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Gunmen fire on targets in Russia's Dagestan region, six police killed, officials say

Gunmen opened fire at a synagogue, an Orthodox church and a police post in Russia's North Caucasus region of Dagestan on Sunday, killing six policemen and injuring 12, the region's interior ministry was quoted as saying.

The ministry, quoted by Russian news agencies, said two gunmen had been shot dead as the incidents unfolded. An Orthodox priest was also reported to have been killed.


Russia says U.S. is responsible for deadly Ukrainian attack on Crimea

MOSCOW, June 23 (Reuters) - Russia said on Sunday that the United States was responsible for a Ukrainian attack on the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula with five U.S.-supplied missiles that killed at least five people including three children and injured 124 more.

The Russian Defence Ministry said four of the U.S.-delivered Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles, equipped with cluster warheads, were shot down by air defence systems and the ammunition of a fifth had detonated in mid-air.

Reuters denies reporting that Israel will attack Lebanon
  • Reuters – Bias and Credibility

    Bias Rating: Least Biased

    Factual Reporting: Very High

    Country: United Kingdom

    MBFC’s Country Freedom Rank: Mostly Free

    Media Type: News Agency

    Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic

    MBFC Credibility Rating: High Credibility About + Methodology

    Ad Fontes Media Rating: Middle / Reliable

    Writing by: Tom Perry

    Editing by: Frances Kerry

    Archive Link: 23 Jun 2024 03:30:27 UTC

  • Reuters denies reporting that Israel will attack Lebanon

    June 22 (Reuters) - Reuters denied on Saturday that it had reported that Israel would attack Lebanon within 48 hours, after reports circulated on social media citing the news agency as saying this.

    "Any claims that Reuters reported that Israel will attack Lebanon within the next 48 hours are false. Reuters did not report this," a Reuters spokesperson said.


    Haiti’s Largest Investor Navigates Gangs to Keep Phones Working

    Gangs in Haiti have destroyed schools, pharmacies and factories. But they have largely spared one infrastructure network: the country’s telecommunications grid.

    Gangsters, it turns out, need working cellphones, too.

    Digicel, Haiti’s largest operator and biggest foreign investor, has been able to keep 85% of its cell towers functioning and its mobile services online by carefully navigating gang territories and engaging warlords, said Maarten Boute, the Belgian-born chairman of the company in Haiti. Digicel uses subcontractors they call “community liaisons” to meet with gang chieftains so that the company can secure fuel from ports controlled by the gangs and ensure the safety of technicians conducting repair jobs in gang-controlled neighborhoods.

    How Africa’s War on Disinformation Can Save Democracies Everywhere
  • Haha, I was wondering when someone was going to point that out. You’ll notice both MBFC and Ad Fontes were given that status primarily due to being Self-Published. However I wouldn’t consider MBFC or Ad Fontes to be the be-all and end-all perfectly authoritative source either.

  • New legal powers for Jewish settlers open door to 'actual annexation' of West Bank
  • The beauty of Wikipedia is they cite sources, keep edit history, and have a strong ethos of neutrality.

    Smaller articles are more prone to being abused due to the sheer scale of Wikipedia, but are still subject to moderation if reported.

    I don’t view Wikipedia articles as definitive, but generally I trust the community and don’t believe it has been overrun by right wing groups like NGO Monitor.

    There is a consensus that NGO Monitor is not reliable for facts. Editors agree that, despite attempts to portray itself otherwise, it is an advocacy organization whose primary goal is to attack organizations that disagree with it or with the Israeli government regarding the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Some editors also express concern about past attempts by NGO Monitor staff to manipulate coverage of itself on Wikipedia

    Further reading

  • U.S. Military Planes Are in Haiti. Haitians Don’t Know Why.
  • Media coverage of the crisis there has been very biased and superficial.

    Can you be more specific? Is there any particular coverage that you find biased and superficial?

    I will admit that some outlets undoubtably cover this better than others, but that is the case in all conflicts.

  • New legal powers for Jewish settlers open door to 'actual annexation' of West Bank
  • I tend to side with Wikipedia in believing The Cradle unreliable in their news coverage, and wanted to pass it along.

    They are are listed in the same category as the Anti Defamation League on the topic of Israel. Something that The Cradle chose to write about without disclosing their own status.

  • U.S. Military Planes Are in Haiti. Haitians Don’t Know Why.

    In the past several weeks, I have watched dozens of sleek U.S. military planes descend over Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where I live. They were the first flights to land since gangs blockaded and halted commercial air traffic in March. U.S. news reports suggest that the aircraft contained civilian contractors and supplies to pave the way for the deployment of a Kenyan-led security mission to Haiti, which is expected to begin any day now.

    But no one has informed Haitians who or what was on board. Even the members of Haiti’s new transitional government told me that they did not know precisely what the United States was flying into the country. Although the Haitian members of the presidential council have met with Kenyan and Haitian officials to discuss the force, they said they have not provided input to U.S. officials. Aides to newly installed Prime Minister Garry Conille confirmed that he has had no say on decisions related to the mission. It remains unclear what the force’s specific goals are or how it can contribute to rebuilding the Haitian state.


