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Tabletop Terror
  • Mandragora from Final Fantasy

  • Ergo, you can eat Bologna with classic pancake toppings
  • The fact that there's a period in the caption bothers me more.

  • GNOME vs KDE Plasma in 2024: which one is better for Linux beginners?
  • I daily drive macOS and Android. GNOME is more like Android to me. Feels too touch focused, where Plasma feels like something actually made for a desktop.

  • Speed
  • Pop quiz, hotshot!

  • Why use apple music over spotify?
  • Apple Music lets you use iTunes music as well. Pay for a song, own it forever. The only other real option like this is Qobuz, which is what I use.

  • tired
  • I was. Now I'm otherkin.

  • The Media Ignores Trump Falling Asleep At His Own Convention
  • "When it's all said and done, we haven't told you a thing."

  • Anyone know any games that can be played one handed?
  • Super Hexagon mentioned!?

  • Do Krimes
  • Drop bears, duh. Trivial.

  • What accent color are you using on your device right now?
  • Simple black and white. I'm just boring like that.

  • I want to be like the Energizer bunny
  • I love battery acid spaghetti

  • Four in five Americans fear country is sliding into chaos, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds
  • One in five Americans enjoy the country sliding into chaos.

  • What's the goriest movie you have watched?
  • It's hard to pick between Cube and Hellraiser for me.

  • What's something you used to dislike that you have come to enjoy?
  • Don't cancel me. Cryptocurrencies. Banks suck and now I understand the appeal in getting the hell away from them.

  • Two more wolves rule
  • There are way too many wolves inside of me right now

  • Least favourite day of the week
  • I hate Tuesdays

  • Yeet, cap, lit and
  • Somebody watches Steven He

  • 196, 196 Rule

    I wonder if anyone will get this one..

    EDIT: The only hint I'll provide. Coordinates.



    Suck ya rule

    It's minging it's foken minging


    Saying hello rule

    Her name is Poptropica


    The parsnip will rule

    Only 2029 kids will understand


    Numa numa rule


    Epic embed fail


    I forgot to send this to everyone rule


    Where? Is? Quick Look!?

    By far, the feature I most sorely miss in Linux compared to macOS is Quick Look. Press the space bar, see file contents. Use the arrow keys, view different files. Simple, quick, and WAY faster than opening an entire app every single time I want to check the contents of a file. I also miss the column view in conjunction with arrow keys (I’m VERY keyboard-centric, I liked being able to navigate everything with only a keyboard), but that’s less important, and probably has an easy analogue.

    Most of the discussions about this that I found are older than I am (hyperbole), and I found a bunch of dead projects last updated years ago. I also found that GNOME apparently has a feature like Quick Look, but that would involve using GNOME.

    I’m running Debian 12 with Plasma 5 (Does Plasma 6 have anything?) Is there any way to restore this functionality? I intend for this to be more of a master thread that anyone can visit to get help on the matter, as I’m sure I’m not the only Linux user who loves Quick Look.

    Any suggestions or just talk is very appreciated.


    THE game played by ZERO people



    In compliance with the rule, Belle


    Soft creature rule


    Have a Friend Rule