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Was he (51M) making a move? (26F)
  • Go for it if you're into it. Be careful not to get used. Stand your ground every time it arrives if he makes you uncomfortable at the least. Be aware. Don't drink alcohol.

    Just some things I've learned along the way...

    ...also make sure he's not married. That's how dateline episodes are made.

    You are your own protector. Always.

    Also don't take money from him... Sometimes people will spend money on you or "care" for you or "protect" you as a leverage to get sex out of you. They'll guilt you.

  • M.A.F.I.A. - time to update the MAGA hats
  • I used signal. But somehow messages seemed to still be read. Idk wtf or how it's done. I'm just stalked. I was alone in the house one time, went to the bathroom, and got a text at that moment from a random number saying "I'm taking a shit".

    I used to get spoofed numbers calling me "live" as I was talking "secrets" as a hint to shut up. It's obvious I'm marked by someone that doesn't want me talking. Sometimes just empty calls no one talking. Sometimes people make call obviously not genuine then when I call back the number it belongs to an old lady that said they didn't call.

  • M.A.F.I.A. - time to update the MAGA hats
  • That's something I didn't think of. I will keep it in mind. I've had the FBI in my phone as a contact but still haven't had the courage because I've seen what can happen.

    This started becoming obvious to me when I got vocal in 2020 about politics. Similar to how those cop city protesters said they were being stalked by cops. It really is real and I think most these cops and politicians are too naive to know the organized criminals playing them out. The same way social issues are dividing regular people.

  • M.A.F.I.A. - time to update the MAGA hats
  • If Trump was with the mafia it's only because he's a puppet being played out like a bitch. Just like how it came back to Giuliani and destroyed his career (because his work cleaning up NYC). They are all extorted bitch under the mob and some other organized crime. Source I've seen how that lifestyle works living in New England, and I'll probably be dead soon because of it. Some of the strongest people I've known buckle for them. There's no security in America and civil war has started already with strong players from tradition of organized crime. The acts of civil war today are passed off as accidents, gang related, or mentally ill. They put pressure on people till they act on it, manipulated people purposely to get something positive out of it for their cause or organization.

  • Do you ever feel the "dormant person feeling"?
  • I do this with old musicians. I listen to a lot of Indy type stuff and ill see they haven't released in years... It makes me wonder. At the same time the entertainment industry and life is pretty bullshit so good on them if they left it.

    Also old YouTuber before things were viral and completely soulless.

  • Shout Out to Blue Maga
  • People underestimate the underground in terms of their play in politics. It's gotten to the point that our system is fully intertwined with illegal and corrupt lifestyles.

    Pop politics is just giving false hope to a class of people that don't understand war and crime. The civil war has been here for awhile but people are too naive, even the cops and politicians, to understand. The deaths get passed off as accidents and suicides or blamed on mentally ill. It's part of the game to make someone go crazy and do shit like this. It's a common play. It's to the point I question mass shootings. Are these kids getting used by stronger people? I see a lot of "regular" people played out doing work for stronger people. They are to naive to know what's happening and how strong people around them can be. There's players in the game everywhere. From the low streets to the big business and people get so blinded by the false market virtuosity of politics. It's finished already. Shit our country would collapse if we took out the black market and dark money.

  • Do you think America as a nation is genuine?

    Kind of a vague question. But I guess anyone that responds can state their interpretation.

    Edit: I guess I'm asking because everything I've learned about America seems to not be what I was told? Idk how to explain it. Like it feels like USA is one event away from a civil war outright corruption and turning into a D class country.