    Power outage hits Balkan states as heat overloads system, minister says

    PODGORICA, June 21 (Reuters) - A major power outage hit Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and most of Croatia's coast on Friday, disrupting businesses, shutting down traffic lights and leaving people sweltering without air conditioning in the middle of a heatwave.

    Montenegro's energy minister said the shutdown was caused by a sudden increase in power consumption brought on by high temperatures, and by the heat itself overloading systems. Power distribution is linked across the Balkans for transfers and trading.


    How Africa’s War on Disinformation Can Save Democracies Everywhere

    This year marks 30 years since the Rwandan genocide in 1994, when a Hutu-majority government and a privately owned radio station with close ties to the government colluded to murder 800,000 people.

    The year 1994 may seem recent, but for a continent as young as Africa (where the median age is 19), it’s more like a distant past.

    Suppose this had happened today, in the age of the algorithm. How much more chaos and murder would ensue if doctored images and deepfakes were proliferating on social media rather than radio, and radicalizing even more of the public? None of this is beyond reach, and countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, and Niger are at risk—owing to their confluence of ethno-religious tensions, political instability, and the presence of foreign adversaries.

    New legal powers for Jewish settlers open door to 'actual annexation' of West Bank
  • For those who don’t know, The Cradle is banned by Wikipedia as an unreliable source.

    The Cradle is an online magazine focusing on West Asia/Middle East-related topics. It was deprecated in the 2024 RfC due to a history of publishing conspiracy theories and wide referencing of other deprecated sources while doing so. Editors consider The Cradle to have a poor reputation for fact-checking.

  • 640 Palestinian children detained in West Bank since October 7
  • I wish reporting like this would bother to define what they mean when they say children. Are we talking about 16 and 17 year olds, or are we talking about 7 and 8 year olds? They mention a single 7 year old who was released “hours later” after supposedly being arrested and “beaten on his hands” whatever that means exactly.

    Also, if anyone has information on the primary source for the article, the Palestinian Prisoners Club, I’d be interested in learning more. From a quick search, Qadura Fares, a Fatah/PA politician is cited as the President/Head in several articles. The Wikipedia page redirects to this article, and this Facebook page comes up in a quick search. I didn’t find anything else of consequence unfortunately.

    Edit: After a little more digging, looks like some articles refer to the same group as The Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS). I believe this is their, currently down, official website. Their Instagram, Twitter/X

  • Weary Lebanese brace for war after new Hezbollah threats
  • Reuters – Bias and Credibility

    Bias Rating: Least Biased

    Factual Reporting: Very High

    Country: United Kingdom

    MBFC’s Country Freedom Rank: Mostly Free

    Media Type: News Agency

    Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic

    MBFC Credibility Rating: High Credibility About + Methodology

    Ad Fontes Media Rating: Middle / Reliable

    Reporting by: Emilie Madi in Beirut; Aziz Taher, Hassan Hankir in Sidon

    Writing by: Maya Gebeily

    Editing by: Alex Richardson

    Archive Link: June 20, 2024 4:42 PM UTC

  • Weary Lebanese brace for war after new Hezbollah threats

    BEIRUT/SIDON, June 20 (Reuters) - Lebanese product designer Tara Tabet does not want to see her country pulled into a full-scale war with Israel, but like many of her compatriots is bracing for possible conflict after new threats by armed group Hezbollah against both Israel and Cyprus.

    Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah surprised many on Wednesday when he said Cyprus - the EU member state closest to Lebanon - could be drawn into the group's conflict with Israel, raging in parallel with the Gaza war. Cyprus has denied taking sides in any war.


    Beluga whale pair move from Ukraine's war-torn Kharkiv to Spain's Valencia

    MADRID, June 20 (Reuters) - Marine biologists have moved a pair of beluga whales from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv - the target of daily shelling by Russian forces - to the eastern Spanish city of Valencia, in what they described as a long and risky international rescue operation.

    The animals, 15-year-old male Plombir and 14-year-old female Miranda, arrived at Valencia's famed Oceanografic complex late on Monday in a fragile state of health, according to a statement by the Spanish oceanarium.


    ‘Only Pirates Do This’: China Wields Axes and Knives in South China Sea Fight

    The Chinese coast guard came in small boats with axes, long knives and spears.

    They used the crude weapons to slash and puncture the Philippine military’s rubber craft. One Chinese boat rammed a Philippine boat at high speed, severing the thumb of a Filipino seaman who was holding on to the side of his ride.


    Video footage isn’t paywalled for those interested in viewing it without a subscription or an archive link.


    The Hostages Next Door: Inside a Notable Gaza Family’s Dark Secret

    To the outside world, they were a physician, a journalist. No one suspected their apartment had become a prison.


    The 73-year-old general practitioner Ahmad Al-Jamal was a fixture of his community.

