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Anon makes up a word
  • Typical teachers in my experience. Also I remember the first time I saw the word gobbledygook, I think I might have been in middle school, and I must have laughed for 5 minutes straight. It was the most nonsense word I'd ever seen in my life and unironically hilarious. Which of course tracks with its meaning lol

  • Oh boy here we go
  • That took longer than I'd expected.

    Republicans: we made it legal for the president to against political opponents.

    Also Republicans: no not Biden!

    Biden: I like ice cream, Jack!

  • MEGA THREAD - Trump shot but safe, 2 others killed at PA rally
  • I look forward to finding out what the shooters motivations are. I don't personally expect it to be a left-wing partisan but something else, though I'll refrain from speculating here. Let's just say that there current Republican party tends to infight - to try and eat itself any time it senses weakness or deviance from the cult's marching orders.

    Once law enforcement announced the shooter's identity and the world gets to dig into his social media and communications data... Well I guess we shall see.

  • I'm honestly shocked that it took this long.

    I can't wait until we find out if was an extra spicy MAGA lunatic who thought his holy leader who flip-flopped on the guy's one favorite issue.

  • Who is/was a great role model for your generation of boys/men?
  • From all accounts he's also just a really decent, normal kind of human being. Hell even tragedy that hit him is mundane and relatable (his parents died from carbon monoxide poisoning). You never hear about his kids being a menace in the news or social media, and it all seems very wholesome and positive.

    It doesn't hurt that he's a genius when it comes to music. His ability to create accurate to source parodies based solely off of listening to music is rare and extraordinary, and his ability to write stuff to go into his parodies is pretty legendary. He's got a talent for rhyme. IIRC he wrote the Star Wars ep. 1 parody before the movie was even released, based solely on what he figured out from the trailers. And then with all of that talent he didn't go trying to be a big shot, you just played the goofy instrument he loved it was a decent person.

    So yeah, good pull.

  • Who is/was a great role model for your generation of boys/men?
  • Okay I know this one sounds weird but hear me out. G1 Optimus Prime. As an example of why, a buddy of mine was only allowed to watch transformers back in the day because his grandmother (who was raising him) saw the character as a good role model, in so much is it cartoon character can be for a small child. Specifically, the character is honest, loyal, protects those unable to protect themselves, helps his friends... You can see where I'm going with this.

    I know it may sound silly, but a lot of the time when you're a kid, hell even sometimes is an adult, fictional characters can feel more real and be more meaningful than real people are.

    Of course you should never forget that they are fictional characters, and then in real life almost nothing is ever clear or simple. Honestly that's the point of a lot of fiction, especially when it includes some kind of moral component. That's been true since the dawn of humanity; kids cartoons are just one iteration of that. But since kids spend a lot of their time paying attention to their favorite media, it's pretty well known that it's important as a parent to make sure you know what media they're consuming and what it teaches them.

    So yeah, Optimus Prime. He may be a big space robot that turns into a truck, but the characterization and the moral and ethical lessons it can impart in you without you even realizing it are the important part.

  • Drawfee did another SCP episode!

    SCP + drawing + goofballs = comedy gold. This is their 4th one.


    is there a way to default or mass block communities by language?

    I've been seeing a lot of posts for communities in languages I don't know (German being the most common). Well I'm sure these are perfectly fine communities and have no problem with them being around, I don't speak the languages - just English - and having to play whack-a-mole for every single new one that pops up is getting pretty tedious. Is there a way to filter all that out in one fell swoop?


    So I'm interpreting The World's Largest Dungeon; should I livestream it?

    So I've figured out, thanks to the Vertical Slabs mod, how to finally interpret grid-based dungeon layouts into Minecraft pretty faithfully. I decided to therefore build an interpretation of this monster, The World's Largest Dungeon by AEG.

    I've thusfar completed 3 out of 16 sections and thought I might stream progress. I'm not a streamer but it's a lot of work to build this monster, and thought somebody might find it interesting. I've also already built some maps and templates from some dungeon crawl board games, and want to make more stuff later. What can I say, I like dungeon maps.

    My plan is to finish, then go through and tidy up anything I may have missed, fix and standardize a few things, fill out some of the rooms, and then upload the thing for people to download for free use. The pieces are fairly easy to copy out and modify. I'm predominately (for floors and walls) using the same few piece types and the only mod required is Extended Slabs + which does require Forge. Without that mod the entire thing breaks.

    As an aside, part of why I'm doing this is to stick it to Mojang. The official reason they say they won't include vertical slabs is that they will "inhibit natural creativity" That is complete and utter BS. A close look at this map's tight corners, any uneven surfaces, statues, block-built furniture, are ample proof, not to mention that in all the years since beta that I've tried to adapt grid maps accurately, the lack of thin wall pieces has made it impossible.

    It's also been suggested that similar games (which are mostly if not entirely all defunct now) already have them and they'd make Minecraft not unique blah blah blah). As for "official" vertical slabs, there is one on the marketplace for 660 coins. NOPE, not paying for it. So here's my polite response to Mojang's terrible, terrible excuse. More variety is always more good.


    The trolliest trap I've ever made.

    Trap: Chest in the bottom of a pool covered in magma blocks for the whirlpool effect. The chest is unreachable from the dry floor, and the pool past this deeper pit has flowing water to shove you down if you forget to crouch. There's a space where you can swim up. I've largely kept the map loot free because I plan to upload it eventually for people to use.

    From a Creative map I've started recently that I'm building dungeons in - namely translating p&p dungeon maps into Minecraft using a Vertical Slabs mod (because it's the best solution AND to give the middle finger to Mojang for not adding them in vanilla because "it limits creativity" which is literally the dumbest excuse.)

    The map is getting... out of hand.


    The First Rule of Warfare is that the "First Rule of Warfare" is always the First Rule of Warfare.

    You may have heard that the First Rule of Warfare is... [insert actual advice here]. ie.; don't attack a stronger enemy, there's no such thing as overkill, the weapon is always loaded, etc. They're all the First Rule of Warfare.