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The heavier
  • The best solution to this that I've seen was a system where the lighter was hanging from a string on a hook in the ceiling.

    It had enough slack that it could reach the couch and table comfortably, but no one would absent mindedly pocket the thing.

  • How Much Is Your Time Worth?
  • I get this too. However, you'll usually be able to tell the professionals your end goal during the quoting process and if your requirements are reasonable, they'll work with you.

    If they won't do that, then you get to ask yourself the next question:

    • Do they have a good reason to refuse? (safety [either theirs or yours], regulations, etc)

    If not, then you can just refuse the quote and work with someone else.

    More often than not, the professionals know what they're doing and will be able to work around your requirements, and if they can't, they'll have competitors that can.

  • How Much Is Your Time Worth?
  • It varies.

    In most cases it's more a question of "What is the risk if I do this myself?" and "If I completely fuck this up, is it going to cost more to fix than just calling someone who knows what they're doing before that happens?"

    If the answer to the above doesn't involve a fire in my walls or serious water damage like with electical or plumbing, and the cost to fix mistakes is low, then sure, I'll try it myself first.

  • No common rube
  • I tend to just check uptime before asking this question.

    If I see the machine has been up for weeks and they tell me they rebooted it, I know i'm dealing with someone who doesn't know that pressing the power button on the monitor doesn't turn the computer off.