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They just walking outside now
  • So you're saying the UK shouldn't have joined WWII and you're trying to ridicule my Great Grandfather for being a badass and blowing Nazi brains out? You're just a closeted Neo Nazi like the one on this post. My Great Grandfather would have happily detached your head from your body for King and Country 🇬🇧

  • They just walking outside now
  • No idea what schizo rant you are on about, and doesn't change the fact that my great grandfather went to Germany to shoot Nazis for King and Country

    You'd never even know conscription was a thing.

    I know for a fact that it wasn't a thing

  • They just walking outside now
  • Hobnobbed it after the war when the Nazis were long defeated... As well as the Nazi plan of throne replacement not being revealed until 2006 🤦

    He was just following orders.

    What, so he just randomly decided to join the army in 1939, and it just so happened that a war was happening at the time? Coincidentally timed 6 year career break? Catch a grip.

  • They just walking outside now
  • You do realise the Duke of Windsor abdicated and was basically exiled by the Royal Family before any of this happened.... Right? So how is a guy the Royal Family exiled collaborating with the Nazis relevant to my great grandfather shooting Nazis for King and Country?

  • Why?
  • Unfortunately, he made a rookie mistake and held his breath instead of breathing out before taking the shot, didn't properly sight in his scope, and / or just choked.

    I'm not in anyway supporting any form of violence let alone an assassination attempt on a former president.

    Sure you aren't 🙄 some kid was radicalised and died and another innocent man died thanks to the likes of you

  • Political Memes Flax

    Bible App knows what's up today


    What would you do if you won 5 Billion GBP? (6.415450 billion USD)

    Just a wonder on how you'd spend it. I'd probably buy up some land and build a nice village or town kind of similar to Poundbury. I'd probably sell houses at a fair price but only to people who send in a CV and seem to be upstanding people who actually want to work and be a part of a community, as well as giving them a mortgage Then I'd have a nice mansion and pretend to be a Lord where I can look over my wonderful tenants and maybe buy them Christmas gifts and send them birthday cards. Help them out if they need it.

    Basically what some Lords did centuries ago but probably more kinder. Oh, and the place will be built with nice old timey architecture as well. Probably cobble streets because screw cars lmao. I just want to give people a nice life I guess as well as LARP as nobility


    Matrix on Raspberry Pi

    Hi! I've done some research on self hosting Matrix for Matrix Bridges on a Raspberry Pi 5. Some people have said online that Matrix will be too beefy for an RPI due to large federated chatrooms and information. However, would it still be worthwhile installing just for my own bridges for social media, and maybe as a secure way for friends to interact?

    Thanks in advance!

    17 A beloved palm and pine tree mark California’s center. Now they’re being cut down

    Local residents are mourning the planned removal of the trees, symbols of the state’s northern-southern divide

    A beloved palm and pine tree mark California’s center. Now they’re being cut down

    When does the sky turn red?

    Dear okmatewanker. The tories made the sky blue I think when they won the election in the good old days, so everyone knows whos in charge. I was wanting to know though that since kier starmer is labour prime minister now, when will they turn the sky red? Does it have to pass through parliament? Or is it automatic. Does then king doing it? Or has he forgottej because his mum always did it

    Help is appreciated

    Many thanks

    ~flax vert


    Babe, wake up. Polls are open. Go and vote.


    Recommendation Algorithms & Advertising - Where do you draw the line?

    I think recommendation algorithms and advertising are separate things, however think with defaults and when it comes to what specific data is collected, where do you draw the line? Absolutely no recommendations at all based on an algorithm? Would you say using your 'like' history to recommend you more videos is okay? What about watch history, or save history?

    Same question can also be asked about where you draw the line on advertising. Just say Youtube showed ads purely based on your video like history, would that be creepy?

    I think we can all draw the line at location history, how long you linger on a post, etc. I'd like to know your thoughts on where you'd draw the line for both advertising and content recommendations. (This is two questions)

    Sorry that this post is horribly formatted. I'm tired, acoustic and had a shower thought 😝


    BBC News - Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil protesters

    The move comes the day before celebrations for the Summer Solstice.

    Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil protesters

    (Just found out author is a nazi ☹️) "They put an intelligence dampening sphere on me. It clung to my brain like a tumour, generating an endless amount of terrible ideas!"

    Apparently the artist is a nazi by the way which I didn't realise when posting this.


    fittest bloke in preston


    I think people in prison should be allowed to vote

    In a democracy, I don't see how their vote really matters less. Plus it'll help improve prisons perhaps.


    The UK should carry out a genocide on and towards their grey squirrels

    They are an invasive species and replaced the prettier, native red ones. I think a bounty might cause people to set up indiscriminate traps so wouldn't go there, but I think we should figure out a way to genocide grey squirrels


    What to be aware of before opening port 25 on a postfix Raspberry Pi?

    I have a raspberry pi running postfix. I Realised unless I open port 25 I absolutely cannot receive emails (I have 587 open and can send but not receive them). However I heard there are scaries online which someone could potentially send emails from your server without consent. I believe as well my ISP doesn't block port 25. Is there anything I should do right now before opening port 25, or should everything be safe enough?


    BBC News - Sydney: Bishop stabbed during sermon - reports Sydney: Bishop stabbed during sermon - reports

    Police say they responded to reports of multiple people being stabbed in western Sydney.

    Sydney: Bishop stabbed during sermon - reports

    Seems to be Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel who has clips of his sermons go viral online


    Matthew explains autism to Philip

    The Chosen is a video series based on the Biblical New Testament. It does like to take a good bit of creative liberty, to make it a good series, such as fleshing out minor characters in the Bible, inventing backstories and personalities for them, many are fully fleshed characters based on some brief description from the Bible.

    One of my favourite things they've done was by representing St Matthew The Evangelist - one of Jesus's disciples and author of the Gospel of Matthew - as being autistic. I find him quite a lovable character who I can empathise with at times in the series and I'm really glad for this inclusion 🤣


    Why games on YouTube now???

    As well as being covered in community posts, ads, and shorts. I think if I looked at Youtube for the first time and it was like this, I'd delete it.


    Dubs are better than subs

    I'm not hearing the japanese voices while reading the subtitles, I'm hearing my own voice. Also too busy reading to understand it. Cannot look away either. Voice acting in most dubs is alright.

    I think live actions are different, as squid game's dub was rubbish


    The Irish Tricolour shouldn't be used for St Patrick's Day.

    The Irish Tricolour flag represents the country of the Republic of Ireland, 26 counties of the island, which in fact doesn't include the 6 counties that St Patrick mainly operated in. In fact, it can be quite offensive to many people living in the place St Patrick mainly operated in, due to a civil conflict.

    St Patrick also has his own flag - a red saltire on a white background - which deliberately represents him.

    Making St Patrick's day a festival of Irish Nationalism specific to the Republic of Ireland makes zero sense, and using a flag which only represents part of the island, especially since many Americans are also descended from Ulster Scots in Northern Ireland.


    Princess of Wales apologises for any confusion over Mother's Day family photo saying she "occasionally experiments with editing" Kate apologises for Mother's Day photo 'confusion'

    The Princess of Wales apologises for any confusion over Mother's Day family photo, saying she "occasionally experiments with editing".

    Kate apologises for Mother's Day photo 'confusion'

    "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C"

    "sorry lads, I am just rubbish at Photoshop"



    It's Mother's day on Sunday