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Is this image generated by AI?
  • You'd think that, but I've met plenty of people who are wholly ignorant about where food comes from in general. Sure it requires only one person to be ignorant if it was generated, but it is entirely plausible that both model and photographer didn't know. I don't have the chance to test it, but I would imagine that there are many pictures of people picking strawberries realistically in the training data and AI would probably only generate this if you were very specific about it being a tree.

  • Is this image generated by AI?
  • I think it's just that the lady posing in the photo really doesn't know how strawberries work. (I would go so far as to guess that she doesn't know how a lot of things work.) She wanted to pose picking strawberries, which are a fruit, and fruits grow on trees, so she picked a random tree to pretend to pick them from. Who would even know the difference?

  • He will weep.
  • He's not upset that he's being labeled as cisgender, he's upset that the labels cisgender and transgender exist in the first place. He actually knows what the word means, that it's not an insult, and that it accurately describes him. He's acting insulted specifically to spread the idea that the word cisgender is an insult. He's doing this to push back against our society normalizing the concepts of transgender and cisgender. If he was only upset about himself being called that, I would agree with you that we should just accept his odd preference and move one, but he's actively working against anyone being called cisgender or transgender. That's the problem and that's why people are not being tolerant of his label preferences.

  • House Republican Immediately Accuses Biden of Having ‘Sent the Orders’ to Kill Trump in Bizarre Post
  • Like the could drag his dumpy fat ass off the stage before he's ready to move while keeping him covered. They did the best they could with a man so driven by theatrics and ego.

    If this was a false flag I doubt the secret service agents would be in on it anyway. Now, I wouldn't put it past Trump to fake an assassination attempt, but I would be surprised if he pulled one off without any blatant mistakes or leaks. I guess we'll see, but there isn't enough public information yet to jump to any conclusions. There are plenty of people with plenty of reasons to want the man dead after all.

  • Humans didn't invent agriculture
  • I assume that if they answer with a simple number you can point out they are being reductionist too, because the temperature differs measurably between the floor and ceiling, and that's not even accounting for any air currents. Most of the time it is reasonable to reduce that down to a single temperature.

  • Anon meets his gf's parents
  • The first sentence is real, the rest is just a fun bit of hyperbole. It really is not that common for an overprotective father to brandish a gun at his daughter's new boyfriend, but it has happened enough times to become something of a trope.

  • GNU-Linux
  • It's not meant to be a stereotype applied to all men, just the a thing that some men do. It happens when a man assumes, perhaps subconsciously, that the woman he is speaking to is his intellectual inferior and would surely benefit from his opinion on whatever topic without any regard to her possible expertise on the topic, or even his own lack thereof. I've rarely witnessed it myself, but know women who have had to put up with it. Stereotypeing all men as "manslainers" would be rude, but mocking the men who actually behave that way is cool with me.

  • Outstanding idea.
  • They are paid both taxpayer and private money to put things, including people now, safely into orbit. A thing they do frequently and reliably, without any explosions. Yes, their dramatically destructive development method of launching unproven prototypes and pushing them to the limit does seem wasteful, but it actually has allowed their engineers to very effectively identify the weak points in their systems and remove or compensate for them, resulting in designs that are redundant only where needed, but still reliable. Despite a lot of competition from international and the older American aerospace companies, they remain one of the most cost effective and reliable options for space launches in the game.

    Now, I'm all for some Musk mocking these days after how much of a jackass he's revealed himself to be, and I am now convinced that Space-X succeeded in spite of him, but it is successful.

  • Trump wanted to drain the swamp to make it easier for the swamp creatures to get around
  • If the politicians and bureaucrats that Trump and friends pushed out are like murky swamp water, then the ones he brought in are like raw sewage, so I always said that he only wanted to "drain the swamp" so he'd have room to pump in said raw sewage.

  • Tea Time
  • Teas are generally not boiled, but steeped in hot water that was boiling a moment ago. I was going to say that cowboy coffee is boiled, but then I looked it up, and even then, the pot is pulled off the heat before adding the grounds.

  • ADHD Life Hacks which worked for you?
  • I have something similar. I practice doing certain routine micro-habits until they become ingrained in muscle memory and always do them.

    For example, I still set my keys down without thinking most times they are in my hand, but thanks to spending several hours practicing the motion years ago, I now always unthinkingly set them where they belong: clipped to my beltloop and tucked into my pocket. Anytime I identify a need to add one of these to my life I spend an hour practicing experiencing the trigger and then doing the motion. To learn the keys-in-pocket habit, I held my keys, clipped and tucked. Pull them out, note the feel of them in my hand, and repeat, over and over. It feels silly to practice doing something so easy, but once it becomes muscle memory, it doesn't rely on my faulty thinking memory. I'll do several sessions of practice every few days until I can feel that it's fully 'set' as an unthinking motion. They're a pain to establish, but they are well worth it and have saved me a ton of grief over the years.

    One of these automatic habits saved me this morning. I always pat my keys when closing a locking door behind me (even if it isn't locked), and this morning I had missed swapping my keys to my new pair of pants. I would have been locked out of my house and late for work if patting my empty pockets hadn't alerted me just before a pulled the locked door close behind me. I have some other ones that I haven't mentioned, because I can't think of what they are. I'd notice the problems they prevent coming back if I stopped doing them, so I can only assume they must still be working.

  • Xi Jinping claimed the US wants China to attack Taiwan, FT reports
  • U.S.: Please don't attack Taiwan.

    China: You're trying to reverse psychology me into attacking, but I won't be fooled.

    U.S.: Oh, good. So, you agree not to attack Taiwan?

    China: I will if I want to and it's none of your business.

  • I think we can all agree on this one
  • It's an aspic, which is like the savoury version of fruit and Jello. Even people who liked them would probably agree that the kiwi and oyster? do not belong. The rest is entirely believable as an aspic that people would have made and eaten in the US around the 1950s to 1970s. I've never tried one myself, but I think I'd prefer to keep it that way.