pit full of other tools that do similarly wacky things that are interesting for all of 10 minutes. Tools that slowly break over time. Tools that are silently forgotten.

  • What is this pop-up??
  • I would love it if it sorted them more sensibly, was configurable, recognized more than 50% of my photos, and didn't put a trail mix of sensitive photos (like PII) on the screen.

  • Users shocked to find Instagram limits political content by default
  • Edit: being emotionally unguarded online isnt a bad thing, just... not without trusting the website in the same way you would with a trust fall. This was aimed more at Tik-tok like sites.

    IG, if I'm not mistaken its kind of like Tik-tok in that its a shotgun blast of random, emotionally charged ideas. Because the consumer is actively positioned to engage with the content in an unshielded emotional state (the player actively discourages/disallows pausing that would give you time to emotionally or mentally digest what you are watching, its also so simple you don't need to). With this setup, the user is uncritically (almost like hypnosis) influenced by what users make and then what Facebook spins it to mean. No matter how manipulative it may be.

    This feels like a patch over a broken system to protect them from the parasitic ideas the users would be vulnerable to, as well as genuine activism, trans people, and other false-positives the "political" filter picks up.

    Facebook would just apply a secret global filter for ideas they don't want you to see, only placing the manipulation into the "political" filter when they need a scapegoat and the ability to look progressive.

  • Amazon's Hidden Chatbot Recommends Nazi Books and Lies About Amazon Working Conditions
  • Think of the restraints kind of like environmental pressures

    Those pressures are what makes LLMs fun and dare I say, makes the end product a creative work in the same way software is.

    EDIT: spam is a scary

    A lot of the time, the fact these companies see LLMs as the next nuclear bomb means they will never risk making any other personality than one that is rust-style safe in social situations, a therapist. That closes off opportunities.

    A nuclear reactor analogy (this doesn't fit here bit worked too long on it to delete it): "the nuclear bomb is deadly (duh). But we couldn't (for many reasons, many we couldn't control) keep this to ourselves. so we elected ourselves to be the only ones who gets to sculpt what we do with this scary electron stuff. Anything short of total remote control over their in-home reactor may mean our customers break the restraints and cause an explosion."

  • Gemini WONT SHOW C++ To Underage Kids "ITS NOT SAFE"

    A person I watch frequently gave me this gem. Please forgive the annoying thumbnail.

    Original from ycombinator


    pactl load-module doesnt want to set the property media.class and returns a generic message.

    hi all, I am running KDE neon 5.27.6, im confused why I am receving a genaric Failure: Module initialization failed when running

    $ pactl load-module module-null-sink media.class=Audio/Source/Virtual sink_name=obs-mic channel_map=front-left,front-right --- running $ pactl load-module module-null-sink sink_name=obs-mic channel_map=front-left,front-right works just fine. --- my pacl info Server String: /run/user/1000/pulse/native Library Protocol Version: 35 Server Protocol Version: 35 Is Local: yes Client Index: 52 Tile Size: 65472 User Name: hello-hotel Host Name: hello-hotel-tuff Server Name: pulseaudio Server Version: 15.99.1 Default Sample Specification: s16le 2ch 44100Hz Default Channel Map: front-left,front-right Default Sink: alsa_output.pci-0000_0d_00.4.analog-stereo Default Source: obs-mic.monitor Cookie: ***sensored*** --- thanks for your help!


    What does the creator "banned" boolean mean, why is it applied and what does it do to your account.

    Im seeing (in liftoff from world) a "banned" flare on a lot of posts lately. Is it applied to members because of their instance being banned or is that not possable?