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anxiety rules
  • I do this too. I just default to they/them unless the gender is relevant to the story.

    I've found another benefit is that often it removes the gendered biases from the story. Like, if it's a bad customer who's a woman, but I call them they, people aren't immediately thinking of a Karen. Or if it's a man people aren't immediately thinking "oh well, boys will be boys".

  • Major IT outage affecting banks, airlines, media outlets across the world
  • Wait, monopolies are bad? This is the first I've ever heard of this concept. So much so that I actually coined the term "monopoly" just now to describe it.

  • If you could only communicate using quotes from one TV show for the rest of your life, which show would you choose and how would that change your interactions?
  • Same, but mainly because I already have all of the quotes and I do use them fairly regularly. The only downside is that the show was murdered in its infancy by Fox who I will never forgive and thus provides a limited vocabulary.


    Also, "Per-maybe-haps I'm thinkin'."

  • Israel's Knesset passes bill rejecting Palestinian statehood
  • If it helps - although I'm sure you're not hearing anything new here - plenty of people understand that Israel doesn't represent the Jewish people. Much as Israel likes to pretend they do, and much as politicians agree because it suits their geopolitical goals, it's not true.

    Edit: I know for a fact this isnt new info because two other people said the same thing in this thread. Oh well, I'll just add my voice to theirs.

  • rule
  • If the leech solves the problem by making them cum, I think that's the outcome they're trying to avoid.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • Also:

    if you are hellbent on finding problems with it you can just leave if you're not having fun

    This is exactly the kind of gaslighting I said you should stop doing.

  • A pediatric doctor on a bike died
  • Fellow former T9 texter here. I had one or two near misses as a teenager and cut that shit right out.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • The metaphor is exactly the same as files and folders. That part is transparent, you don't need access to internal implementation details to understand it. The Main Menu program allows you to make "groups" which are no different than folders and "items" which are just shortcuts. For reasons completely lost on me, the files that represent these groups and folders exist flat in a single folder on the drive.

    So they reimplemented a folder structure using a markup language and then implemented an entirely bespoke interface to manipulate them. Then you have to search for what it's called and install it, and then it crashes anyway. It's just strange.

    And you're the second person telling me it should just be automatic with installation even though I specifically said I was making custom changes to the menu. I want to add things that aren't part of a standard installer. This should be a simple operation for a power user.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • If that's what you think then you're admitting it will never succeed as an operating system.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • I am adding scripts and programs that don't have installer scripts. I wanted to customise the menu. You don't do that with turnkey installations.

  • JD Vance opposes military aid, NATO membership for Ukraine. He's now Trump's VP pick
  • You have me confused with someone else.

    How very like a tankie to be unable to follow the basic and obvious facts of a situation. That's necessary to become a tankie.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • Way to prove you're not a toxic asshole - aggressively misunderstand me and then laugh about it.

    EDIT: I leave this comment, then it gets downvoted along with every comment on my profile for at least one page worth of comments. That's another way to prove you're the reasonable one I guess.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • I think you're right about that, but a lot of people just keep banging on about how people should switch and they don't acknowledge the real, structural and practical problems that are stopping most people from doing it.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • I already mentioned switching window managers. It's still way beyond most users to do something that drastic to solve a simple problem.

    I'm not saying I can't do it. I can and I may. I'm saying you can't start with "it's easy" then slide straight into, "switch distros/desktops". That's the opposite of easy.

    And based on how hard everything else in Linux is, I suspect I just don't have the energy for it and will just put up with no shortcuts for now, which is what I've been saying this whole time.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • Honestly if the answer to the question "how do I do this" is "you can't", then surely you can see the problem with that?

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • I hate Windows. I just acknowledge that toxic Linux fanboys like you are only making the problem worse. You suck, and Linux has massive problems.

    I know you don't care, I've met too many people like you to imagine you'll ever stop this bullshit.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • It's the fullscreen app launcher that I'm trying to use, that needs this bizarre solution.

    And also, asking people to completely swap out their OS or window manager just to solve an activity menu bug is kind of unhinged. I have already done so much work to get this machine working to this state. I rely on it. Starting from scratch is incredibly discouraging, so I put up with all sorts of friction, hate the experience, and go back to Windows on my main machine.

    Plus, what if I switch to KDE, do all that work, and discover another painful, endemic bug? "Just switch distros" is the "just break up" of linux advice. It's easy, lazy, accomplishes nothing, and most people won't do it.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • Okay, thanks for the suggestions, but I wasn't asking for suggestions. I wanted to see if the person whose switch was "painless" had the array of use cases I have. I suspect probably not, I'd be interested to hear what it was.

