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Who the fuck are you?

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The peaness is winding down and it's time to start thinking about thos Beans
  • It's all so cool! It's obvious a lot of work has gone into everything, what a wonderful garden.

  • Betrayal
  • Do you know how confusing it is that Thomas the Tank Engine has the blue, two red, and two green characters and they are the same shade of paint? We read Thomas books and my kid gets confused because Emily drives past Thomas, then meets Thomas coming down the line, past Thomas number 3.

    I'm gonna guess British shops only sold three colours of paint in 1984?

    Such a trainsist, thinking all blue or green trains look the same. /s

  • Week ending July 13 Garden Happenings
  • Hahaha that's awesome! They don't seem to mind posing for some pictures at all 🐸🐸

  • Week ending July 13 Garden Happenings
  • Could use some weeding.

    Couldn't we all.

    You have such a cool space! Your pictures are always a treat. It's great to see such a variety of happy plants doing plant things.

    Any sign of the three amigos 🐸🐸🐸?

  • Frog and Toad Smoke It All
  • Worth posting on its own imo. Share whatever you find, they are great!

  • Red Bull revealed the RB17 track car at Goodwood.
  • It is but it isn't. Adrian goes over the whole thing in the interview they did during the launch.

    To some fans, yes, it will be confusing at first. To anyone who actually looks into the car, it'll make sense.

  • Harvest: Friday July 12, 2024
  • I prefer to eat most things fresh because any of the processing really takes away from the flavor.

    This is a constant dilemma. There are plants I want to grow but they will undoubtedly produce more than we're able to eat fresh or give away. At one point I was thinking about doing some kind of insect farming with the extra but that's a whole other thing I'm not ready to tackle.... It's silly but it almost feels wasteful to grow things sometimes... If I was in a better location and didn't hate people I could almost start a produce stand... Anyway.

    I also make jam from purchased fruits as I don't quite have enough to make the kind of batch size of jam I would like to. Homemade jam is amazing and I use it in my oats almost daily.

    My grandmother used to do jellies and jams when I was very young and they were head and shoulders above anything store bought. Unfortunately there isn't a practical way to do a lot of the fruits for that where I'm at now. I've never considered using store bought fruit to make homemade jellies, do you have any recommendations for what is or isn't worth buying for that purpose?

  • You should always shoot your shot. Unless you can't aim.
  • Assassination attempts are a buzzkill

    Only if you let them be one. I was smoking before, I'm still smoking now.

  • You should always shoot your shot. Unless you can't aim.

    Sometimes I wish I believed in gods so I could thank them for weed. Good luck America.

    I want to get off America's wild ride
  • I never had the democracy tycoon expansion, neat.

  • Harvest: Friday July 12, 2024
  • What an awesome harvest!

    Do you usually eat everything fresh or do you preserve any of it through canning or anything?

  • I'm smoking weed about it
  • Idk about turned to shit.

    Seems like people that have decided it's a serious place when it isn't killing the vibe more often lately though, which sucks.

    Smoke weed or don't, but enjoy the place or move on IMO.

    (This isn't specific to you, just a general recommendation.)

  • Glory to the marijuana
  • Come on don't be a P'takh.

  • glory to the caffeine
  • What are you doing step-captain?

  • glory to the caffeine
  • I see what you're saying. Something that takes the edge off at the end of a stressful day of hard decisions about your crew would still be very powerful though. Like a weighted blanket of Vulcan clarity and calmness and that satisfied feeling like you just finished your favorite home cooked meal.

  • glory to the caffeine
  • A likely story. She couldn't resist the perfectly balanced notes of light and dark roasts constantly wafting around the ship, tantalizing her palette. I've seen the way she looks when someone brings Tuvix onboard. Like a woman possessed.

  • glory to the caffeine
  • Nah. Janeway would call it weak and pour it out.

    Janeway's coffee is made from ground up steelTuvix.

    Mmmmmmm such an exotic blend.

  • Glory to the marijuana
  • Format stolen from tenforward as is tradition.

    We need a Klingon mascot (I MEAN WARRIOR) like Martok doing segments for weedtime but idk who would be a good fit. Somebody nerdier than me get high and figure it out and report back with memes. Please/thank you/smoke weed everyday.

  • Glory to the marijuana

    Get your blood boiling with the weed of a WARRIOR!

    glory to the caffeine
  • Future weedtime lulz

    Edit: Your meme is now property of the Weedtime Empire. GLORY TO MARY JANE!

  • I'm smoking weed about it

    My Lemmy app updated today and broke image posting. This is my first ever post from the webui and I hate it.

    That is all. (I'm smoking weed about it)