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How I Got a Truly Anonymous Signal Account
  • And - gasp! - you can do it from your computer directly! No Android emulators, no inconvenient command-line client!

  • Meta plans to scan for "skin vibrations" to combat deepfakes
  • Also at least last time I heard about these cameras, only specific proprietary editors (like Adobe) were compatible, which introduces all sorts of other problems.

  • What is the best cheap cell phones that support Lineage OS (or your perfected Privacy rom)?
  • I got a 7a and the $300 price is already hard to swallow. Pixel 8 is still fairly new and VERY expensive, I don't see how this can be a good deal. Granted, they're not available in my country officially so no carrier plans. But even if they were - I would much prefer to buy my device outright.

  • A web browser extension for accessing I2P network anonymously
  • Lokinet is sus with its model imo. Unlike i2p, the idea of which is lowering the bar for being a node, it raises the bar impossibly high for most of us. If you have the insane sum it requires to host a node, it would be more useful to the world if you spend it on hosting good Tor or i2p nodes imo.

  • A web browser extension for accessing I2P network anonymously
  • On i2p- and onion-sites, I guess having JS disabled is far more common than on normal internet, so "standing out" is not really a concern.

  • DVDs are dying right as streaming has made them appealing again
  • I mean, that's just what I do. With some of my games, I have bought them on Steam (because I did want the devs to get paid) and have a pirated version for the sake of ownership, which imo is fair. If I was insistent on paying, I would rather buy a digital copy and download a DRMless one, if there is no DRMless purchase outright.

  • DVDs are dying right as streaming has made them appealing again
  • I don't get the point of having them then. No one will check, they're just filling space...

  • DVDs are dying right as streaming has made them appealing again
  • I find this to be an odd choice. No one is coming to your home to check. You KNOW you paid for the media. I'd throw the disks I know I would never use out, or sell them.

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • There are at least in-video sponsors, as well as things like Patreon.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • Or, just as likely, go to the sketchy VPNs from the first Play Store results.

  • Google’s Repair Policy Is Broken
  • As if their repair policies weren't as egregious... I still cannot get over the fact that there is software part pairing and their laptops have soldered-on SSDs :/

  • Telegram without ads?
  • Because not everyone can cut off every bad platform. People have family and work on it and Whatsapp. Be more understanding about people's situations.

  • noplace, a mashup of Twitter and Myspace for Gen Z, hits No. 1 on the App Store
  • The rich want to enclose themselves in a bubble without average people >:(

  • Microsoft bans China-based employees from using Android devices for work, mandates switch to iPhones
  • Being required such an insane purchase is completely inappropriate... I wonder how old they're allowed to be, this could only be affordable as old and secondhand.

  • Signal under fire for storing encryption keys in plaintext on desktop app
  • Security is not everything though, you need to balance it with privacy and independence as well. Which are, indeed, harder on Android.

  • /e/OS Is Better Than Android. You Should Try It
  • Well, too bad for them then. Taking a loan does not make a purchase easier, you pay even more anyway. So point still stands, a $450 phone IS an egregious lot, just not absolutely insanely so.

  • /e/OS Is Better Than Android. You Should Try It
  • You live in a richer area then. Most people where I live make less than 1k a month.

  • /e/OS Is Better Than Android. You Should Try It
  • Most people around me carry budget phones under $200. so no, far from a steal.