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Life, huh
  • Yes and smoking tobacco and marijuana does too

  • Life, huh
  • I still look like a teenager to some people, even though I'm in my thirties now.

    Not drinking alcohol and not smoking anything does wonders for your looks.

  • He will weep.
  • I actually heard something about how he had to go through some weird medical treatments that permanently messed up the chemical balance of his brain.

    That's why he randomly cries sometimes. For the same reason people with depression do.

  • Meme?
  • at the end there should be something to the effect of "...this is what you should be doing instead of voicemail you fucking asshole" and then it's a meme

  • Shitty Families suck

    Basic instincts
  • Family? Yes, my siblings and my dad are assholes about stuff like that.

  • please
  • They're kinda picky about what kinds of guys they go for.

    It's a weird all-woman coven and I guess they chose me to be "their man" for...purposes.

  • Greatest fear
  • 1 pair dress shoes, 1 pair walking shoes

    No, just two pairs of normal shoes.

    What do you wear to work?

    I'm disabled and can't work

    How about work out shoes?

    My normal walking shoes

    Walking, hiking, running shoes? Casual date shoes? Comfortable shoes for working around the house and doing messy yard work?

    My normal walking shoes

  • Always try sudo
  • MD =/= PHD

    MD = Doctor

    PHD = not a doctor.

  • Greatest fear
  • I'm not saying what kind of shoes I wear, but most of the shoes I wear are similar to crocs...Well I only have like two pairs of shoes because I'm a straight guy.

  • Arrrrrr
  • do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, yarr harr fiddle dee dee!

    Sorry...what are we talking about?

  • please
  • Well...I do wander around in the dark in the woods with my flashlights, I may or may not have happened upon witches and...spent time with them.

  • Hazmat transportation be like
  • Remember when Trump forced the protesting railroad workers to go back to work? What a fascist right? ...just kidding, Biden did that.

  • please
  • you can use O&O shut up 10 ++ to disable onedrive completely, also, there's proton drive.

  • “Immensely disappointing”: Nike killing app for $350 self-tying sneakers
  • having it with any ability to connect to your phone at all is dumb. Why does everything have to be connected to everything else all the time to work? Oh right...surveillance from advertising companies

  • Loyalty
  • "Her descendants like her image being on the syrup bottles! BUT THAT'S A HECKIN RACISM!"

  • “Immensely disappointing”: Nike killing app for $350 self-tying sneakers
  • why does it need an app? Why not just have a button on the shoe that pulls the laces into their chambers and forget about connecting it to your phone?

  • Loyalty
  • A buddy of mine and I did some research into the real-life aunt Jemima.

    Apparently she was a really cool lady.

  • Loyalty
  • Bart Simpson made that joke once, I think they cut it out of future re-runs because religious zealots got mad about it.

  • Just trying to help
  • I always look where ever my dog is looking when he barks at something, before tell him to hush

  • I have to stop finding these


    Having to go to an unexpected meeting really messes with the flow of your whole day.


    Having to go to a meeting really messes with your flow for the whole day, doesn't it?


    Looking for a meme about a "moving castle"

    It's a meme, black and white, of a guy showing his "moving castle" to a woman he likes

    And she says "so you live in your car?"

    I don't remember the title or what sub it was in

    Just send me the link if you find it.



    Ant smell

    I have a very powerful sense of smell.


    Autism rule

    the people I know don't listen and often hear the opposite of what I say. That's why I have to repeat myself a lot.


    It’s a work in progress

    I've been like this ever since I quit school.


    Question: The laser on the Wurkkos HD01

    Is the laser on the Wurkkos HD01 safe to use to play with pets? I've got a dog that loves to chase the laser but my Nebo Slim+ 1200 died when it fell off of my backpack strap.


    I really like this song! but screw the rest of the album!

    cross-posted from:

    > cross-posted from: > > > I guess I'm just Single Minded > > > > P.S. my store is on sale! > > > > [!](


    A snapshot of heaven?


    "I'd rather do anything else than go to your gathering"


    Do you forget to throw things away sometimes?

    I do

    Nintendo Switch EmperorHenry

    Question: Socks5 Proxy settings with authentication?

    Title says it all. I want to buy a switch but only if I can use a proxy with it for all the online stuff.


    Problem with the link to AuDHD

    Just FYI when you click on the link to AuDHD from a different lemmy instance, your browser won't stay in the instance you have an account on.

    The instance I'm on is federated with lemmy world so I know that's not the issue



    Anyone else here follow the three laws of robotics without realizing it?


    Who said that?

    I've done this a lot...even though I'm not confirmed to have ADHD, I'm autistic though


    $1 grilled cheese (Does anyone else here like their food super simple and plain?)


    Can anyone else relate to this?