    He worked mornings at a public clinic in the Gaza Strip refugee camp of Nuseirat and afternoons at his own small private clinic, where residents turned to him for procedures such as circumcisions. He also was an imam at a local mosque, where he was known for his beautiful voice when reciting the Quran.

    But for the past several months, when he finished his duties each day, he would return home to the apartment he shared with his son, his daughter-in-law and their children—and the three Israeli hostages they were hiding there for Hamas.


    Migrants dying in unprecedented numbers on Canary Islands route, NGO says

    An unprecedented nearly 5,000 migrants have died at sea in the first five months of 2024 trying to reach the Spanish Canary Islands, according to a report released by migration rights group Walking Borders on Wednesday.

    Between Jan. 1 and May 31, 4,808 people died on the Atlantic voyage to the Canaries after departing from Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia, making it the deadliest route between Africa and Spain, with 95% of migrant deaths, according to the group.

    Arrivals to the archipelago in that period soared five times to over 16,500 from a year ago, Interior Ministry data showed.


    Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz quits emergency government

    Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz has quit the emergency government in a sign of deepening divisions over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's post-conflict plans for Gaza.

    Speaking during a news conference in Tel Aviv on Sunday where he announced his resignation, Mr Gantz said the decision was made with a "heavy heart".

    "Unfortunately, Mr Netanyahu is preventing us from approaching true victory, which is the justification for the painful ongoing crisis," he said.


    Al Jazeera denies rumor that hostage was held at employee’s home

    Qatari news network Al Jazeera is stridently denying any link to Gaza-based journalist Abdallah Aljamal, amid unverified rumors that hostage Noa Argamani had been held at his home in central Gaza’s Nuseirat.

    According to various rumors, some of which have been picked up by Hebrew-language media with varying levels of credulity, Argamani was held at the home of Dr. Ahmed Aljamal and his son Abdallah. They also claim that Abdallah is an employee of Al-Jazeera.


    Israeli hostage Noa Argamani freed in time to see her terminally ill mother

    Hours after being rescued from eight months captivity in Gaza, freed hostage Noa Argamani arrived at a hospital in Tel Aviv to see her terminally ill mother.

    Argamani, 26, was one of the most recognized faces among the hostages abducted by Hamas on Oct. 7. Harrowing footage of her being taken into Gaza on the back of a motorcycle, pleading for her life and reaching desperately towards her boyfriend being marched alongside her on foot circulated across the globe.


    Hamas wants Israel to commit to permanent ceasefire, full withdrawal from Gaza

    Hamas cannot agree to any deal unless Israel makes a "clear" commitment to a permanent ceasefire and a complete withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, a senior official from the Palestinian militant group said on Tuesday.

    Qatar, which alongside the United States and Egypt has been mediating talks between Hamas and Israel, has also urged Israel to provide a clear position that has the backing of its entire government to reach a deal.


    Suspect detained in Romania after throwing petrol bomb outside Israeli embassy

    A foreign citizen was detained in Romania's capital Bucharest on Monday after throwing a Molotov cocktail outside the Israeli embassy, causing no damage or casualties, police said.

    The Romanian Intelligence Service said its anti-terrorism officers caught the 34-year-old suspect, who allegedly also threatened he will set himself on fire, and handed him over to police.


    Salman Rushdie’s alleged assailant seeks plea deal with US Salman Rushdie’s alleged assailant seeks plea deal with US | Semafor

    Negotiations with state and federal prosecutors on behalf of Hadi Matar could shed light on whether a foreign government or terrorist organization was involved in the attack.

    Salman Rushdie’s alleged assailant seeks plea deal with US  | Semafor

    Hadi Matar, the man accused of nearly fatally stabbing British-American writer Salman Rushdie, is negotiating a plea agreement with both US state and federal prosecutors that could shed light on whether a foreign government or terrorist organization was involved in the attack, officials involved in the case told Semafor.

    Matar is scheduled to go on trial for attempted murder this September in a western New York courthouse not far from the Chautauqua Institution where Rushdie was assaulted while giving a speech in August 2022 at a summer cultural festival. But federal prosecutors from the US Attorney’s Office are separately investigating whether Matar, 26, was part of a broader conspiracy to assassinate the writer, according to lawyers and US officials involved in the case. The revolutionary founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, issued a fatwa, or religious decree, in 1989, calling for Rushdie’s death on the grounds that his novel, The Satanic Verses, was blasphemous against Islam.


    35 Years After Tiananmen, China’s Conduct Again Triggers Alarm

    In 1989, blowback was swift; alienation today is ‘systematic, progressive, long-term.’


    China’s 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy activists sparked a seminal crisis in Beijing’s relationship with the West. On the massacre’s 35th anniversary, China’s leaders face familiar international blowback over their conduct.

    Instead of gunfire, today’s sources of discomfort about China are a mix of its aggressive industrial policy and militarization toward neighbors, plus a national-security agenda from Chinese leader Xi Jinping that has curtailed personal freedoms at home and shaped affairs abroad.