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I do a lot of photography and I share it on my deviant art page.

It's SFW, don't worry.

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Every department at work today when asked for an ETA:
  • When someone asks me when the delivery driver will be at their location to drop off their freight.

  • Hard work
  • That's a mood for sure

  • I finish so many little tasks this way
  • If it weren't for my current insurance I'd be up a creek for sure, there's absolutely no way I could afford my meds without it. Not even factoring in the cost of the doctors appointments.

    ...I was recently asked why I stay in my job if I don't like it so much. It's because my health insurance is so good that it makes it absolutely worth it.

  • I finish so many little tasks this way
  • Are you me?

    Jokes aside, once I got diagnosed with ADHD and got medicated those days are spread pretty far out. It's pretty nice NGL.

    I still have days like that but it's no longer like 5+ days a week. It's more like a couple per month and on those days I still manage to get some stuff done though not everything I needed/wanted.

  • NVIDIA Transitions Fully Towards Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules | NVIDIA Technical Blog
  • That's cool to hear

    I'm looking forward to seeing more than just data center GPUs hit the open source list

  • Bicycle Rule
  • No worries and happy cycling friend

  • Bicycle Rule
  • That salt breeze is no joke, it takes a constant active effort to prevent it's destruction.

    The next bike you get be sure to take good care of it. Seal it with marine grade polyurethane where you can and keep the parts you can't well oiled and clean of debris.

    It should last a long long time if you do that.

  • Me when I see the youths posting online [Rule]
  • personally I always planned to be better to the generation that followed me than the generation that preceded mine was to us.

    And this is why I make the effort to understand. We don't have to make the same mistakes of the past, we have to tools to understand.

    And I do my best, I look up the words I don't know and can't figure out. And worst case I simply ask.

  • Bicycle Rule

    At least not before getting a tetanus shot.

    Jokes aside, my favorite part about bikes is that they're super easy and (relatively) cheap to fix.

    You should be good picking up a simple little tool kit, some penetrating WD40, a new handle bar, and some new grips and you should be good to go.

    I wish you the best of luck friend and to have a blast with more rides in the near future.

  • Question about switching to mirrorless and available systems
  • Thank you, it's always nice hearing that people like the shots.

    Yeah it's really not bad to carry‡ and I usually will take my 100-300 mm lens★ with me with the kit lens when I go out hiking or just brjng the 100-300 mm with me on a bike ride.

    I use the high res mode sometimes and it works really well, the new G9-2 has a better high res mode from what I hear but I unfortunately haven't tested it on the new version yet.

    I have shot some video but I don't shoot much that would require tracking focus. It's more of a set it and forget it kind of thing. One thing I have used it for quite a bit is streaming video and it works fantastic for that.

    In terms of advanced features, exposure bracketing is something I enjoy quite a bit. It allows me to more focus on framing and focus to nail a shot. But I've found myself not using that feature much lately. I'm not sure why I just don't bother lol.

    I think my favorite advanced feature though is connecting it to my phone over WiFi and controlling it that way. It's so useful having a view from the camera on my phone and being able to control the camera. I've even done it with a tablet and it's so freakin nice. Literally having a live monitor for the camera for no extra cost that allows full control of the camera.

    ★ Probably my favorite feature of the Micro 4/3 system is the lens sizes, there's a huge variety of them and even the coolest lenses don't weigh a whole lot. The 100-300 mm one I mentioned here is barely larger than a standard 12 oz soda can when stowed.

    ‡ The hikes I normally go on are north of 12 miles with thousands of feet of gain, it's super chill to carry. I've got a peak design clip I use to put in on my hiking bag shoulder strap and my other lens is on the other strap. It's a pretty great setup.

  • No replacement parts

    i keep visiting by accident
  • And honestly honestly can mean figuratively as well

    Words are weird yo

    Definitions shifting and twisting over time is honestly so damn cool though, and common spellings falling out of favor for different ones is also pretty cool

  • Me when I see the youths posting online [Rule]
  • The evolution of language is beautiful IMO

    I've read books from over a hundred years ago and their modern translations and the differences are sometimes pretty drastic

    Listening to those radio plays from back in the day is pretty awesome as well

  • i keep visiting by accident
  • While technically correct, when it comes to translating slang things become more art than science.

    The goal is to evoke the same feeling and imagery.

    Like how I changed "Honestly" to "Literally". Both are English but over here we don't use "Honestly" like that so the word "Literally" was a better choice.

  • i keep visiting by accident
  • I don't have any money just take the wallet!

  • Me when I see the youths posting online

    I'm getting better at understanding them

    But damn sometimes I spend more time searching for definitions to understand it than it actually takes to read it

    i keep visiting by accident
  • I gotcha fam, I got this shit

    "I was standing next to a goth at a crosswalk and they opened their umbrella and I literally shit myself thinking this person was turning into a bat."

