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  • Depending on the level of professionalism



    =D rew

    Unfortunately my ichthyology days are seemingly forever behind me (Maine biology with freshwater fisheries and marine economy specialties). Nowadays I sit in a lab and write reports for sales people.

    Thanks for the advice davidgro!

  • Sacramento high school biology final includes racist questions, targets students
  • To me it sounds like none of us have context, and although inappropriate I suspect it's far less devastating to the kids being tested than it would be to outside observers imagining themselves in the kids shoes.

    My senior year had a teacher who slipped in a bunch of insider knowledge "material" into their exams to see who was paying attention/wasn't there that day ("this ocean current should not be confused with this similarly named walk that we used to do when I was in school, if you see it spelled this incorrect way it's the walk and not the current" (only without the latter qualifier), if any of you have ever taken this class, and didn't miss lecture that day, you'll know exactly which high school I went to and who's class I'm talking about, hit me up!)

  • Sacramento high school biology final includes racist questions, targets students
  • I suspect there's nuance or personal nicknames being lost from context here. I strongly doubt a teacher (unless they want to be fired) calls students out like this without prior development of the material.

    But I'm sure my take is far too rational for the knee jerk wing of my peers.

  • 98% compatibility
  • From my experience, only "borked" are without hope. (Almost?) All of the silver games work on my deck, I can't remember the last one that didn't work. I've had one verified game that doesn't work at all, I believe square enix borked it with a patch (because they released the "hd"version and didn't want to support the previous one, aka they deliberately broke the working version)

  • 98% compatibility
  • 79% gold and platinum, 87% platinum gold and silver, I've definitely played a number of "not supported" (or too early access to be on proton db). Of 1405 games I'd say I'm set for life

  • Some heros don't wear capes.
  • I had a friend who had a mother in law unit they wanted to rent out occasionally, used air b&b, the county learned of it, I'm not sure how exactly it went down, if they had to pay the fines or just agree to shut it down (fines were "required upgrades and penalties"over hundred thousand dollars, because their septic system wasn't large enough for the extra people, they were only 3 at the time) but they ended up selling the place, and the whole things is now a long term rental.

    It bummed me out because I hate air b&b and applaud legislation that inhibits people abuse of it, but I feel it does have uses when the system isn't abused. We can't have nice things because llc's are soulless.

  • me_irl
  • Hopes and dreams are like Santa Claus, would be nice if it were real, fun to watch kids enjoy them, but it'll just cost you more the longer you push the facade.

    That's the most depressing thing I've written in a while.

  • It’s official: No Nintendo console has lasted as long as Switch without being replaced | VGC
  • It's like gamers grew tired of filling their storage with last generations games (maybe not last, but definitely 2 generations prior) media because we were told they wouldn't run on the next system.

    Xbox S has actually brought me back to console gaming a bit because 1) my Internet is shit, and 2) I don't have to buy it rent physical media (2.5 I can play the games on my laptop as well, but I rarely use it since I've gotten the deck).

    Valve, and to a lesser extent their deck, has filled that (niche is too small of a word) void nearly perfectly, valve and emulation has brought a dump truck and back hoe to the big 3's garden party.

  • Political Memes Donjuanme

    Checking in on top of the past 24 hours

    I'll probably check in again at 34 hours.


    Fuck cancer. In life I've had 3 categories of jobs, 49.99% fun job terrible boss, 49.99%fun boss terrible job. 3 years ago I finally found fun boss fun job (.02%), and boss just told me he's dying.

    I don't know how I got this job, sure it doesn't pay the best in the field, and you need lots of specialized training, and with that training you can go to much more prestigious work, but it pays enough. I don't know why the previous person to do it left (the commute was too much for her, but I would've moved closer if I was her). She trained me very briefly because I knew most of the ins and outs already, she told me the boss had been in and out of remission with bone cancer, but the last flair up was taken care of years ago.

    It's been 7 years since he was first diagnosed, and he's had 2 replacements, they won't do a third. He doesn't want to try the experimental treatments because he'd rather enjoy the time he has.

