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It's rare that I have to do it now.
  • No, the boomers with all their magic environment poisoning synthetic fabrics with antiwrinkle coatings did. The next seven generations will have microplastics in every part of their body, but I haven't touched an iron in a while.

  • will i damage my car electrical system with a 24v solar panel
  • A relay switch could work. You would put the car 12V and ground across the coil connections, the 12V on the NO connection, the panel on the NC connection, and the power pack on the C connection. Make sure you get a 12VDC relay.

    Are you going to have the panel installed permanently on your car?

    Definitely don't connect a 24V source directly to your cars 12V system. There's a good chance of frying something important. A fuse would not protect from overvoltage so don't rely on those to protect components.

  • Wind turbine vs mine
  • I lived in an area that was going to start strip mining for sand that was the right consistency for fracking. Plenty of conservatives were amongst the loudest opponents. There's plenty of hypocracy, no need to exaggerate. Their reasons were not wanting to have so much heavy equipment on the roads and fear of silicosis, not opposing natural gas extraction.

  • Side of bed debate - Which side is left?
  • The majority of people occupying the same bed will have congruent driver/passenger sides. Distant strangers don't need to know which side you are referring to. Couples from different regions could adopt the local convention.

  • Male birth control breakthrough safely switches off fit sperm for a while
  • My wife got repeated infections and had a lot of pain from the copper iud.

    If you go looking for testimonials you'll find numerous people who had bad experiences with it.

    Also, they really should offer anesthetic or at least a powerful painkiller for the insertion and removal procedures. Doctors act like it's no big deal, but it's very painful.

  • SpaceX Starship Flight 4
  • I find it interesting that the hot stage jettison is after the boostback burn. That implies to me that the purpose of the jettison isn't for weight reduction. I wonder if there are aerodynamic control reasons to jettison the hot stage.

    I also wonder if the hot stage ring is expected to sustain enough damage to be a single use part anyway.

  • Cops, you need to get your story straight.
  • Plus all the helicopter pilots for remote industrial work. Have you seen the logging helicopters? There's helicopters for inspecting and servicing electrical transmission lines. Some power companies use giant dangling saws attached to a helicopter to trim trees along lines.

    If you only included passenger aviation, I bet the count would be below average, with most fatalities being from medical conditions while on the job.