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Question about cartridges
  • The TLDR is that most carts are filled with oil, and oil is a wicking substance. It moves around.

    If your cart stops working because it's empty, over time whatever tiny remnants of oil are in the container can wick their way back into a place where the coil will vaporize them again. All of a sudden your dead vape will give you a couple hits if you're lucky.

    510 carts are great at flooding the wick/coil area with oil and clogging up too. There's a million ways to reflow the oil to get them usable again but sometimes just forgetting about them somewhere gives them time to fix themselves. If you think it might be clogging you can try something like soaking it (in a sandwich bag or similar to prevent damage) in hot water.

    Sometimes the position the cart is in will encourage oil to flow in or out of places.

    Sometimes auto draw batteries cause chamber flooding if they don't shut down promptly.

    Sometimes the cart gets left somewhere warm and the oil goes anywhere but where it needs to be.

    These devices are just prone to issues in my experience, but they aren't that hard to troubleshoot.

  • "Put in a young driver”: Marko says Liam Lawson should be promoted to regular driver
  • In this case I think it's more than self promotion and shit stirring. He knows the future of red bull after Max isn't in a Formula 1 car, and that's kind of his job to take care of.

    Checo is doing Checo things, forever trying to replicate his last to first drive.

    Danny is more of a supersub driver than a prospect driver at this point. It's pitiful, but it is what it is.

    Yuki shows flashes of brilliant driving but just can't seem to impress anyone at Red Bull enough to be considered for the main team.

    That leaves basically no one besides the academy drivers, and I think the point he's making is it doesn't make a lot of sense to tread water with 'average' drivers when you could be developing someone else with a higher ceiling.

  • [@f1] Pierre Gasly agrees a multi-year extension with Alpine. The Frenchman signs to stay with the Enstone-based team for 2025 and beyond.
  • Not a surprise but also not exactly the most desirable place to be at the moment. Hopefully they can turn it around and Pierre can do more than play bumper cars at the back.

  • Stay Fly
  • I do drugs to this song.

  • Danica may be up to something big 🥸🤪
  • I was fortunate to miss her first couple appearances on an F1 broadcast but apparently she's now part of the F1TV crew occasionally, just like James Hinchcliffe.

    She's so out of touch with the sport that the questions and comments she make sound extremely awkward and out of place. I will literally mute the TV when she's on, or fast forward if I'm watching a recording.

    Give me more strategists in the comm box and F1 academy drivers joining the broadcast and I'll be happy. Danica is like my F1 kryptonite.

  • "Mommy, I'm home!" Mariana Checheliuk got to call her mom for the first time in two years.
  • War is truly terrible. No one should have to feel the pain the innocent victims of these conflicts feel.

  • Danica may be up to something big 🥸🤪
  • I'm all for women in motorsports as long as those women aren't Danica Patrick.

    Please stop being a part of F1 Danica. Thank you.

  • Alpine sack veteran operations director White
  • An impressive distance to fall in such a short time.

  • Iron Maiden

    Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Cappadonna · Song · 1996

    Iron Maiden
    0 Chief Rocka

    Lords Of The Underground · Song · 1993

    Chief Rocka
    Cookin up a storm tonight
  • Can I get a to go plate?

  • damn wonder what my dog think when I'm zooted
  • My dogs enjoy weed as much as I do.

  • So High (feat. Ghost Loft)

    Wiz Khalifa, Ghost Loft · Song · 2014

    So High (feat. Ghost Loft)
    This is so not right
  • I'd pay good money to know what Ted is thinking, and even more money to erase it from my memory forever.

  • It happens constantly

    I had a great day today.
  • It sounds like you had a much better time of it with a more suitable dosage. Well done to give it another go after a bad experience. For a lot of people one bad high is enough to write off the whole thing.

  • First Stiiizy vape
  • Distillate can be sneaky in its potency. Enjoy the ride!

  • trimming my unkempt bush, before...
  • Just for the experience really, I'd read about the technique and it seemed like it might be a good fit for my tiny 2x2x4 so I'm giving it a go 🤷‍♂️

    That's awesome. Has it more or less gone how you've expected so far or have there been surprises?

  • Time for the Bong of Power

    Only the best stats. Brought to you by AWS.
  • Christian's Horndog has entered the chat.

  • trimming my unkempt bush, before...
  • Looking great!

    Apologies if you've addressed this elsewhere but what's the motivation for mainlining? Are you experimenting or chasing something in particular?

  • Boyz-N-The-Hood

    Eazy-E · Song · 1987

    0 Talkin' Bout a Revolution

    Tracy Chapman · Song · 1988

    Talkin' Bout a Revolution
    Dangerous to his what now?
  • I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.

  • Lay Me Down (feat. Rome)

    Dirty Heads, Rome · Song · 2012

    Lay Me Down (feat. Rome)

    We blend right in

    0 Up into the Ether

    I Built the Sky · Song · 2019

    Up into the Ether
    0 The Second Sighting

    Those Who Ride With Giants · Song · 2016

    The Second Sighting

    Found in a medical journal


    Let's get cooking

    1 Reverse (feat. Stel Andre)

    Distant Dream, Stel Andre · Song · 2017

    Reverse (feat. Stel Andre)
    0 Avidity

    Andy James · Song · 2013

    0 Ghost In The Machine

    Paul Wardingham · Song · 2011

    Ghost In The Machine

    Life pro tips from Lisa


    Based on a true story


    Does this still work? Did it ever work? (no)


    The filter is on fire my dude