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Proton Pass for Linux
  • Gives me hope for a proton drive app. As soon as that's available and viable I'll be able to drop my mega subscription.

  • New to the concept of free energy. [More in body. There is no bottom to the crazy here.]
  • I remember being 12 and thinking I could invent infinite energy because I just learned how gears work. I was devastated to learn about torque.

  • wow. sensible
  • What these people don't realize is you're never gonna get AGI by just feeding a machine an infinite amount of raw data.

  • What Era was the best and why was it the 90s?
  • Fontawesome and its consequences have been a disaster for web development.

  • MSI Claw 8 AI+ Gaming Handheld Powered by Intel Lunar Lake and Intel Arc Battlemage Graphics
  • AI+

    Absolutely not. This thing is going to perform horribly because half the processor die is dedicated to something nobody's gonna use.

    If this were a business laptop then I'd understand adding AI. But this is a gaming handheld, how the hell will this help?

  • Sorry you were lied to by a shitty 90s thriller movie rule
  • I like both too, I just don't get why people hate feathered dinosaurs.

  • Sorry you were lied to by a shitty 90s thriller movie rule

    I don't actually hate jurassic park, the title is purely facetious.

    Top 200 Defederated instances from the Fediverse (May 2024)
  • I don't know the whole deal with them, but off the top of my head I know it's a very far-right social media site that was fairly mainstream for a while. It got a lot of media coverage after getting hacked, so I guess a lot of people ended up blocking it once they heard of it.

    I don't know the full story. They were probably just a bunch of trolls like a lot of the other instances.

  • Top 200 Defederated instances from the Fediverse (May 2024)
  • It's the number of instances that have blocked them.

    Accounts can't defederate afaik. There's a way to block instances on some apps, but it's client-side and really just hides posts from that instance.

  • Top 200 Defederated instances from the Fediverse (May 2024)
  • Really basic summary

    Federated means that instances are connected, i.e. accounts and posts can interact with ones.

    Defederated means that one of the instances is blocked by the other, so all communication between the two is blacklisted.

  • Some "Law"
  • Yes

    And yes

  • Kobold rule
  • Clearly you lack the whimsy to see them

  • It's totally fine.
  • Looks intentional. I don't think it's even AI generated, but there's too few pixels to tell for sure.

  • What are your thoughts about the Dragon Quest series, what are your favorite titles or gameplay elements?
  • Absolutely loved DQ9. Never finished it, but I played the hell out of it as a kid. Revisited it recently and it still holds up pretty great. Kept me playing more than 11 did, which is the only other one I've really played. 11 is awesome, but I just don't vibe with it as much as 9.

  • Ruletism
  • Despite there being a huge overlap between the three, they all hate each other.

  • Daily marijuana use outpaces daily drinking in the US, a new study says
  • So statistically speaking, at least some of the cool kids are doing it?

  • ATARI acquires INTELLIVISION brand
  • So does that mean they're gonna be selling the Amico without the intellivision branding?

    Their mothers must be very proud.

  • woag quirky ai rule
  • Why would I do that when reddit shitposters from 10 years ago have already done it for me?

  • Piranhas
  • Applies to snakes as well.

    Slight tangent, but it always cracks me up when in movies they show a pit of venomous snakes and it's a bunch of pythons, boas, and colubrids. Even better when they add hissing and rattling in post lol.

  • Microsoft starts bundling Windows 11 with its 'PC optimizer' app in some regions
  • Oh so they're just straight up including malware with windows now. Cool.

  • Wacom tablet touch wheel doesn't work on wayland

    Hey, I've been daily driving wayland since plasma 6 released. The improvements are stunning, and it's actually responsive on my multi monitor setup.

    Main problem I've been having is with my drawing tablet. It works fine, but the touch/scroll wheel doesn't register. I can't find anything in the settings about it, so my first assumption is it's just not implemented yet. But no matter how many searches I do I can't find anyone with the same problem.

    I only have this problem in wayland, in X11 it functions just as intended. It's not a huge issue, it just really screws with my muscle memory. I'd just love to be able to use my tablet properly with wayland so I don't have to switch back to the laggy mess that is X11.

    Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro Distro: Garuda Linux (arch-based) GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 Plasma version: 6.0.3-1 libinput version: 1.25.0-1

    If this is the wrong community or if any other info is required just let me know. I originally posted on [email protected] but then realized that community was mostly dead.

    Edit: formatting

    Edit 2: HW Probe



    In case it isn't obvious this is (mostly) ironic lol



    A discord friend of mine has been streaming his miitopia playthrough so it's been fresh on my mind. Dominic my beloved.