    I've already found that OBS hangs when recording from my camera. VLC has a terrible inferface and I have to launch it with hacky shell scripts to get it to remember my camera settings, but it works.

    Also Blender is not a CAD program. There is FreeCAD and OpenSCAD for most of my cases.

    For PCB design, kiCAD is a good open source program.

    There are plenty of open source music programs too.

    Gamestream has Sunshine and Moonlight FOSS programs. I have the Moonlight client working, but the Sunshine server just won't find it on the network. I've messed with the firewall every way I know how, and nothing works. Sunshine works on Windows, but has lag, so the only thing I've made work properly is the NVidia gamestream server with the Moonlight FOSS client. I've heard Sunshine is better on Linux, but not if it doesn't work.

    The hardware is a pain in the butt. I would love to know if my steering wheel runs on OpenSimWheel protocols, but the configurator is proprietary and requires uploading the config after each startup of the wheel. No idea how it'll go on Linux.

    All of these are solutions I wouldn't recommend to the non-tech-savvy. It's such a slog to get any of it working, and I need to go through it for each new task. That's why I don't follow through. It's not for lack of software suggestions.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • I explained the problem quite thoroughly, it's your choice to be a toxic linux fanboy and ignore how obviously shit the solution is.

    And there is a significant difference in how you're expected to make the shortcuts. In windows the operation is built in, default, seamless. In Linux it is unworkably tedious. The fact you don't see the difference is a serious problem.

    And the idea I should replace the entire OS or window manager just because of this one bizarre problem I couldn't possibly have anticipated when installing is absurd. You people want linux to be universal and you expect people to work this hard at adoption, and you blame them when they give up on your toxic bullshit? You are deluded.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • You either wrestle with massive configuration files (located at /usr/share/applications buddy)

    This is not a request for help. I do not want you to solve this current problem for me. I can do that myself. The problem is that these problems are neverending and people just cannot accept that it is a huge problem. Please, I beg you, open your eyes, acknowledge the issue, and stop lying.

  • Using pressure-sensitive Velostat/Linqstat as a velocity-sensitive MIDI pad

    EDIT: I think this video shows a better design, although I note some improvements below:

    Making a DIY analog force sensor under quarantine, with the Kontrol Freak. | KontinuumLAB

    The main video linked uses two strips of copper bridged by the velostat, but this creates deadzones where those copper strips are, and probably also gives different responses depending on the shape of the region being pressed. I've done more research and a much more consistent method should be to sandwich the velostat between the two conductors so that the entire surface gives a consistent response that goes directly through the material. This should also give a more pronounced response because the length of the circuit through the velostat is only the thickness of the sheet, not the width of the pad. This should also make it less sensitive to changes in the pad size.

    Some videos use conductive fabric, but the best one I found uses adhesive copper tape. If you're getting this, make sure to use copper tape that is conductive on the adhesive side, as not all of them are.


    And a follow up video with a more refined method of building the pads and ideas about how to improve the analog-to-digital conversion:

    Eight pressure-sensitive Velostat/Linqstat pads for a velocity-sensitive MIDI controller


    There is also this method using piezo sensors, but from experience I know that this is completely insensitive to sustained holds. It's used for electronic drumkits because it measures percussion, not pressure:

    DIY midi controller with 8 Velocity-Sensitive Drum Pads (on one chip Atmega328) 'Very simple'

    I suppose combining a piezo sensor with a simple touch-sensitive control might achieve a good effect, but velostat seems like a simpler solution to me. Also if you want a capacitive sensor on the surface you probably can't use the soft rubbery material that nice MIDI pads use.


    Also this guy is quite good at his explanations and breaks down quickly how to make a full button pad, although he still uses regular buttons and pressure-sensitive ones would need a bit more logic to understand:

    Launchpad || DIY or Buy || Keyboard Matrix & MIDI Tutorial


    So I've been looking into how to do this, and I found someone on reddit asking this same question like 3 years ago, and they're still active. I was planning to log in just to link them the video since literally everyone just told them to use regular buttons, but they obviously want to make the real thing, and it's a night and day difference between using velocity sensitive pads and simple buttons. Also they said they live in India where a lot of musicians can't afford the more intuitive interfaces because they're massively marked up, and I thought they should have the information they need to make a DIY solution.

    Anyway, I realised giving them that link would be contributing to making reddit the go-to place for information, but I didn't find this there, I don't spend time there, and in fact my alts keep getting banned, and I'm the one adding the information.

