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From 'quiet quitting' to 'coffee badging' — why employees are less interested in work
  • Workers are tired of being used and abused, companies are offering a whole 2 weeks pto, thats a whopping 14 days out of 365, and yet they refuse to be whipping boys anymore. Heck some employers are even paying some of their health insurance, you read that right, some. Is the modern working class weak and dumb?? We think so. More on this ground breaking journalism tonight at 9 pm cst.

                   -THE JACKASS'@ CNBC

    I've read dumber shit on the walls of a por-a-john at a Kanye west concert and thats saying something, you gotta try to be this stupid

  • What's an activity that you could foresee yourself doing every weekend for the rest of your life?
  • I hear folks that drink dihydrogen monoxide can become addicted after their first sip. One sip, and they are chasing that dragon for the rest of their days on earth, sad really. It's why I only drink soda, love me some sugary teeth rot

  • We're cooked...
  • But people that were on the fence no longer will be. They will 100% swing his now. It's 110% over. Especially after bidens mishaps over the last couple weeks i.e. debate, calling zelenzky putin as well misnaming many others. It's over

  • We're cooked...
  • It's over. It was definitely a false flag op Are yall ready for a 100 year reign of terror from the trump family. Here comes the monarchy. I here Mexico is nice this time of year. Buckle up cause project 25 is incoming in 3, 2, boom

  • Aged like milk
  • But haven't you heard? It was a group of illegal Mexicans. They shot then planned to rape Melina however unfortunately those dirty illegals missed and Melina remains un-raped, well by illegals anyways. /s obviously

  • California imposes permanent water restrictions on cities and towns
  • I wonder about all the billionaires and their massive estates that have lavish and lush green lawns that require constant watering, not to mention the massive swimming pools these celebs and other rich folks in CA have. I bet they'll just get fined and continue to waste water

  • Some men...
  • NDT is a huge over opinionated d bag in my opinion. The whole Pluto thing went to his head and he's become way to argumentative and unwilling to hear other people's opinions. Same kinda goes for bill nye, I loved him as a kid but now I'm an adult and see him as he truly is

    Sagan and Ross are straight gangster though, replace ndt with Mr Roger's and boom

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • Oh you like m8dget porn, doxxed. Oh you like lesbian Dom porn, that's a doxx. You enjoy weird teen porn, def doxxed. Oh you like vanilla porn with a good plot, believe it or not also doxxed. You get a doxx and you get a doxx everyone gets a doxx

  • I'm locking it up.
  • I'd say "did you use my expensive face cream to jerk off again" would be more on par for me. Unfortunately I don't have a wife which coincidentally is probably why I'd jerk off with expensive face cream. It's a vicious cycle