    I've worked for him for 3 years and I feel so greedy wanting to scream at him to try every avenue available. He has 3 amazing kids, a wife and in-laws who live him, he loves coming into work, he just finished renovating his forever home. And I don't want a different boss. I need more time with my mentor, my friend, the best boss I've ever had.

    I just learned this morning, and it's really raw, I need to get it off my chest, I don't want to steal time from his family, but I want to take from him as much as I can. He's a genius in the field, the person he's trying to get to replace him is remarkable younger guy, but he's my age, he doesn't have the life experience that I've found myself looking to my boss for.

    Fuck cancer.

    Thanks off my chest. Hug your loved ones. Tell your dog they're good, scratch your cat. Enjoy the moments of extra nice weather.


    "evidence for modified gravity at low acceleration from Gaia observations of wide binary stars." A potential replacement for dark matter scaling? Any physicists want to try to answer some questions? Smoking-gun evidence for modified gravity at low acceleration from Gaia observations of wide binary stars

    A new study reports conclusive evidence for the breakdown of standard gravity in the low acceleration limit from a verifiable analysis of the orbital motions of long-period, widely separated, binary stars, usually referred to as wide binaries in astronomy and astrophysics.

    Smoking-gun evidence for modified gravity at low acceleration from Gaia observations of wide binary stars

    My understanding is the researcher took Gaia probe information and looked at "wide binary stars" (not sure what defines wide, but there must be a ton of them), within 650 light years of earth. They found the ones that accelerate the least (relative to each other? Rotationally?) are, and this is where I get confused, moving more efficiently around each other than their faster counterparts?

    This discrepancy is postulated to be due observations of the stars acting in different physics models based how much they're accelerating relative to each other?

    If this is correct (and the researcher is very transparent with their methods and using public data) would this up-end our models as much as I think it would? There's probably a lot of things interacting with other things at very low relative acceptable throughout the universe. Or is this just highlighting a truth we already knew, that there's a difference between the quantum and relative universes that we're now able to roughly put a scale to?

    I've added to my questions since lemmy has been down, what in the world does this paragraph mean? "Also, unlike other studies Chae calibrated the occurrence rate of hidden nested inner binaries at a benchmark acceleration."

    While doing some you tubing about this (thanks down time) I discovered Sabine hossenfelder, who I think is becoming one of my favorite science communicators I recommend anyone wondering about anything science to check her out


    Question; "1/2 comments added" how do I load the rest of the comments?

    I'm entirely new to sync, I feel like this will be common knowledge, but I went to expand a comment thread, it said "1/2 comments added" and the "view more (2)" button disappeared, it loaded 1 comment, but I'd be interested to see what that other comment was.

    Thanks Lemmy-syncers

    More info, just updated the app and the first thread I was trying to read showed both comments, but the second thread gave the same response, I was leaning towards "it's not showing deleted by creator" except it loaded 2/2 for one of the previous 1/2 threads.


    (complete) (steam) dungeon of the endless, this one's straight from steam, grab it for your library! (Uncertain how long it'll be available for, 48 hours maybe?) Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ on Steam

    Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out...

    Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ on Steam

    Quite a fun game, and the price has never been better, I'm not sure how long it'll be free so grab it while your can. The "endless" universe games, and their spice, have never really caught on with me, but this one was very easy to pick up and play, especially with the heavy+medic+pyro team from the TF2 update.

    Don't let this one go past you!


    (steam) command and conquer remastered!

    If you weren't a child in the 90s you may not have experienced this gem, now is your chance!

    Rolling a d100 august 1st to pick a winner! Please choose your number, closest number selected gets it.

    Also please feel free to add your name to the Kerbal space program giveaway that I left up while work tried to murder me. I'll pick a winner for that Sunday night.


    (steam) (complete) Kerbal space program, jebediah needs a competent commander, ends Monday evening.

    Winner picked at random from the comments, good luck everyone!


    (complete) (steam) classic console gaming giveaway 3 of 3, Destroy all humans

    Alright guys! I’m putting up 3 classic console games in three different threads with three different win conditions. All 3 winners will be selected around the same time Saturday, notified in thread and pm’d the key.

