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2-year-old Arizona girl dies after dad leaves her in car during triple-digit heat: Police
  • It’s two different articles. the one dude linked is from 15 years ago and i doubt it’s been updated recently. The Originally linked story happened this year

  • Earbuds recommendations?
  • Are you after wireless or wired earbuds? And what kind of music do you generally listen to?

  • US support for abortion rights up four points to 60% since fall of Roe v Wade
  • Ohio is trying to do that right now after they enshrined abortion. The OGOP have fought tooth and nail to change the wording of something that has already passed and should already be law (but it’s not cuz…GOP)

  • Emory community ‘ashamed’ after police detain students at pro-Palestine encampment | The Emory Wheel
  • It’s only a matter of time until the next Kent incident happens

  • Those were the days
  • every phone had a different format, i remember the Razr had a deprecated tool to convert .mp3 to a format it could read and limited it to like…30sec audio snippets?

  • Would you still buy a Prusa Mini+?
  • Things may have changed then. I owned a Dreamer and everything to do with it was a headache or a nightmare. Neither Cura or Simplfiy supported it and I ended up giving the entire printer to someone else and they had the exact same issues, but i’m glad to hear you had good experiences with yours

  • Would you still buy a Prusa Mini+?
  • Don’t buy Flashforge unless you want to hate your life. They were the first printer I ever bought and unless things have changed they use a proprietary slicer that’s years behind anything else, and they will claim it works with other slicers…until you discover you need to figure out all the settings yourself, including start and end codes

  • Cincinnati ranks No. 1 for best places to live in Ohio, report says
  • Yeah but…You would still have to choose to live in fucking Ohio

  • Subtitle spam - how to handle?
  • It’s ads from OpenSubtitles baked into subtitle file. You can pay for a premium account to remove the ad messages I think