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Yellen Calls for EU-US Cooperation to Counter Surge in Chinese Green-Tech Exports
  • I agree with you too, we definitely should produce our own technology as it is much wise for many many reason, but I'm still convinced this is no reason to try to blockade other country's imports.

    And, yes i am convinced this decision is a 100% about money.

    You're welcome, not sure my take on things is worth anything but thanks for giving it your attention!

  • Yellen Calls for EU-US Cooperation to Counter Surge in Chinese Green-Tech Exports
  • Do you really think this is why they're against it ?

    I'm not saying we should encourage pour working conditions, but there's a lot of things that are exaggerated or straight up lies and we as "the north" should stop pointing fingers at other countries that do much more than us for the green transition. There's a lot of lies being spread regarding and, there's green hardware being produced there but also a lot of research and r & d.

    High ranking business man are more scared of China being ahead tech wise rather than production wise, and with all the microchip drama this is bound to happen.

  • BlackberryPi Handheld
  • Ok now find a job in a suspicious facility, write all your whereabouts inside that thing, die gruesomely, and make sure this thing is visible on you, bonus point if you manage to get some blood on the screen !

  • 'We have not confirmed any instance of Vanguard bricking anyone's hardware' following its League of Legends rollout, Riot says, but there are definitely problems for some players
  • Well i already switched and I'm wondering, how does root access works on Linux ? What i mean is there games that used shitty anti cheat that are running on proton have the same access to your PC or is limited by the proton prefix ? Thank you in advance for your input on the matter!

  • Music Players
  • I'm using Clementine for now it has nice management features, it's overall pretty great. Only downside is that some minor gestures are broken and the UI is not really pretty '

  • Laptop speaker not detected anymore

    Hello ! I recently switched to linux on my laptop and I'm currently on testing (trixie) and since I changed my audio set-up to have a headset for a call and a Bluetooth speaker for media etc my laptop's speakers aren't appearing anymore in pulse audio.

    I must admit I'm a bit clueless on what to do to solve this issue, any help would be appreciated, I tried to find stuff online but nothing really seemed to match my issue as when the Bluetooth speaker is connected everything works fine. I'm trying to stick to the "don't execute it if you don't understand it" and well I don't want to worsen the issue.

    Thanks in advance for any help !

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