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Firefox CTO Responds On Collecting User Advertisement Data
  • Pretty much, if you're security conscious you'll go and turn it off, if it keeps meta from lobbying against the mozzila foundation it seems like a happy middle ground.

    If/when they make it so you can't turn it off anymore that will be a different story

  • Michelin Super Sports at the Track
  • I tried to do the same before my first track day but I couldn't find my third world country economy car version of the golf 4 (a gol power) anywhere as a mod for asseto Corsa so I had to train with an alpha mito with a 50% restrictor lol

    Still didn't feel the same but at least it helped me know the course

    Funnily enough driving a real car is a lot easier, the only thing harder is the manual vs the paddle shifter

  • Andrew just wants to open his files on Windows 10
  • I discovered basic versions of windows are even more restrictive when I was unable to install my favorite lightweight pdf reader in a friend's laptop because Windows home just said that for my safety I wasn't allowed. With no option to bypass this limitation being hinted at.

    Ended up installing it anyways but had to run the installer from an admin terminal (luckily it was windows 7 so it was a local account with admin rights instead of a bullshit Microsoft one)

  • Implementing RFC 3339 shouldn't really be that hard...
  • What you're proposing is literally time zones but without shifting the actual clock, you still end up with all the issues and you remove the link between the hour of day and the sun's position for people lol

    Plus who gets to decide that everyone switches over and what is the new global time?

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • In my experience your asshole puckering because of the winter cold water is counter productive to cleaning effectively, but If it's the only option it's still better than just TP. You just have to do a first dry with TP (pat don't drag) and do a spot check at the same time. Sometimes you have to go for a second round if the spot check fails

  • Can't log in through boost

    I'm unable to log in through the app, I keep getting this invalid account error despite the fact I'm copy pasting the login info from the one I'm using on this very browser

    Edit: I'm an idiot