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Colorado’s Bold New Approach to Highways — Not Building Them
  • Based Colorado setting an example for the rest of the US.

  • ‘Born in the USA’ turns 40 − and still remains one of Bruce Springsteen’s most misunderstood songs
  • I don't think most people pay close enough attention to song lyrics.

  • Why do we hate commercials and advertisements?
  • That's awesome. I've heard of some cities doing that, nice to see an example.

  • Why do we hate commercials and advertisements?
  • I had a shower thought the other day; what would the world be like if advertising didn't exist?

    No billboards or giant signs everywhere blocking our views. Content would be better because it wouldn't be interrupted by commercials. But think of how much money is spent on advertising? Companies would have to invest that into other areas to be successful instead, such as cheaper and/or better quality products, or higher wages for their workers. Companies would have to work really hard to get a good reputation so their products could spread through word of mouth instead of using advertising to invade everyone's space.

    I'm sure there's some downsides, but it sounds kind of amazing.

  • Student loan debt may prevent retirement security for millions of older workers, research finds
  • I got an associates degree from a community college and worked part time to pay it off while I was attending. Got a job before I even graduated and no debt. I don't feel like I did anything exceptional or amazing to avoid the student-debt trap.

  • Report: Institutional Investors Will Own Over 40% of Single-Family Rental Homes by 2030
  • Housing shouldn't be seen as an investment.

  • Man with suspended license appears in Michigan court over Zoom while driving
  • Yeah, that was a dumb move but it shows how unreasonable driving alternatives are. People have to drive in the US

  • Which is which?
  • Aren't most bees female though?

  • Delhi temperature hits 50.5C as India’s capital records hottest day | Authorities warn of water shortages as temperatures reach nine degrees higher than expected
  • I saw one yesterday about a record heatwave in Pakistan. What causes such extreme heat in that region?

  • Box Office: ‘Furiosa’ Just Barely Beats ‘The Garfield Movie’ in Disastrous Memorial Day Weekend — the Worst in Decades
  • Hope this isnt the nail in the coffin of Mad Max.

    Maybe it's a sign that a Mad Max movie should have Mad Max in it.

  • Innovation makes useful things smaller - overconsumption makes them bigger and more meaningless
  • Vehicles have only gotten comically oversized in the US. Are you saying european and asian families do not care about their children?

  • baked tilapia and potatoes
  • I've never prepared tilapia, but it's an interesting choice to leave the head on

  • Innovation makes useful things smaller - overconsumption makes them bigger and more meaningless
  • Poorly thought out government policy caused cars to get bigger, not over consumption. Over consumption is a problem with tech too.

  • Thanks, dad
  • Probably an anti-masker

  • What 16th century Ottomans thought Europe looked like on top of an actual map of Europe
  • Pretty close except scandinavia. It's a mess up there.

  • What if the great filter of humanity is to overcome it's own nature that made it the dominant species of the planet and what if that is the universal great filter that makes the cosmos silent
  • I think the evolution of multicellular life is most likely to be the great filter, since it took the longest to develop on earth.

  • I could see benefits and drawbacks
  • Actually you'll just be alone and some chad will have 2-3 girlfriends.

  • Alternative to Google maps?

    Are there any good apps to use as a replacement for google maps? It's the only google service I'm still using.

    Conservative Gigan

    Border Crisis: Shocking Data Reveals Illegal Immigrants Outnumber American Births