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Trump scrambles to pivot campaign to attack Kamala Harris
  • Very different for Dems. No matter who the GOP candidate is, we know they are bad for reproductive rights, want to slash Medicare/Social Security, and cut taxes for the rich. Much easier to attack the party, rather than the person if necessary.

  • Biden left feeling angry and betrayed by top Democratic leaders wavering on his campaign
  • None of these models take into account the issue that an 81-year old cannot campaign as effectively as a younger person. It’s very unlikely that Biden can turn the tide in his favour through a great debate performance or speech. The best Campaign he can run is by hiding such that voters do not see how old and fragile he is. That’s not our best bet for beating Trump.

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • All 2 times this happened before? If that’s the best argument you have for running a candidate that is clearly too old both for campaigning and for the presidency, I think I would take my chances for a third try.

  • Behind the Curtain: Top Dems now believe Biden will exit
  • She is in a completely safe district meaning that there are no downsides to promoting her as VP (or Senator for that matter). I could also imagine her going the route of Governor to gain some executive experience.

  • DNC moving forward with Biden virtual nomination; voting to begin no sooner than August 1
  • Consider the last months before election. Congress is held up by Republicans on public hearings related to the Trump shooting. Trump is holding rallies. Meanwhile the Biden campaign has to limit the nr of Biden appearances due to old age. To defeat the Reps we need a candidate that can be in the spotlight 24/7, and Biden cannot do that job. That’s why changing the candidate is essential.

  • Why?
  • If he’s a gun nut, he may have just believed that he was using his 2A rights to remove a tyrant as the founding fathers intended. This assassination attempt very clearly shows why gun rights are antithetical to democracy.

  • Somebody Fucked Up
  • Wasn’t there a story that Trump had corrupted the Secret Service to the point that Pence did not believe they were there to protect him? Perhaps this is what you get if you prefer loyalty over competence.

  • Kamala Harris surges as top choice to replace Joe Biden: Poll
  • If you think about the Democratic parties base, two groups stand out. Lefties (like most people on Lemmy) and people of color, particularly black women. If you select Newsom over Harris you i.) deal an enormous insult to people of color, and ii.) don’t go nearly far enough left to satisfy Lefties. What part of the base would be enthusiastic about such a milquetoast replacement?