    So since reddit doesn't want me, I figure the best way to solve this is to make a post here and link them to it. That way I'm helping them with their problem, adding content to the fediverse, and linking people here.

    The only thing to add is that I plan to expand on this to make a proper MIDI controller using some of the second video's suggestions for improvements, and I'll be making a modular set of boxes that can magnetise together to arrange however we want. Also I'm going to look for translucent silicone rubber that I can illuminate with RGB LEDs so the sequencing can be animated.

    Anyway, if that person or anyone else finds their way here, hello! Welcome, this is a much better place than reddit.


    TFW the universe rips you from your everyday existence in an instant to remind you that you are tiny, it is immense and everything is subject to change (edit: rule i guess)

    Description: A very overexposed image of a girl staring open-mouthed into a bright, cloudy, night sky, mid-flash as it is lit up by a meteor.

    Still image taken from this IG video:

    Longer, unedited version with original audio:

    She just happened to catch this meteor and her own reaction to it, entirely by accident. Absolutely watch the video, the shadows playing through the clouds as the meteor passes through the frame are stunning, but the most remarkable thing to me is this moment where laughing with her friends is interrupted and she doesn't yet know where to look. It's such a universal reaction and really special to see. This image is taken as one of the very bright flashes is blowing out the camera. Some frames are almost entirely white, others look much clearer. I chose a frame to make the subject legible but also give a sense of how overwhelmingly bright the flashes really were.


    David Graeber on the Extreme 'Centre'

    Obviously this man was an important anarchist thinker, but I think this is particularly relevant to anarchism right now in a US election year where this conversation will come up ad nauseum.

    He stops short of decrying electoralism in general here, but makes the point that the milquetoast emptiness of the US liberals enables a rightward slide. What he says is short and to the point and avoids getting bogged down in wider issues. He acknowledges that "at least they're not nazis" is an appeal of the liberals, but points out that is the only appeal.

    I just think this is a good thing to have if you don't want to type out this argument every time you see it, to point out that this has been happening for a very long time, and to hear a voice of sanity when every single liberal is yelling at you to stop criticising poor Joe or else we'll get the fascists again.


    There is No Rule Regarding This

    Description: An iconified image of a space helmet, with text underneath reading:


    No context has been provided.



    Description: picture of youtube poll, mostly text

    Kyle Hill

    Schrodinger's cat is:

    Alive -- 50% Dead -- 50% 42K votes

    Comments I love how this community knew exactly what to do.




    Text: WARNING

    Icon of eye and crossed-out alligator


    Image of person holding up hands defensively towards an alligator approaching them from the water

    Text: oh shit oh no oh fuck why did you do that you've killed us all


    Parkour group Storror does some guerilla urbanism

    I've recently started getting into parkour and I love its inherently political bent. It reminds of me of Graeber's quote that "Direct action is, ultimately, the defiant insistence on acting as if one is already free," which is exactly how traceurs behave.

    This is the lads just showing up to a dilapidated public space and transforming it into a playground. They didn't get permission, they just made the place better.


    Getting an error when attempting to visit communities from outside links

    I've been searching for communities using, but lately every time I click on a link I get the error shown above (I've edited out my username because it's not really important). For instance the above error was shown when I clicked on the link[email protected]

    After I refresh the page I can see the content of the community, but I appear to be logged out. Then I hit refresh again and I log in, but sometimes the posts all disappear so the community appears to be empty.

    Seems like something weird is going on here. I assume it's a bug. I'm happy to give any extra details you might need to figure out the problem.

    EDIT: Turns out I couldn't see posts after logging in because my language wasn't set properly, and the other errors have disappeared with time.


    Is there a way to search for all communities in a given server?

    So for instance I'm interested in all communities in the instance, and I can't find a way to use the search function for that. I've tried searching for communities using the search string "" and I get nothing.

    Then in the screenshot shown I tried searching for communities with just the string "aussie" and I got "Aussie [email protected]", which is strange because all the community names there contain the substring "aussie" and I'd expect this search to find them.

    Is this a bug? Am I doing it wrong? It would be nice if there was a way to browse all communities in a given instance easily, because when I find an instance I like, I want to be able to go through and find the communities I like just as if I was browsing local communities on this instance.

    Also the copy-paste method, which is still extremely clunky, is broken for me. I it just has [email protection] which when clicked does nothing useful. I've tried the Lemmy Link addon but not only is that also a very slow and clunky method which still doesn't let me browse by server, it keeps slowing down firefox so I've had to uninstall it.