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it works! only 99.99$!
  • For those looking for some Google alternatives:

    • Qwant has a custom indexing strategy and is okay
    • Brave Search ~uses Google and Bing~ EDIT: they use a custom index too
    • Startpage uses Google and Bing and it’s prettier than Brave IMO
    • SearX is ugly but has a lot of sources
    • Perplexity AI tracks the shit out of you but it’s decent
    • Kagi is customizable but it costs you

    Feel free to add on any I missed or opinions on these; I haven’t used any extensively

    EDIT: Ecosia for trees and DDG for Bing without ads

  • Bad dog!
  • I like how the author left it up to interpretation of whether the dog killed the human, because there’s no panel of the shot going off. For all we know, the dog is smoking from the gun, and the man is taking a nap.