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Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil protesters - BBC News
  • Holy shit I've been wanting to say this since they started but figured it would sound too conspiratory. They prey on the most lonely and disillusioned progressives and get them to do stupid things from the feeling of being apart of something.

  • All of the 90s cats are dead.

    Cats can live for 20+ years. Maybe there are a few left that were born in the 90s and are just chilling.


    Is there a FOSS/privacy oriented IoT community?

    Is there a community specific to FOSS or just general privacy oriented IoT? With plenty of hardware discussion along with software. Routers, piholes, Meshtastic, anything IoT but open source. If it touches a network but you want it to do something it doesn't. Flashing a doorbell camera with FOSS firmware. Hosting media servers on your phones Hotspot. Loading gcode to a printer from anywhere. There are so many things and possibilities.

    If there isn't someone should start one, OpenIoT or something catchy and relevant.


    Using multiple machines to stream to one source

    With the advancements in steamlink, do you think we'll be able to use more than one source to render? If I have 2 mid desktops, could steamlink get the resource and computing distribution along with the synchronization(or pre-rendering?) to use both machines to stream to my steamdeck?