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Dems Mock Trump as ‘Too Old’ to Run—Like He Did to Biden
  • Watch an interview of Trump in the 80s, after 9/11, and anything that gets put out now. A lot more controlled in the 80s, far more coherent train of thought in the 2000s, and neither of those things now.

    He wasn't any less of a terrible person back then, but the veneer hadn't worn off.

  • Lemmy siphoned the worst uneducated users from Reddit. Why are you afraid of truth?
  • Here's some elucidation. The second infographic is a handy synopsis of the article. Only 10 or 15 steps (that's we know of so far) that have to happen to get to either side of that chart, and what do we do with everyone in the middle? I'd rather shrug and use whatever label they prefer than insist on using the one my layman's knowledge might suggest.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • All the sane countries can do their elections in less than a year, possibly because the stagecoach is no longer the best transportation or communication option. If you guys didn't run it like American Fucking Idol, maybe it wouldn't be this difficult.

    Now I'll go sit in the corner and hope for the best for you guys while waiting to see if my country shits the bed in a year.

  • Meta Reportedly Unhappy With How Much Money Its VR Division Burns
  • Yet. Their TVs, on the other hand, will do everything in their power to go online. Their phones just had an update to their software where the privacy policy is basically "We need access to all your data if you want to use anything beyond the base functionality." So, given the trends, no, I don't put it past them.

  • The Whole Murder Thing, I'm Guessing
  • That's a fair point, and I was aware of your overall intent. I do think it's important to word things carefully, particularly in this area, because there are those who will twist your words to claim that even progressives thought it was a big deal that Obama wore a tan suit.

    People certainly talked about it, though.

  • The Whole Murder Thing, I'm Guessing
  • They only reasons anyone cared about the color of the suit, the type of mustard being used, or his preferred lettuce was because of the color of his skin or the letter behind his name. I've also only heard of a terrorist fist-bump in the context of him, but I saw a whole lot of athletes and celebrities doing that for years before his presidential campaign.

    Don't legitimize racism and blatant partisan behavior.

  • Supreme Court confirms state is liable when Parliament enacts unconstitutional laws
  • He doesn't really need to. With the notwithstanding clause, he can just say, "That's really nice, but we're still going to do it." It's worth noting that it's only been used 5 times, never at the federal level, and always controversial.

  • Has any scientific breakthrough come out of the Folding@Home project?
  • In 1990, they started to sequence the human genome. About a decade later, the shotgun sequencing technique was advanced enough to be used on the human genome. A few years later, it was declared complete. In 2022, it was considered to be gapless, almost 2 decades later.

    All of this, plus some other discoveries, led to CRISPR and the ability to edit genes in fully formed beings rather than just a few cells. After decades of research in a number of fields.

    One of the things DNA does is make protein. (If you want to look at it a certain way, all it does is determine where and when to make protein.) Part of what makes protein do the thing it does is the shape it takes. (For instance, prions are misfolded proteins that cause other proteins to misfold, and then other weird things happen, like holes in your brain.)

    So we have this massively complicated process that makes slightly less complicated things that behave in a variety of ways depending on their shape, which is dependent on the myriad ways they can fold, at the molecular level. And you wonder why they haven't done a lot when we're still to a large degree in the data-collecting and validation portion of this massive undertaking. As for what it can lead to, I expect it will be no less revolutionary than CRISPR is and will be, but that could still be decades away.