    3rd entry condition is going to be how many "perfect" completion games do I have in my library? (Hint for constraint purposes, it's less than 50). First entry of each number has that number, duplicates don't get duplicate prizes.

    Good luck everyone! Results posted in 45 hours!


    (complete) (Steam) Classic console giveaway 2 of 3, stubbs the zombie in rebel without a pulse

    Alright guys! I’m putting up 3 classic console games in three different threads with three different win conditions. All 3 winners will be selected around the same time Saturday, notified in thread and pm’d the key.

    To enter this competition please respond with respond with the minutes and seconds (xx:xx) of whichever YouTube music song plays next when I press random on my mega mix playlist (over 600 songs, first song over 2:00 and under 5 minutes, 5:00)


    (complete) (steam) classic console gaming giveaway 1 of 3, crash bandicoot N-sane! Winner chosen Saturday, noon Pacific time.

    Alright guys! I'm putting up 3 classic console games in three different threads with three different win conditions. All 3 winners will be selected around the same time Saturday, notified in thread and pm'd the key.

    To enter this competition I'd like you to guess how many hours my wife's most played steam game has on it (it's going to be somewhere between 500 and 2000 hours, what is the answer? I don't know yet!)


    (Complete) An absolute gem of a puzzle/machine building game (very much like any other zachtronics game), Opus Magnum, 36 hours to enter into the raffle.

    Please comment on this thread to be eligible for this awesome game. If you're into zachtronics this is very much in line with space chem, if you have no idea what I'm talking about this game is a great intro to a 1 of a kind genre. Drawing ends Wednesday after my d&d session (10pm PST)


    (complete) 34 hours to put your name in for monster sanctuary, drawing ends midnight Monday pst

    I hate to see this community existing without a giveaway going, so the next one is monster sanctuary.

    This game is one of my favorite melting pots of genres, a platforming, party building, metroidvania, Pokemon style RPG with seasonal ladder competitions.

    I have a spare key from a humble bundle that is going to be used by one of you! Add yourself to the comment thread below to be entered. Winner selected at random in 34 hours

    Edit, next game will be posted to this subreddit within 24 hours. Stay tuned!


    (Complete)I'll get in on the giveaway, winner picked in 24 hours, pick a number between 1 and 100. (Steam PC)

    I'll roll my lucky d100 tomorrow (11:30 Pacific time) and whoever is closest can have this gem!

    Please make sure you have a unique number, if two people have the same number and it comes up first person with that number gets it. No editing posts, if you think of something you want to add make it a response to your comment. If I see multiple numbers from one account I'll only accept the first number that account posted. Equal distance tie goes to the lower number.

    Community creator please reach out if this isn't the way you want it done and I'll start it over fresh using whatever system you choose.

    Good luck everyone! (If I'm non responsive tomorrow night entries will be cut off and I'll get to it as quickly as possible)

    Edited to add platform

    Edit 2. I've set an alarm for 23 hours from now, there's little chance I'm passed out at that time. If all 100 numbers are used I'll post 2 more games of higher current value (thanks steam sale!) tomorrow, with 200 entry limits each. If we don't reach, no worries, I still intend to post them in the future.

    Last edit for this thread (probably), rolled a damn 100, also rolled 4 more rolls over 50 and a 49. You all owe my dice some good luck.

    I've got plenty more games to give, be sure to check this sublemmy for future giveaways.


    How many hot/active local pages do you scroll through before taking a break

    When do you stop doom scrolling and: take a break, swap to /all communities, browse by new, or start over from the beginning to see if anything new comes up?

    I find myself going about 6 or 7 pages in.


    To make a long story short

    To make a long story short, puff daddy's my uncle.


    I have a theory, the current doctor when you started watching is your favorite doctor. Would this apply to you?

    I started watching Dr who when the reboot was 3 seasons in, I think David Tennant was the greatest doctor. A few years later I finally got wife to give it a shot as I started a fresh rewatch in preparation for Matt Smith's second season, she was ok with Eccelston and Tennant but Matt Smith is far and away her favorite doctor. Does this pattern hold true for any other Dr fans?