    No cap I think that's it

  • Question about switching to mirrorless and available systems
  • Personally I've got a Lumix G9 and I've been having a ball with it since I got it (I've got a link in my profile to where I share pics if you're curious)

    I'm by no means an expert but my use case lines up quite a bit with yours so I felt like sharing

    It's not bad to lug around and being able to have a couple lenses in my bag without worry is nice. But most of the time I just rock the 12-60mm Leica lens that came with it.

    If you wanna pick my brain with questions about it feel free, though my lunch is about over so it's going to be a few hours before I get back to you.

  • I see you, random downruler.
  • Thicc thighs be saving lives

  • Okay, *You* Can Stay
  • About as shocked as I am the sky is blue

  • Okay, *You* Can Stay
  • Stress is bad for your health, I can only imagine he's going to be having an absolutely unhealthy amount of stress.

    Hell it's been about 15 years since the last time someone put a gun in my face and I still get uncomfortable around handguns.

  • Okay, *You* Can Stay
  • God damn what a despicable person!

  • My least favorite part of gluing minis together, still makes me giggle whenever it happens though.

    It happens at last once basically everytime I glue a bunch of dudes together.

    This time at least it was a fairly painless removal.

    And I didn't glue it to my desk so I'll take the W wherever I can.




    How do you transport your armies?

    Coming from the world of D&D where all my minis are basically just stored in tins and boxes loosely, I really don't want to do that with my first Warhammer army.

    So that's basically why I'm asking, how do you folks store and transport your armies?

    All my minis have steel discs glued to their bases to attach to my custom painting handle, so they can be magnetically attached to things.


    Trans Rights


    The Morning Visitor by Dino Buzzati (1967)


    2 Wolves inside of


    I'm Bi

    Happy Pride Month everyone!

    11 Maryland Gov. Wes Moore pardons 175,000 marijuana convictions: "This is a really big deal"

    Maryland Gov. Wes Moore mass pardoned more than 175,000 marijuana convictions Monday.

    Maryland Gov. Wes Moore pardons 175,000 marijuana convictions: "This is a really big deal"
    2 Maryland Gov. Wes Moore pardons 175,000 marijuana convictions: "This is a really big deal"

    Maryland Gov. Wes Moore mass pardoned more than 175,000 marijuana convictions Monday.

    Maryland Gov. Wes Moore pardons 175,000 marijuana convictions: "This is a really big deal"

    Based Chaos Player

    Every chaos player I've met has held the same opinion though my sample size is fairly small.

    I primarily play Orks currently but I'm working on getting into the Chaos. I'm just struggling to pick a specific kind of army for it. Any suggestions?

    Happy Pride Month folks!


    Craigslist Roommates


    Trying Linux after using Windows for decades


    Trying to get some sleep


    Based PhysicsDuck

    I recently watched a video from the YouTuber Chris Boden (PhysicsDuck) and saw an unhinged comment in the comment section that he replied to. I thought his reply was great so I felt like sharing.

    Start image description: A YouTube comment section with a comment with the username censored and a reply from the YouTuber PhysicsDuck.

    The comment reads: What is with the gay pride?! Im so sick of seeing this everywhere. Why is it necessary to shove this down everyones throat? Unsubbed!

    The reply from PhysicsDuck: What are you on about? Are you ok? Do you smell toast?

    There’s nothing in the entire video that is in any manner gay. I’m a nerdy middle aged straight white dude talking about how we measure the diameter of wire and cable, and you’re having a homoerotic existential crisis? Really?

    Am I just that overpoweringly attractive to you that you can’t fight these feelings anymore and have to ragequit the channel while screaming about “gay” and how necessary it is to have something shoved down your throat?

    Because, while I'm not gay, I’ve got a LOT of family, friends, and viewers who are every imaginable fabulous fruity flavour of sparkly awesome you can imagine, and I’m sure that one of them would be happy to help you fulfill your fantasy, if you ask nicely.

    It’s ok, no judgement or kinkshaming here. Come out of the closet, it’s too damn crowded in there anyways.

    I love you, just the way you are.

    Good luck.

    End image description.

    Edit: Video source


    Pride was a riot


    Trump found guilty

    In the Hush Money trial to all 34 counts!

    Woot woot!!!



    Folders and files sorted skipping preceding underscores?

    I'm in the process of switching my machines to Linux Mint from Windows and on my network drive I have a bunch of folders that are sorted with the help of preceding underscores (like this "__folder1" "___folder2")) so that folders appear in a specific order.

    When my Mint machines access the drive they sort by the first letter skipping the underscores and I'd really like to have that functionality back rather than having to rename a bunch of folders to try to sort them again. (I'd like to avoid a preceding 'A' workaround if possible as there's a bunch of folders)

    Any suggestions? A setting I'm missing (very likely) or something?

    Edit: The more I look the more it looks like I'm going to have to make a custom locale to be able to get the sorting I want from the default Mint file manager.


    When the new player tries to meta game but can't find the info on what they just encountered

    At the last session the player in question tried to look up the town they just got to because they recognized the name, they quickly found out that all I had was the name the rest of it all was made up by me on the spot.