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MAGA Senator Josh Hawley Advocates for Being a Christian Nationalist
  • But isn't this just democracy in action? The mandate of the people? If a majority vote for these principles then it must become the law of land.

    The fact of the matter is that the fanatical Christians want results more than the left does. While we're on here, uselessly upvoting and downvoting, they're organizing their communities to achieve real world results. And except for a few notable characters, they're playing by the rules of the game.

  • Progress Tuesday - What is your child's latest achievement?
  • My three year old is speaking complete sentences with correct syntax and grammar. And the ideas that he expresses are mostly sane. The next challenge is getting him to stop talking for a minute or two.

    Kids understand language well before they're able to speak it, and so I think he has about two years of backlogged thoughts that he's trying to get out as soon as possible.

  • Aliens haven't contacted us. Scientists found a compelling reason why.
  • Perhaps we're just not as interesting as we think. Maybe aliens don't want to contact us for the same reason I don't want to contact kids playing in the park: I'm simply uninterested in whatever they're doing.

  • Academia is only as free as powerful donors allow it to be
  • I was just reading about how, in the middle ages in both Europe and in the Islamic nations, scientists required a patron who would sponsor their lifestyle and their experiments. There were hardly any universities at the time, except for Baghdad's House of Wisdom, and so scientific pursuits were very individual, haphazard and financially dependent on whichever lord or caliphate who found your research interesting enough to pay for it.

  • Academia is only as free as powerful donors allow it to be
  • Come on down to Penn State, my friend, where most research is absolutely dominated by military contracts and conservative philanthropists. I have a few friends who have transferred to other universities for this reason only.