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  • From what I understand it's fairly common in engineering, but less of a forget everything you learned and more of a that’s all gonna be pretty much useless in the context of the specific job you're doing so just pay attention to the training

  • Leaked WhatsApp Feature Allows Users to Create Customized Stickers Using Their Own Image
  • All opinions are statements, dumbass.

    I like cheese

    Both a statement and an opinion. Him saying it is the worst feature, since worst is ranking with 'goodness' and is therefore subjective, makes it an opinion in his comment. If you're gonna be a pedantic ass at least be right about it.

  • For India's garbage pickers, a miserable and dangerous job made worse by extreme heat
  • "Since the definition of a sentence in Standard English is a construction consisting of a subject noun phrase and a predicate verb phrase, by definition, the answer is that you can't have a verbless sentence, even short ones: Ice melts, Ducks quack, Winter sucks, etc.— a main verb has to be there."

    Fragments can still convey a complete thought without being a sentence: eg "Go!", "Scalpel!", "So far, so good.", etc.

    The title in question was especially bad as it didn't make sense due to the omitted verb, but still had the structure of a standard sentence, making it even harder to interpret. I am a native English speaker which is why I remember every grammar lesson from pre-k through college saying that a sentence needs to have both a subject and a verb. Sometimes, the subject is implied, like in an imperative sentence, but that's the exception, not the rule.

    And I'm not trying to be a total stickler abt grammar just for the sake of it, but because it is actively poisoning readability and we shouldn't be rewarding it whether malicious as another commenter had suggested or just out of laziness. There's no effect that the writer here is achieving by cutting the words the were cut.

    I'll also add that that wikipedia article uses that 'Jones Winner' thing, but it would be much less ambiguous to just say 'Jones Wins' and so you shoud pretty much always use the second. If this headline wanted to eliminate unnecessary words to minimize wordcount or something, they could easily have taken out their superfluous adjectives rather than the verb which severely hindered readability.

  • For India's garbage pickers, a miserable and dangerous job made worse by extreme heat
  • They don't often drop the only verb of the sentence, rendering it nonsensical.

    And also is this actually a common practice? Like, would it be a normal headline to write:

    "The forge workers standing up human rights"

    Rather than

    "The forge workers standing up for human rights" ??

    No, Clearly not, as the former makes no goddamn sense. Similar to the title in question. I don't get why you're defending this poor practice tho. It doesn't even make sense for it to be a non English speaker that wrote it making a translation issue because one of the earliest things you learn in English, French, Spanish, etc is that a sentence needs a verb to function.

  • Measurements
  • I'm bi and I don't know anybody with a condom fetish lmaoooo. Almost everybody is on PREP now specifically so they don't have to use condoms lol. Maybe your understanding is poisoned by the fact that you call us "the gays" and don't actually seem to interact with any lgbt people on the regular.

  • I don't get how people can become depressed, when we live in the century of Fentanyl, easy access to alcohol and amusement arcades.
  • This one is a CNS stimulant.

    So is this

    They're both linked to depression too. My point is that you need to get this idea of correlating the terms because of how they look similar out of your head. It's a result of drug abuse (addiction/overuse) and the consistent changes caused by that in brain chemistry, causing negative effects when they aren't affecting you. It's not a result of it being a depressant vs a stimulant that you're addicted to. A depressant, when not abused, relieves symptons of depression (and even when abused, often relieves them upon intake). Not going to get into how stimulant mania is likely caused mostly by lack of sleep, but you can look into it if interested.

    And you're right that psychedelic abuse hasn't been linked to increased depression or anxiety... mostly because there's no research on it whatsoever. In fact, almost all of our studies on drug abuse and addictiveness are incredibly flawed in the first place. That doesn't make your anecdotal experience from a drug ward any more powerful tho, especially as it's going to self select for people with mania as they are more likely to both be committed by the state and by their family or friends, more likely to cause people to take notice and sit them down, etc.

    Analogies are great when it's not medicine. Medicine is really fucking complicated tho. We can have a veritable chemical pathway and successful trials in animal testing and still end up with a result we shouldn't expect.

    My point is not that CNS depressants don't cause depression from abuse, but that it's just a result of abusing drugs, not the fact that they're a depressant class drug.

  • I don't get how people can become depressed, when we live in the century of Fentanyl, easy access to alcohol and amusement arcades.
  • Depressant isn't linked to depression tho. Get that idea out of your head completely. Like seriously go read some neuro textbooks and stop getting your pharmacology info from tiktok. Depressants depress the CNS... depression is a mental illness.

    Also I've abused psychs and known a few others that did and I wouldn't call any of our our activities/side effects manic or psychotic by any means. I know one person who had a family history of schizophrenia that had negative effects like that from their abuse. But just the one. I'd be interested in scholarly articles about the subject tho since I have biased data, and apparently, yours is not, at least from what one would construe from your comment.

  • Location Communities

    Something I did like about the other place was the communities for localities, and while I doubt we've hit that type of critical mass yet I figured I'd shoot since I'm in a pretty big city: anybody else live in Brooklyn or elsewhere in the greater NYC area? I'll understand if this gets removed, just couldn't think of a better place to try it.