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Bernie would have won...
  • I pretty much agree with you. Voting just gives "them" an idea of what we will put up with.

    I wish we could organize like the religious right has. With a minority position they have made amazing changes. I suspect they will destroy democracy before we're able to learn and apply their strategy.

  • When are police required to use their body worn videos and dashcams?
  • You would need to ask the department for a copy of its policies to see. The ones I have seen say the officer should have it on for every interaction with the public, but sometimes they forget and some other times they "forget".

  • How did CPU (and other parts) making worked in the old days ?
  • You will need to watch the next one to see how a transistor works. It to, is very simple and very clever. I do know how these guys figured it out.

    If you have questions I am very happy to try and help. Someone did it for me decades ago.

  • How did CPU (and other parts) making worked in the old days ?
  • I think a good answer that you will understand is too long for this format. I gave a brief answer but then I went off looking for better information. Sorry to offend you.

    I think this course from Ben eater on how he built his own CPU from logic gates might explain a lot.

    I think it also covers how transistors work which is fundamental to how gates work.

  • How did CPU (and other parts) making worked in the old days ?
    1. Flashing code to a chip doesn't really involve light.

    2. you used switches on the front panel to load code into the computer by setting individual bits high or low. Typically you toggled in the bootstrap loader, which was a program that read a sequence of number directly into a spot in memory. The first program loaded by the bootstrap loader was usually the absolute loader. This was another program that loaded data from some peripheral, similar to the bootstrap loader, but it could do error checking and also load to non- sequential locations.

    3-the Internet isn't light. It's electricity. On fiber the bits may be temporarily encoded as light, but overall it is electric.

    4- You can understand it all if you want. It depends on the depth to which you want to understand it. You can understand a mouse has a plastic shell. You need some organic chemistry and chemical engineering to understand how to design plastic.

    5- I recommend Ben Eaters YouTube channel to get a good overview of the basics.

  • Unsmart a smart TV

    How standardized a lcd panels? Could I replace the controller in a smart TV with one of these HDMI to LCD controllers?

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